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  1. Hopefully this hasn't been covered elsewhere - I've spent lots of time trawling the Erudio forums. I have student loans from 1998 & 1999 which have been transferred to Erudio. I have an earlier loan with Thesis and so they handle my deferment application for all three loans. I came off a period of deferment in March 2016 but Erudio did not start collecting payments via direct debit until September 2016 meaning there were a total of 6 monthly payments that were not collected. I wasn't on top of my admin last year and so didn't pick up that only Thesis were coll
  2. Here is a copy of the letter I propose to send Lloyds TSB tomorrow about defaults being issued on my credit file; In addition Lloyds are yet to provide me with copies of default notices issued and I don't ever remember receiving any.....see below. Dear Sirs, With reference to the above complaint. I now believe these issues are so serious that I am advising you that if I do not receive a satisfactory response to my complaint within 14 days I will commence court proceedings without further notice. It is therefore important that you bring this letter to the attentio
  3. Due to income restrictions (and a bit of head in the sand), I've fallen behind with an A&L authorised overdraft of £6500 ish. A&L allowed certain DDs to be paid on the account which pushed into unauthorised OD territory and it's escallated from there. There's now over £7k owing, they've cancelled the authorised OD and threatening me with a default notice under the CCA, section 87 (1). What should I do? I don't have £7k to pay this. Odd
  4. In February and March last year, due to a problem with my daughter's phone, a massive amount of data was sent from it, over the course of a few days, resulting in a large bill. Because I did not feel it was fair that I was liable for this, for various reasons, I complained through vodafone's internal complaints procedure, and then took the case to the Ombudsman. The Ombudsman made a decision in vodafone's favour, and therefore vodafone sent me a letter on the 31/1/14, which I received on the 6/2/14, giving me the amount outstanding and the details of how to pay, and requesting payment w
  5. Evening All - I'm just after a someone who is in the know about company finance issues and placing default notices on company credit file if possible? To give you a very brief background into my case I was employed by a government organisation and in October 2003 it was revealed that they had made errors with many employees salaries and subsequent pension contributions dating back to 2003, to summarise they are now applying The Limitation Act 1980 to make reduced payments to all the affected 250 staff members identified. As the organisation is refusing to pay me in full I now view all
  6. I had a repayment plan with LLoydsTSB Visa the debt was sold to Cabot Financial, i contacted LTSB and said i did not recognise CF and I would only continue to pay LTSB. LTSB now transfer my payment to them to CF I have not missed any payments. Cabot have now posted a default notice on my credit file, but not given any formal notice to me. Can they do this ? Can I ask them to remove it?
  7. Hi Guys. Sorry i am posting this thread again. There where some tech issues with the previous ones. I had two credit cards with MBNA, one was Sony and the other Virgin (thread found here) This one received a county court claim last month. I owe around £3000. I acknowledged the service, extending my 19 day deadline to 02/01/2013. I have tried my utmost to get legal aid, but i am in a black hole situation where unless i or my partner move out (we recently split up, but still live together), i cannot get legal aid. I called Santanders Legal Assistance service which
  8. This is an unusual situation .... Two years ago HSBC took my brother to court for a credit card. At the time, we had a family problem and the bank's solicitors (DG) agreed to hold the claim for 3 months. However, he still had to submit a defence which I helped draft, asking for a copy of the agreement and default notice referred to in the POC and how the amount claimed is arrived at. The bank did not respond to the defence. Previously they had said there was no agreement (well before the court claim) when default charges were disputed. Now they have come back with a response to
  9. Can i clarify the default process please, according to my reading on the subject its as follows:- (1) A letter is sent to you a minimum of one month after falling into arrears notifying you that you are going to be defaulted (2) The actual default notice is sent to you outlining the arrears and giving you 14 days to remedy the breach. The advice from the information commissioner is that this shouldn't be sent within 90 days of falling into arrears. (3) If you don't sort it out within those 14 days then a notice of termination will be sent and a default will be registered with th
  10. Hello dear forum users, I sent a CPR 31.14 request to the latest company who has taken me to court for a 12K debt, bought from original lender, in order to get a Charging Order. I also filed an embarrassed defence. After many weeks they finally came back with a copy of the original agreement, but admitted they can't get the original Default Notice or Letter of Assignment from the original lender. They did send, however, a copy of the original lender case management system notes showing date the DN was sent, and a grainy screenshot of their Debt Recovery computer system, showing the Notic
  11. Hi My question is about how long defaults stay on your CRA account. I know a debt is unenforceable after 6 years so would all default notices be removed after 6 years or would each default notice stay for 6 years. If that is the case a record of the debt would be on your account for 12 years. Thanks
  12. Hi, In 2009 i opened a student account with Natwest with an arranged interest free overdraft, i can not remember the exact amount though it was around £1000. As it was interest free and within my arranged limit I never thought much about it. After recently obtaining a copy of my credit report i found a default notice placed on my account by Natwest to the amount of £1298.38 defaulted on the date 30/06/2011.I do not recall receiving any default notice and no longer have my original documents. To gather all the information about the account i sent a request under Section 77 of the
  13. Hi All I had a consumer credit agreement with Hitachi that I didn't make the last payment on. I wasn't aware it was a CCA at the time and didn't pay as I thought the service was unsatisfactory. Anyways turns out it was a CCA and there is a default against me on my credit file. I paid it off £55 (and the £200 charges) as I thought this would improve my credit rating as Im going for a mortgage. It didn't! I asked them to remove it - they refused. I requested a copy of the default notice as I NEVER got one and they have sent me a letter clearly saying no default notice was issued, the reason
