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  1. I have looked at the DAF form that is on the SLC forum and it looks exactly like the one I have signed since taking out the loans originally. Have I been duped into signing their forms that look identical to the original ones (apart from new t&c's) or do erudio forms look completely different.
  2. Will do. After reading your advice on the SAR thread do I send it to SLC or to the DCA and if it is to the DCA I don't sign it is this right? I have moved quite a lot since taking the initial student loans so do I have to list all previous addresses? Just want to get it right, sorry.
  3. Thanks to both of you. I have started my SAR and will wait to see what if anything they have on me, can't believe that companies like SLC can be associated with crooks like this. Surely this will be the next PPI scandal. Are there any anomaly's that crop up on a regular basis that I should be particularly looking for? I will keep you updated on this thread on any other letters I receive and how I get on long term as I know that people like myself are probably looking for endings, which rarely get posted once an issue has been resolved.
  4. Hi WarrenBuffet/dx100uk, Am I right in that the SAR will show if I ever signed their form and also if there are any arrears on my account? Sorry if this is going along the same line as previous threads but I read through most and got more confused by the advice being given. dx100uk could you clarify "the loans never then expire part"? Do you mean that it just carries on has before (deferment every year) has they can not break the contract set out originally or can they re-call the loan at any point has they have brought them and so own them. Thanks for all the help.
  5. Hi dk100uk, I have deferred every year and I’m not sure about the their form as I have always just returned the form I was sent along with the required doc’s. Looking at this years proof of deferment letter that one loan is being serviced by Thesis and three by Erudio. But has for signing their form I have to hold my hands up and say I’m not sure the form I fill out and return has the Student Loan Company header and looks no different from every other year. How can I find out if I have mistakenly signed their form and can I demand proof of arrears has I can’t remember missing a
  6. Hi, Just after some advice, I have walked in tonight to find a letter from Erudio (DCA) claiming that I have an arrears on my student loan they manage. I can never remember going into arrears with them and know in the past when for whatever reason I may have been late getting my deferment in I have ended up paying a single payment towards the loan. This hasn't happened recently and can only ever remember it happening once since taking out the loans (99-03). The letter just states that I am in arrears for £118.00 but have been given no details of when this arrear
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