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  1. Sorry, had a meltdown. Returned the form to the court. Said that I believed the loans wee still deferred but that I was happy enough to make some form of repayment. The court referred back to Shoosmiths who contacted me. Reiterated my belief that the loans should still be deferred but said was "happy enough" to make repayments at the level I would if I was earning above the threshold. Not good enough so offered a slight increase, which I was prepared to do as i had been considering starting repayments anyway. This still wasn't good enough for them. Long story short, they've done bugger all since until last week, when they sent a letter recorded delivery saying Erudio had instructed them to recommence legal proceedings. They included a form to return to the court to give reasons why the legal action should not resume. Financially, because of covid, I am worse off now than I was previously (my partner is self employed and her industry has been shut down). Any thoughts on how to respond? I note that they have not reported to the CRAs.
  2. Several years ago I took out a contract for Web hosting with 1and1, now IONOS. The contract auto renews every year. I transferred my website to another host and forgot about IONOS. The contract auto-renewed but as I hadn't updated my payment card the Annual fee is still due. My hosting runs from 27/11 for a year. My first correspondence (an invoice) relating to renewing was sent on 28/11. The terms of contract, as per 4.1 attached, states I can cancel my contract no less than one working day prior to the renewal date. Good case for unfair terms in the contract? TIA
  3. Erudio has acknowledged receipt of security details and are processing my SAR. Forgot to state that I will no longer accept email correspondence so must do that today. Interestingly, the email has come from the Erudio Legal email address and it states, "We are treating your Subject Access Request as complex due to the litigation activity that has taken place on your account. This means we will provide a response to you within 90 days. We will respond earlier if we can and will keep you up to date on the progress. We will not be charging a fee for your request as it is not excessive or manifestly unfounded. Please note that we may hold information on your account that is legally privileged as litigation activity has taken place. This means that we may redact some documents that contain privileged advice." 90 days my arse! It's hardly complex.
  4. Just noticed that the letter received via Royal Mail today is dated today. Cheeky!
  5. Never included CTax and addresses because I SARd them back in November.
  6. I haven`t sent anything yet. I received this in response to my SAR made in November. I will email a copy of my current CTax bill and previous addresses today. Cheers
  7. Letter from Erudio today in response to the SAR, asking to provide information for security reasons. More interested in the return address of Capella Building, 5th Floor, 60 York Street, Glasgow. What odious arms length brand is this from?
  8. I remember photocopying the completed form but where the hell I have put it, who knows?
  9. Effectively that's the last two deferment I have missed, although in December when returning the form for the HSL loans to SLC I included the Erudio loan numbers in with it. Just checked my emails. I must have received a letter requesting repayment of arrears in October 2014, to which I emailed them in December 2014, disputing the arrears. They responded saying that my deferment had ended in January 2014 and as such arrears totalling xxxxxx had accrued. I responded disputing that I had not sent a deferment application because my loans with HSL at that time were also due for deferment and I always sent the two forms in together, and asked for proof. Erudio responded by asking for personal details for security reasons before they could divulge any information. I don't appear to have followed this up. In December 2016 I attempted to register for an online account, but I cannot access this for whatever reason. In November 2018 I sent the DSAR and this week have complained that they have not responded.
  10. I don't think I ever completed the Erudio forms and think I have only sent the standard ones to SLC, never to Erudio but cannot be sure so await the DSAR response. I'm not sure, but the deferments since Erudio took over all show on my SLC DSAR. I provided my bank account details to HSL via SLC in November last year, but never to Erudio. Just realised that I have my HMRC records online. Will I print them off to cover the period of non-deferment and send away with a covering letter?
  11. I never received forms after my last deferment ended because we had moved house and I thought I had updated my address with the SLC. I have never earned over the threshold. I received a letter from Erudio I think in November 2018. I sent a DSAR in response to the letter later that month, no response yet, and I sent a complaint email just this week. I received a 14 days to pay/ make an arrangement letter from Shoos in March and was forming a reply to them but the Sheriff Officers came knocking today. I told them I disputed that any money was due and that I was awaiting information from Erudio, and if that proved my loans were not deferred then I would happily arrange repayments. I do not deny taking the loans, I just disagree with the fact Erudio are being heavy handed. I also had a type 1 income contingent student loan, which I paid off last year. Having loans with three different lenders has muddied the waters.
  12. Correction, Erudio ended in September 2017. For HSL it was December 2017.
  13. I will have to double check, but I think the last one for Erudio ended in December 2016, just after I moved house, so I never got the renewal forms. For HSL it was September 2017. Standby.
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