  14. Hello All I am just looking for a little advice and hope someone on here can help After recently obtaining a copy of my credit file. I was concerned to note that 02 had placed a "Default" notice against an account in my name. At the end of my 18 month contract term I carried on using the services on a rolling monthly basis. I spoke to one of the advisor's at about 23 months to cancel my account and requested to keep my phone number on a pay as you go sim card. I later receiving the sim card and deemed my account to be settled as the last of my monthly payment had been made. to the
  15. Hi everyone, this is my first post so please be gentle I am in the process of filing an amended defence regarding unenforceable CCA 1974 agreement and require advice on the matter. The story so far is that I originally filed an embarrassed defence due to DG Solicitors not supplying documents that related to HSBC claim for £12,000 on a Gold Card. HSBC did not take any further action and the case was stayed. They then recently applied for the stay to be lifted and judgement entered for them as, in their opinion, I had no chance of winning. I appeared at court yesterday and conte
  16. I have recently run into Cabot Finance, an experience that I would not wish upon anyone . The problem I have is as follows: 1. Following the sale of my house due to mental illness in 2001, I asked Barclays to close the current acount associated with my mortgage. 2. In 2009, whilst checking my credit file I was made aware that there was a default against my name logged by Barclays. (I have a copy of this credit record). The debt had arisen, not because of a credit agreement per se, but because Barclays had made an error. The debt was the accumulation of account fees that had been char
  17. Hi I have been issued with a Statutory Demand, posted no attempt at personal service, from CQ and intend to try to get it set aside using the following No Statutory Notice of Default from OC No letter of assignment or deed of assignment No date of assignment on SD Agreement is an Egg credit card from 2000 (missing prescribed terms?) No Statutory Notice of Default from DCA Also, SD says that interest has been accrued and added from date of assignment. Are they entitled to add interest and if not then the interest amount deducted from the full amount is less than 750. Ar
  18. I don't know where to start with this one which has been going on since 2008, and has become extremely complicated. Basically I am now with a CAB agency that will lodge a further formal complaint with this bank regarding two defaulted credit card debts. I now have evidence that they misled the financial ombudsman did not disclose information to either my solicitor or the Police regarding the fraud on these two accounts. They did not carry out an internal investigation marked on their computer systems that 'it was not fraud' in the middle of a police investigation, which
  19. If any1 could give me some pointers on what they think of this letter and any suggested improvements / laws and legislation i can quote or things to add / remove to give it weight I would be hugely grateful! I am looking to dispute a mobile agreement which was mis-sold and get some money back / hopefully get my credit file ammended Thankyou __________________________________________________________________ Account No: ****** Re: Mis-Selling Complaint & Notification Of Intended Legal Action _______________________________________________________________
  20. Hi all, I think its best to start at the beggining! Back in Nov 10' i was self employed and run out of work, i tried to claim job seekers but was not entitlied as had not paid enough national insurance contribitions. Phoned capital one to explain my situation and asked them to freeze payments for 3 months aswell as interest and charges, there response was that they could setup a payment plan providing i sent in relevant documents ie job seekers letter, income expenditure, bank statment etc. I sent in every bit of information i have excluding bank statement as my bank account was currently
  21. posting on behalf of family member who has court case (allocation??) tomorrow WEDNESDAY Looking for real quick pointers and advice on what they should say or do at the hearing ... no real idea what an allocation hearing is ? They say all figures are different that they received compared to the package sent to the courts Details .... They are in a dispute with RCI Financial services (Nissan, Renault) Purchased a car in April 2010 for £13,500, paid instalments until needed to change payment date from 2nd to 28th this was agreed however RCI stated that we had missed one p
  22. I have recently made a complaint to MBNA regarding their harassment of me by telephone, and would be grateful of any advice. MBNA have been calling me, regarding a credit card debt, for around six months, despite me communicating with them in writing. I requested numerous times that they only contact me in writing, but they kept calling my landline / mobile. On some days I received up to 6 calls in an hour, and some calls coming only a minute after the previous call. They have now agreed to stop calling me, but are refusing to remove my phone numbers from their records, as they say the
  23. Hi there, in 2009 i recieved a default notice for 2 months payments on car finance with welcome. I rang them and agreed a repayment plan for the arrears and at no time was i told the repayment plan would still enforce the default notice in terms of if i wanted to surrender my car which i now want to do as i have paid half, that option now was not possible. I cant find the default notice i got to read the small print but i paid the default as i still have the car but welcome are sticking with their decision. Any advice please gang. Cheers.
  24. HI I have a default on my file for £320 - this was as a disoute with the bank and the charges they were applying. Paid £320 in full once default was issued within 2 months of it being issued.( had to wait for payday) Then referred case to bank who refused and then onto FOS, and the bank have now agreed to the fact their charging process was not clear and have offered £220 in compensation - which FOS are reccomending - quite happy with cash offer although would have been nice to get it all Main thing is can i now force bank to remove default notice as it was issued for £320 of wh
  25. Hi Guys Once again thanks for your help, in 18 months i have gone from seriously considering Bankruptcy to a normal life. OK so my creditors have now stopped chasing payment of my debt, having presumably accepted that they are either getting nowhere or that I’m just not going to pay without a valid CCA.... THANKS TO YOU ALL However I’m now receiving only a yearly statement in respect of the accounts, this means that despite my default notices they are still processing my data, is there anything i should or can do? Regards Dave
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