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  1. Thank you. I will ignore and return here to report how it plays out. I cannot believe Erudio are legally able to invent fantasy arrears in letters without sustantiating them - but I guess I shoudn't be suprised! Do you think they will continue to call and send me letters - and if so I gather I should just ignore....
  2. I've read a lot about SLC and so was prepared for some shady behaviour. I made sure I only sent informaton that was on the originaly SLC deferment form for example. I just don't want this 'arrears' situation to come back and bite me and for them to use it as a means of not writing off my loans on the 25 year due date. Also wanted to find out if this was a routine wheeze of theirs and if others were getting them too.
  3. Thanks for this. Is this just a routine method of Erudio trying to intimidate clients into making a payment when there aren't actually any arrears on my account? I'm just concerned that they may refer this to a DCA and it will escalate.
  4. I have 3 student loans from pre-1995 which have been deferred bar a brief spell shortly after I graduated. Last week I received a phone call from Erudio stating I was in arrears and would I like to make a payment to clear. I queried and said accounts were deferred and I was not aware of any arrears. She told me I should have received a letter and then said it was an system error, then retracted and said I should have received a letter. I was polite but firm and said you shouldn't call people requesting payment with no further information. She said she would put a
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