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Found 7 results

  1. Hello I am looking for some advice about mortgage style loans from SLC 1997-2000. I deferred successfully up until the year that Erudio took over my account, circa September 2014. As their deferrment form seemed more invasive/complicated, I chose to ignore here I am now, after ignoring default notices, letters transferring my account to Capquest/AIC and PAP letter, Now a CCJ county court claim form. I have followed some guidance on this website - completed AOS, sent CCA request to Erudio and then SAR request to the solicitor. Drysden have written back to say have placed my file on hold whilst we seek our clients instructions they have requested copy documents referred to in my SAR letter. I need to file my defence by the 5th December - do I still need to do this with the solicitor stating they put my file on hold If I still need to file my defence do I just need to say that I took out the loans a long time ago and have requested copy documentation that is not yet forthcoming so that I can review/check what I need to pay? Thanking you in advance.
  2. Hi, Can someone help pls, i just received a court claim for a money i owed on credit card about £1k with Xcredit card company since 2010 which was passed to capquest then to drysden fairfax solicitor, what do i do pls the court letter was issed on 14th Oct 16, i check my credit report from experian and it does not show the credit drysden are requesting for, it only show two other credit i owed only, i have called experian again to recheck my file but they are having problem with their server now, will do that tomorrow, can i go get a no-win-mo-fee to help me out pls, i will appreciate any question to help me.
  3. Hello Everyone, I have a very old catalogue debt, I don't know the exact date of opening it, but I would say maybe 2006/2007. I only ordered a small number of goods, then paid it off, but then for some reason stopped paying. In 2010 I was getting letters regarding it, so I CCA'd them in June 2010. I have a vague recollection that they send me a blank credit agreement form and said they didn't have mine, but it would be like this. After that I don't think I did anything with it (stupid me). I have a default on my credit report from May 2010 for this, and the amount is for over £600. I find the amount strange too, as I'm almost sure i only ordered 2 things, so I believe the debt to be under £80. Now I am getting letters again, and now a letter from Drysden Fairfax. What is my first step, do you suggest I SAR them, or CCA them (again) or can I send a SAR request and a CCA at the same time, or does that contradict the CCA (i.e. not acknowledging the debt) Thank you for your help everyone!
  4. Hi hoping someone can have a look at these letters for me , i am posting these for my brother, he received some very nice letters from a place called drysden fairfax claiming to act on behalf of arrow global. these very nice people are demanding £1300 two days before christmas or they are threatening court, bailiffs etc. As soon as he received the first letter i advised him to send a CCA to this arrow global to see what this debt is and who they bought it from as he doesnt know what it is. I confirmed that Global received it the same day that Drysden sent their second threatening letter to him. So he is hoping that might slow them down for a week or two until he figures out what this debt actually is. Can they start legal proceedings before they provide the documents he has requested? Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated. Regards
  5. Hey everyone, I am new to the forums and although I had joined a few weeks ago I haven't been able to come online to air my problem(s). I will cut to the chase and give only the details rather than a fluffy story so here goes. I have in the past received letters from the Halifax but after becoming almost homeless I ended up in emergency accommodation for the university I attended. For a short time I dropped off the radar and didn't hear anything (nor did I think anything of them...out of sight out of mind etc.) Since then I have moved a few times and after a fall out with my parents (who I am now fully estranged from) my father gave them my address after a letter had come to their house. Anyway I was unable to pay anything as I was studying and looking after my young son so I then had westcott debt services onto me last year. I paid them some money but again fell into hardship and they chased me for a while. Then all of a sudden it was a new company after me...Comquest agency. They fell by the wayside after a month or two and then I never heard anything of it. That was a couple of months ago and then a couple of weeks ago I had a letter from Robinson Way stating that I now owe them money. I responded via email to state I had received the letter and I would only contact them via email or letter. Since then I had and still am unable to pay them anything (I've a lot of other things to worry about as well as them). So they sent another letter and I had not responded as I haven't had the time to. Then 10 days ago I was sent a letter from Drydens Fairfax Solicitors (I will attach image to this post). Basically they state I have ten days (those ten days end today) to get in touch and pay in full or call and pay what I can etc. Thing is I have nothing to pay them as I'm currently unable to work due to personal reasons and the doctors will not allow me to go back yet. So I'm not sure what to do but I only have today to do it. The debt is 5yrs old from a student overdraft (long story short I had my son and spent most of the money on looking after him and rent). Any help would be great as I am a complete novice at this stuff. Many thanks, John. For those who cannot read the letter from the image I shall write it out below:
  6. Hello, I wonder if you can help me, my husband has received a letter from these people for a debt just over £6K it says the client is "Hoist Portfolio Holding 2 LTD" He has absolutley no idea who Hoist is, but from the amount he thinks its from an Abbey National Loan from about 2001/2002 and he hasnt had any contact for over 6 years. He also received a phone call from Drysden today, I actually answered his phone as I thought it was one of our business contacts, it was a blocked number. I told them he wasnt here and asked for a number to call them back on. The letter is just a bog standard, please call us to arrange a payment plan or make full payment. Failure to contact us may result i legal action being taken which may result in further charges being added to your outstanding amount. We can discuss the possibility of a significant discount if you pay in full. I have just got a copy of my husbands Experian file and there is no mention of any outstanding/defaulted debt on there, nor anything from Abbey National. Now would we just ignore this letter or send the statute barred letter, if we send the letter do we put our address on it as I notice on the template it doesnt mention that, also I seem to recall not signing the letter either. Any advice would be gratefully received. Paula
  7. Hi i received court papers recently for a debt of over 4 years ago. (Quick history, was made redundant from a £31k a year job in mortgage co, couldn't find equivalent salary locally, voluntarily surrendered house, have debts totalling over £214,000!, already had 2 children back then, then found out was pregnant, made redundant in 2011 again, now have 1 year old twins, 8 and 11 year old boys, manage to survive on housing benefit, hubbys wage, and selling my belongings on ebay!) the solicitor Drysden Fairfax pestered me once I'd spoken to them via the phone and I filled in the court papers saying I admitted the debt but can not pay it. I sent them income and expenditure info, creditors list as they requested and now have had a letter saying they are still going for a ccj judgement. i have nothing to give, no large assets other than my banger of a 7 seater car which has just broke down (again!!)I do have a small job working 6 hours a week as that's all I can do bearing in mind that to put twins into nursery full time would require a salary equivalent to the Prime Minister! What do i do here?? I am frightened a court will pass judgement and me not be able to repay it each month then they say bailiffs will be sent! not sure what bailiffs would take as even the tv isn't mine, we borrowed it off my mum when ours broke. Can someone advise how I can proceed, i don't know if it's too late to do anything as I admitted the debt (I don't deny it's mine, never have done) I could ask for a copy of the credit agreement? would that help? Please help me someone thank you
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