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  1. Thanks for the reply, only panicky part is that I didnt even appeal against the parking notice and they sent me letter saying its rejected. secondly, I am confused, if I should now appeal to IAS orrrrrrr write to them again asking for the copy of the ticket!!
  2. Right! sooooo just to update you guys as to what happened after i sent them the letter stating that i dont have the parking ticket and therefore, they should send me copy of a parking ticket for me to pay them. I also added few of the lines from ericsbrother message above.................. in reply to that letter, I got a letter stating that my appeal is turned down and I have to pay them 100 pounds ...it also states that i can appeal to IAS but i need by charge number, date it was issued and car number.... however, i am disputing even receiving the parking ticket so dont know how that will work out what are my options here ... any advise will be much appreciated.
  3. thanks for the reply... it was 15.12.2015....and letter received after a month on 15.01.2016 ....with a note that it is too late to pay reduced fee : ( It is issued by UKCPS - for "out of bay parking" .... outside centertainment (cinema) in sheffield at 2000 : ( yesss! I guess they have the picture .... they havent sent it though...but they must have as a proof thats how they got the correct reg. number and subsequently the address of keeper : ( isnt it confidential data held by DVLA ? how can they release it to a 3rd party parking company!!!
  4. hi I got a parking fine . .however as the registration was wrong.. ..i ignored it .. .. it was AB50 CDE instead of AB55 CDE for example sake. yesterday i got a letter from the private parking company asking for fine amount + the late fees etc etc...so its like around 100 pounds now... Maybe they managed to trace me from DVLA record............... What are my options here!!! Pay the fine ?!? Dispute it being the incorrect number !!! any advise will be much appreciated... Cheers Numpty N
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