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  1. I'm confused, what, explicitly, will I achieve by sending SLC my new address after 5 years of no contact with them?
  2. Okay will do, but as I said, I are you sure that in doing so I won't initiate an escalation of chasing by Erudio through my contact with SLC? Also, as SLC have clearly sold the debt on and, my understanding is, they are no longer the original creditor, (IE/ Erudio aren't acting as Debt Collectors, but now actually OWN the debt), won't SLC just wash their hands as they did when I originally phoned them in 2014 to request a deferment form?
  3. ...and thus inviting a Roland Garros sized game of letter tennis?
  4. Hmmmm. So do you suggest I write to Erudio and tell them my new address? Wouldn't this be acknowledging the debt, thus resetting the SB'd clock, as well as massively kicking the hornet's nest to let them know they've got a 'live one'?
  5. Also, do you have a link to this 'Pre Action Protocol' - I've not heard of it, and can't find any info regarding. Many thanks.
  6. Okay, thanks for reply Andy. I have moved address though since I last deferred in 2013, so the last known address SLC would've had for me is different to know. However, due to the search Erudio made last year that I can see on my Credit Report with Clearscore, I can prove that Erudio will have had my current voters' roll address should they have wanted to write me. So, I could defend a backdoor CCJ on that basis? Is my thinking correct on that? Thanks.
  7. Hello you good people! Please advise, as I've read all the relevant threads but none end with a definitive answer or resolution. I deferred my Student Loans from 93,93,95 each May until 2013 when due to a move, I forgot. I phoned SLC around late 2014 to be told the loans were now with Erudio and to phone them. Having read all the hoo-haa surrounding Erudio, I didn't phone. Nothing further happened. Fast forward to March 2017 and I noticed a hard search on my credit file from Erudio. Nothing further happened. Since last month I have started getting multiple phone calls from Erudio. No message is ever left, and I have blocked each number identified as coming from their stable. As I am on the voters' roll, I can safely assume they have my current address should they decide to write. Could anyone please advise on what my options are? I don't want them getting a backdoor CCJ, but the account must be in 'arrears' since around June 2013. I am not in a position to pay, nor do I earn over the threshold requiring me to do so. As far as I can see, having read the other threads, my move should be to wait until they send a begging letter, then I send them a request for my original CCA? If/When they do what should I do then? By my calculations the first 93 loan should reach the '25 years' write-off point this year, however as I'm currently in arrears I don't think it applies? As my last deferment ran out May 2013 do you think I can just wait another 12 months, 'head-in-the-sand' stylee, until the debt becomes statute barred? I'd just like to know my options, and the dirty tactics I can expect from Erudio now the beast has woken and acquired me!! Any advice gratefully received. Thanks for your time.
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