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  1. Sorry it was a letter the email was from the lawyer. Yes its an interview under caution and yeah its a student oystercard with a travelcard for zones 1-2 some of the affected period (summer).
  2. No that's everything (as far as I'm aware) but I think I wasn't charged because it registered the station entry through my oyster onto my travel card so my charge was £0. I had no idea this is how it worked until I saw the transcript. I think this is seperate to the Hampton court 'incomplete jouneys' where I am sure I have done nothing wrong.
  3. Youre right i meant it should have been more to not touch out. But as i tapped in at a zone1/2 station it came to a total of zero. Also the pink things would have notified tfl i was leaving the underground and that would have therefore let them know i was no longer in zone 1/2 hence it would have led to the maximum charge being applied if i didnt tap out.
  4. Hampton court is my home station (where my family lives). We have a communal draw full of oysters so there's always that 1% chance one of them used it. I'm not suggesting they did, we both know they didn't. I am/was simply trying to get an answer as to whether an oyster card transcript is enough to prosecute someone given the various possibilities over its usage, I have yet to find a case where someone has not been stopped by a ticket officer. For the missing transaction journeys from hampton court, I am genuinely at a loss as I am sure I did not use the trains. On a separate note I am concerned that I have been undercharged by not using those pink touch in gate things (specifically at Wimbledon) and that consequently it will look like ticket avoidance, where i should have paid the maximum fare to go to hampton court. On a couple of occasions I did not tap out at hampton court because the oyster reader I was going to use was broken. I was not concerned at the time however as I thought i would simply be charged the maximum amount, which is less than what the journey would be with my student oyster. Obviously I was wrong but they don't seem to want to ask me questions about that.
  5. Not trying to mislead anyone, but I was trying to highlight that from a oyster card transcript alone there surely isnt enough evidence to prove that I specifically was the one using it, idk. My dad has gotten a lawyer involved because I dont want a criminal conviction as I'm sure you can all understand. At my station there isn't a barrier, so you tap in and then walk onto the platform. On a couple of occasions I tapped in and then realised I had forgotten something and returned home, there was also an occasion where the train was cancelled after touching in so I decided to return home (I live a minute away). On those occasions I'm 90% sure I didnt then use the train because I decided to stay at home, I then touched in again at hampton court, thinking I was touching out, which has led to "missing transactions" on my oyster card. The more concerning thing to me is that I had a travel card during the year, living up in university and it appears to have led to me being incorrectly charged for my journeys home. Which occurred throughout the year.
  6. Hi guys, I'm having an issue over my student oystercard usage. I received an email on the 8th of November stating that i would need to interview at a southwest trains station with regard to "several incomplete journeys" with relation to my oystercard. Admittedly there does appear to be instances, based on my oystercard transcript showing me tapping my oystercard in at one station and not tapping out. I have never been approached by a ticket inspector etc without a valid ticket, and i have never intentionally travelled without a valid ticket. My question is can i be prosecuted based on my oyster card transcript alone, I remember a couple of occasions were i have tapped in and not gone through because I instead decided to return home. It is also possible someone else may have used my oystercard without my knowledge. I have spoken to a lawyer who has spoken to the swt prosecutor and he has said there were gaps with no recorded oyster card validation or ticket purchase, he also said if i did not attend the interview that he (the prosecutor) would apply for a consideration for prosecution under bye law 18.1. thanks for your thoughts in advance. First time posting so if this is the wrong place etc let me know and sorry!
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