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  1. I will be sure to let you know how it goes. I only mention the 3 minutes late factor because I want to say I did want to get in on time and made an effort to. When I got a flat tyre I had to half run and push the bike and half re-inflating the tyre every 2 minutes in a farcical manner to limit the amount of time I was gonna be late by, I could have just waited for a train but I would have been 15 minutes late rather than 3. I cycle because despite risk of punctures it is still more reliable than public transport, particularly in winter. I have to get 2 trains otherwise and if I miss the connection it's a 20 minute wait.
  2. Not disregarding anybody's advice, any of your time is appreciated. I just wanted to clarify despite my original post it is not representative of my attitude at work, I was just giving my side of the story on here to give context/get my thoughts in order.
  3. Of course I haven't made any excuses so far. From the initial times I was pulled up for being late to being informed of this meeting I haven't tried to push away responsibility. But when termination is being mooted as a possibility now I have to think about every angle.
  4. I certainly take your criticisms onboard and I can certainly see it from the manager's point of view. However I mainly wanted advice in how to approach this meeting, how I should present myself, because I genuinely do appreciate the seriousness of the situation. Would asking for the attendance of someone from HR be of any use to me?
  5. Hi all I wanted to seek your advice in how to present myself in an impending probationary meeting. I was informed today I would need to have a meeting with 2 team leaders in my department (my current one and my previous one) because I have been late 4 times in the last month. This is my first month and the first 2 times were in my first 2 days, which I will admit is very very bad. But on all of the 4 occasions they weren't more than 5 or 6 minutes, and the last 2 were only by 3 minutes. Furthermore the 2nd time I was late it was because I had not been given a security pass at that point and so was trying 2 or 3 different stairs to see if I could get up without a security pass swipe. Whereas the most recent 2 times was because I got a flat tyre on my bike (I cycle to work), which in spite of that I was only 3 minutes late on both occasions. In addition to emphasising the fact that otherwise my attitude to work has been professional and I haven't taken any holiday or sick days yet, I also feel that on 3 of those occasions I was late I had also genuinely made a big effort to get in on time despite circumstances outside my control. Has anyone else been in a similar situation and what would you advise? I was told I can ask for a colleague or union rep to attend this meeting, should I ask for someone from the HR department to also attend?
  6. Hi I had an interview for a job today that I only heard about last Sunday, before then I had already accepted a job offer to start next Monday 1 December. After going for the interview today they didn't indicate either way if they wanted me or not but just suggested I delay the other job start date to give them more time to consider things. Should I just tell them no or is there a chance I could also use this to get the other company I was due to start with to up my salary or benefits? FYI these are both entry level jobs paying just over 20k so I'm not a senior exec 2 companies are desperately fighting over or anything.
  7. Around £960 is what I received, after dedctions of around £45 each for NI and income tax. So by your calculation I'm short by £165
  8. Sorry I need to clarify all the sums I did were in gross pay. £1050 was the gross pay I received, about £960 after deductions.
  9. I worked for this company between 28 July this year to 13 August. It was a telephone research company and I wasn't great at it so they hastily sacked me on the day of 13 August (that's the whole truth and I was not guilty of any misconduct or any lies during application or interviews, this is unfortunately the modern economy). I was told to leave on the day and would be paid for the week's notice as provided in the contract of employment. At the end of August I got a payslip saying the pay for my time there was £1050 gross. Now the job was £21,000 p.a. Doing a rough calculation, there are 253 working days in 2014, so daily pay should be roughly £83. That times by the 12 working days I was there + 5 working days for notice period should be £1411 and not £1050. Was I underpaid or is there some leeway in how companies can calculate monthly pay? Now as background info in the employment contract they said their annual leave is caculated from 1 November from one year to the next and they can deduct days over Christmas/New Year from annual leave allowance, would this have played into their calculation for my salary?
  10. Going with another insurer won't help that much anyway when this claim is outstanding as calculations for the premium are based on this outstanding claim.
  11. The insurer may advise 50/50 but they can't force you to accept that if you absolutely don't want to. However if the other party also contests then you must be prepared to go to county court as a witness to stand a decent chance of winning on the issue of liability. Also be aware you will lose your no claims bonus until it can be proven you were 0% at fault. If the county court does rule that way you will be refunded the extra premiums you had to pay.
  12. I have now read the National Rail Oyster Conditions of Use and so yeah I agree all my points are invalid. So I guess the only debate when it comes to prosecution is whether they will use RoRA or the Byelaws. My earlier points were under a mistaken understanding of my rights and so I can only make that point either in mitigation statement to the Court or in my correspondence to Southeastern. Sure I was stupid to turn down the penalty fare but regarding my point about the non tap in fare I have had my Oyster card go into negative credit before, and I have checked on the TfL Single fare finder page and corroborated that the cost of the journey with my discounts is £1.50 I have cooperated with the RPOs, though I know some of you would disagree, but I feel to a judge or magistrate non cooperation would be refusing to present tickets or ID and giving a false name and address.
  13. Look you're of course entitled to your opinion and I've even said I accept there are great risks concerned with what I did. I'm not out on a crusade against train companies but I just started the post to get some different views and opinions on what was likely to happen. If you think my arguments won't succeed then I can only thank you for offering up your time and giving reasons, but I'm by no means saying I'm right, I'm just discussing and debating.
  14. Well I didn't know before I asked that you would be the most dedicated replier Bazza, this is an open forum where anyone can register and post so I was hoping to get a variety of views. Of course I was going to have some views on the matter or else I wouldn't have declined paying the penalty fare. That may be a costly decision by me and I'm not saying I'm right, but it seems despite this being a forum you don't want to engage in a discussion, and would rather I just accept that I or any other passenger have no alternative to paying a penalty fare or costly settlement or getting convicted if they were approached by an RPO for the multitude of not having a valid ticket scenarios.
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