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  1. I've received 3 separate 'notice of sums in arrears' letters (one for each loan) from Erudio today, with a table of payments received...looks like only £10 (from the standing order) is going towards the loans...I'm tempted to stop the payments...still awaiting response for SARS request....do these letters mean that they're giving up on the scare tactics for now (asking me to get in contact to 'come to a solution') ?
  2. Once that arrives, what specific info from it should I be looking for? Should I even bother to continue paying this?...I think that the whole amount is not going towards the loan, I think maybe an administration cost is being deducted.... thanks
  3. Hi, Finally managed to get the date of the last deferral with SLC, it was 19/07/2010
  4. Just called SLC , adviser on the line said that he did not have details of my deferments and suggested that I contact Erudio as they would have the up to date information! I asked him if he was saying that SLC did not have it or if he was just unable to access it. Again he said he couldn't help and suggested I call Erudio.. .Looks like I will have to wait for the SARS request to be processed. Thanks, missed this reply...
  5. Thanks. Will get on to SLC..... The letter from Erudio also states that 'as a consequence, your contractual rights have been terminated' referring to my rights under the slc. Should I ignore the '14 days before being passed to a collection agency' part of the letter? dont want to start down that route if it can be helped.
  6. Thank you so much for the quick reply. I am currently PAYE employed (however nothing has ever come out of my salary) Yes they were all for the same course (first degree) graduated in 99 forgot to add, not sure when I last officially deferred as it was so long ago
  7. Hi, I am new to the forum. Thanks in advance for any advice given. Student Loan Has Matured/ Full Payment Due within 14 days letter received from Erudio I am 45 years old and had taken out two student loans(95,96) and one (98) so under the old and new style loans. About 10 years ago I had arranged a payment plan (spread across all 3 loans) with student loan company (I think I was over the threshold to defer but was experiencing hardship). I had set up a standing order which remains in place to this day. When Erudio took over I received letter, calls , statements etc from them but have never contacted or corresponded with them in any way (just figured I am paying something towards the loan and was worried that if interacted with them in any way it would somehow trigger a new agreement or obligation, so just left it at that). I have recently received 3 letters within the last two weeks from them stating that my loan has now matured and full payment is due (aprrox £3600). Only after looking around on forums have I become aware of statute of limitations, but am I correct in thinking that my payment plan still running to student loans company constitutes acknowledgment of the loan? I believe that these payments continue to just beforwarded to Erudio (as I never signed or arranged for the payment to go directly to Erudio, only to the Student Loans Company details I had at the time). I’m wondering why there sending me letter so closely spaced, are they trying scare tactics to get me to contact them? I have other priority debts so do not want to pay this off if there’s a chance I could continue to do it over a longer period. Does it make any difference that I have not acknowledged anything to do with Erudio, accepted calls, responded to letters etc. Any advice is most appreciated. Thanks
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