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  1. Drydens Fairfax Nov 2020 redacted.pdf I received the above letter last week. More threats to lift the stay, and a Financial Statement to complete. Given the similarity in nature to the last letter, and your previous comments DX, I'm not feeling anxious about it, and will file it. Does seem particularly rotten to be sending these sorts of letters out to people just before Christmas in a year which has been especially hard on pretty much everyone. Thank you Percy
  2. I'd be at the 25 year mark for my first year loan, and then the subsequent ones over the next two years. Thanks for your insight. xx
  3. Thank you for giving this your attention DX, that's reassuring to hear given the quip about an Application for Summary Judgement! In your experience, would never earning above the threshold count for enough if it did go to court?
  4. Hi, After a long period of inactivity I received the attached letter from Drydens Fairfax (I had a letter from them back in September informing me they had taken the case on from Shoosmiths - can attach if helpful) I've read other posts around this (seems something similar happened to chilly79) and my understanding is that this is safe to sit on until/unless I actually hear from the courts that the stay has been lifted. If there is anything that would be useful to do instead of just sitting on my hands though, please let me know! Best wishes, Percy Drydens_Fairfax_Jan_2020.pdf
  5. Hi there, Its been quiet on the Erudio front, a short while ago, I received 3 separate letters from Erudio notifying me of my arrears. One for each of my three loans. I've attached copies of the letters (all the same) and a copy of the insert that was with each them in one PDF for your information. Nothing from the Small Claims Court, so haven't done anything, beyond posting here. Wondering if its useful to post this sort of stuff (don't want to waste your time) or only if it looks like action might be resumed. Best wishes, NOA0419 v2.pdf
  6. Thanks DX, that's good to know. Will have a good read of the other posts tonight! Best for now, P
  7. That's a good thing, yes? The way I've just read it I'm not so sure! :| Ps. Thanks again for getting back to me. You are making all the difference with this, and I'm extremely grateful for all your help.
  8. Hi again, A letter arrived from Shoosmiths over the weekend, suggesting settlement. (Copy attached). Is it safe/best to ignore? I haven't received anything recently from the court. SLC have complied with my SAR. I've heard nothing with regard to my CPR or CCA requests (beyond my last post) Many Thanks Percy SM070219redacted.pdf
  9. Thanks DX, I thought that might be the case, so reassuring to see you post as much.
  10. Hello again, Happy New Year and Happy Birthday! Wanted to give a quick update. There have been no significant developments with my claim since filing my defence, however I have received a couple of letters from Shoosmith. The first arrived on the 21st December (deadline for defence), which offers an extension for filing my defence and states CPR 31.14 doesn't apply to small claims (but they'll comply anyway...) The second acknowledges receipt of my defence (feel free to delete if you don't think these are relevant/of much interest to others!) Best, Percy SM201218.pdf SM020119.pdf
  11. MCOL website playing up. Telephoned MCOL helpline and they recommended filing by email. Worth a call if anyone else having trouble. Will double check tomorrow to make sure everything filed. Thank you very much for all your help. Will let you know outcomes. Off to enjoy Christmas now, have a great one! Donation forthcoming xx (next on to do list!)
  12. Hi Andy and DX, thanks so much for giving this your attention. Going to file this defence (#32) shortly
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