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  1. Thanks dx; so you don't think there is any need to send SB or CCA letter, just wait and see what happens next?
  2. Not wishing to hijack the OP, I received the exact same letter last week (name and creditor changed obviously!). I DID have a credit card with the company named in the letter but had heard nothing from anyone regarding this for over 10 years, and I'm 99.999% sure it's state barred as I haven't made a payment in that time. Would I be best ignoring the letter, or should I send the SB letter or indeed CCA Link? Thank you all in advance for any help you can provide. AG
  3. Thanks to everyone for their comments; makes me feel a little better knowing that I should ignore until / if something more concrete appears. Cheers, AG
  4. Afternoon all, Received a letter recently from GDR Trace (New Malden) with the following: Dear xx, I am instructed to contact you as I believe you may be the person our client wishes to make contact with. Out trace team have made enquiries and have received confirmation that your details have changed to the above address. You can contact us free of charge on: Email: [email protected] Freephone: 0800 xxx xxxx Or you can text us on: SMS Line xxxxx (Please note this line does not accept calls) Please contact us by either of the above methods and we will be played to verify our reasons for writing to you. Yours sincerely etc etc I have no idea what this is about; any debt I may have had were SB a few years ago. I am going to simply ignore this unless anyone thinks differently? Also, is this breaking OFT collection guidelines, do you think? All seems a bit hazy, asking ME to verify who I am; surely that should know who they are writing to? Thanks in advance for any help you can provide; you guys are simply great. Many Thanks, AG
  5. Thanks renegade; I will file it under not received and see what happens next. Many Thanks, AG
  6. Thanks Conniff, Neither Global Debt Recovery or Absolute Locate ring any bells with me; I assume this may be a debt that has been bought from another DCA. Does anyone had an idea on what I should do? Perhaps simply ignore the letter or is there a standard response I should send? Thanks, AG
  7. Hi All, I received a letter from the above with the following wording: "Dear xxx We require your assistance to verify information on behalf of a client. This is part of an investigation we are currently conducting. In order to progress our enquiry we would greatly appreciate it if you could contact os on FREEPHONE 0800 xxx xxxx, or alternatively contact us via our website. Yours sincerely, Mr. Thomas Investigations Manager Absolute Locate" Obviously I will not be contacting them; I have no debts 'in play'; anything I had SB by now, but who are these people, and what would be the appropriate action at this point, in your experience? Is contacting someone and asking them to verify information about a debt a legal practise even? Thanks in advance for any advice you can provide, AG
  8. Hi all, received a PCN on my vehicle for parking on a single yellow line. Used the local authority website to challenge and was told that a response would be received within 10 working days. Nothing was forthcoming, and the next thing was a Notice to Owner being delivered by post, stating that the full amount was now due (£70, rather than the £35). I spoke to the council and told them that I did not receive a response to the initial challenge. They stated that it had been sent by email and resent by email, the copy. My question is this; does a response by email constitute proof of posting? What I mean is, how can I be sure that they sent the initial email as it did not appear in my inbox or Junk, however, the second email did. Also, they sent the Notice to Owner by post rather than email. Id there some kid of challenge I have here to pay the original reduced amount (£35) rather than the full £70? I am not now disputing the original PCN, rather I am challenging the fact I did not receive the response to my challenge, and therefore did not have an opportunity to pay the reduced amount once their decision had been reached. Apologies for the rather protracted post; but hopefuly someone can advise? Many Thanks, AG
  9. Hi cerberusalert, thank you for the fast response; much appreciated. I would simply send them the appropriate template letter from the forum library in this instance? Best, AG
  10. Hi all, Apologies if this is the wrong sub-forum for this, but unsure as to exactly which one to use. I received a letter from a water company yesterday, from their Credit Control department. It stated that they are currently going through an audit and found that there was a balance outstanding for water charges at my previous address, and they politely asked that I give this matter my immediate attention. They have asked that I contact them should I have any questions, or require a bill copy etc; all very polite and non-threatening. I left that previous address in July 2005 and have had no contact with this water board since (my present address comes under a different provider). My question is, does a utility bill (specifically water), come under the statute of limitations umbrella, inasmuch as the alleged debt is unenforceable after a period of 6 years (assuming the usual other conditions have been met)? Thanks in advance for your advice on this. Cheers, AG
  11. Thanks so much everyone...will update as and when I get a reply. AG
  12. Thanks Huff&Puff......I'll send them the "gentle" reminder that they still haven't complied with te CCA request and see what happens from there. Cheers, AG
  13. With the greatest resopect, if I could refer to my original posting, doesn't the fact that they took £1 off the amount affect the statutle of limitations, as they could now say that I made a payment and the clock gets reset to this date? I think the fact there is no valid CCA after this time means they may not be a position to do much, but I'm mightily p****d off that they continually flout the regulations without any respect for us or themselves. I would like to go to the appropriate authorities, but would very mch like some guidence on who and how this can be achieved. Thanks again, AG
  14. Bemused as in ".......failure to comply iwth the CCA request renders the alleged debt unenforceable" letter (i.e. the one I sent to AIC in May 2008, or another bemused letter; in which case, is there a temnplate for such a thing? Really appreciate the help given on here AG
  15. Phoenix Recoveries acting on behalf of Triumph Asset Services More info detailed on the top of the letter. Thanks again AG
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