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  1. apologies dx, just read my 2nd post. supposed to read can say it was worth it, not can't
  2. I've got dca letters for cap1 starting at 2008, the others were taken out around similar times so they all defaulted at least 8 years ago. I'll check this tomoro. If the 6 year default is so how do I proceed? How do I improve my credit for a mortgage? Dx, your point about the 6 year default not mattering whether or not I've made payments but ive just read that this only applies if no payment has been made?
  3. Did your first line mean that slc/dcas can't do anything to me or that nobody can help me?
  4. That doesn't surprise me, my life hasn't exactly taken the normal route. I have approx 100 letters but only dating back to 2010, I have nothing before that. If it helps I can certainly upload those letters if you wish. Will SLC and DCAs have our correspondence history, will this be part of an SAR? Can anybody do anything if I'm below the earning threshold? Your help is much appreciated
  5. Thanks to both for the replies. I'm hoping my work situation may improve in the next few weeks but nothing's confirmed yet. If all works out I may be in a position next year to clear all. Will paying as a discount or in full improve my credit rating the same and will I start a fresh straight away? Marble/capquest £1292 Capital 1/Cabot £3805 Halifax credit card/Cabot £1777 Halifax loan/Cabot £4240 I don't have the original contracts but the oldest DCA letter I have is 2008 so it goes further back than that. So the cca will detail basic info, original contract, debt purchase document, PPI confirmation and the SAR is more detailed, including all charges and communication history? I presume these will never be 'statute barred' as I've been in contact)paying them. If the DCAs can't produce then the debt is no longer enforceable? Thanks
  6. My apologies I thought they were fees but they appear to be interest charges. If I can't pay the repayments how is adding interest logical? Is a matured student loan a real thing or is more bs? In 2014 erudio reduced fees by £1500 saying some lie about cca 1974. The balance, interest charges and interest rate also changes on every letter. Other DCAs were credit solutions and buchanan, clark & wells. Cheers
  7. Hi I've been paying halifax, cap1 and marble a minimum monthly payment via DCAs for quite a few years now. Ideally I would love clear these, be debt free and have a useful credit rating at some point. I have some original lender and DCA correspondence but not the original contracts. Are the debts now owned by the DCAs and therefore have nothing to do with the original lenders anymore? Are SARs a good starting point and a useful thing to have? Regarding the above will the SAR go to the original lender or DCA? Never considered it until now but can I still do a PPI claim if it's owned by a DCA? Thanks
  8. Thanks Dx much appreciated. It's taken me a long time to ask for advice but i can't see it was worth it. Claims form as in small claims? Is a small claims against erudio/slc for fees a viable option? If I don't earn above the threshold is there anything anybody can do? Is the debt now owned by erudio and therefore no longer has anything to do with slc? Thanks again Will an SAR be useful
  9. Hello So much information out there my brain is fried and it's about time I sorted this out. Erudio have started up their harassment again, stating my loans have matured and full payment is now required. My 4 loans are from between 1996-2000. I am self employed, have never earned above the threshold and although I have moved around a lot I have always kept in touch with both SLC and their parasite DCAs to update them of my situation. I responded to erudio's first demand letter by informing them about my income and including some sa302s. They have ignored this and gone straight to the second demand letter to pay in full within 7 days or legal action, etc. Is it correct that Erudio are only a DCA? If so what power do they actually have or is it just scare mongering? How do I make them stop, I don't want to ignore them and have the harassment continue but how do I respond correctly? Also, what can I do about the excessive fees and charges added over the years from them and the previous DCAs. I will continue to do my research but any advice on what legal action I can take would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again.
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