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  1. I got the history of my oyster card printed out...also have few receipts. Any ideas on mitigating circumstances for tfl or the court?
  2. Help Please, Was caught on 3rd of October with my sister in law discounted oyster card , at the time i didn't know it was discounted card. she wasn't using it anymore cause they issued her freedom bus pass. The day i borrowed the card, i couldn't find my card which is discounted as well from the job center so i had to borrow. when i explained to the inspector he didn't believe me and took my details anyway. 4 weeks later i received a letter to explain what happen and replied with sincere apology followed the explanation and told them that am unemployed. Today i received a letter to appear in court 2 months from today. I have 3 options 1.Guilty - Don't attend the court 2. Guilty - Attend the court 3. Not Guilty - Intend to call witness What should i do? Do i need legal representation? Will i get criminal record for this? Do i call tfl or write to them to settle the case? Any advice and information is appreciated.
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