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  1. Morality is a very complex field as everyone posting here is aware. All I was ever trying to do was get money which was otherwise going to sit in a holding account and never be returned to its original owner go to a useful cause. This was my intention from start to finish.
  2. "To claim what I have done is immoral is quite frankly ridiculous and offensive (in my opinion)" I'll rephrase this: it's not how I would personally have viewed these actions. If you found £5 on the floor would you give it to charity/someone homeless or would you give it to the police?
  3. To get some perspective on the morality here I only took the money because it was £1, if it was more I would have returned the card in the hope the original owner would not be out of pocket. TFL charges £5 for a lost oyster card and (I think) an additional £5 for admin for transferring funds. My thought was I might as well donate this money to charity since the original holder was not getting their money back. I have donated to charity (more than £6). The £6 in isolation is going towards purchasing a goat for a poor african family, as was my original intention when deciding not to hand the card in. To claim what I have done is immoral is quite frankly ridiculous and offensive (in my opinion). Just because something is legal does not make it moral and vice versa. I never intended to personally benefit from the money. That said thank you to everyone who posted in this forum, your views, perspectives and experience is greatly appreciated and a special thanks to those who have put my mind entirely at rest.
  4. He did challenge me slightly, he said "so friends just give each other money then" to which I replied I bought him a couple of pints. This was, I think, before he scanned it, he said it as soon as I said a friend was leaving london and had no more use for it.
  5. But it did go to my card since I used the money to go home (I did not have enough credit on my card before).
  6. when you hand a card in they also give you the £5 deposit, so £6 total. I just used my card to get home, so I have already used it. I do not know if my card was registered personally, I don't know if it's possible to find out. I just bought the card I think (but with my card)
  7. I have no idea, but it would most likely have been bought with my debit card. Should I close my debit account, move bank and destroy the (oyster) card?
  8. -- I gave the card in, said a friend gave it to me as he was leaving london. I then gave my name (partially, not surname), gave a fake address and signed it. No I did not think this through, I just assumed it would go through without needing signatures etc. Yes I panicked. Yes this was overall not a smart choice. The oyster it was topped up onto was bought with my debit card I assume some time ago.
  9. -- I just did something stupid....I found an oyster card on the floor a few days ago, it had around £1 left on it. I just got the money transferred to my existing oyster card/handed the card in so £6 including the £1 on it. What are my best options: I don't want a criminal record. Yes it was stupid: my rationale was just to give the money to charity because it's unlikely to get back to its owner, but I didn't realise how seriously TFL takes this kind of thing...which I have now found out.
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