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  1. I Am not sure what happened with the post? Did they post it? Did it get lost in the post? Is my postman a theif? I don't know the answer but would have been straight on the phone had I received a letter as with every other correspondence I have had. I have lived at the same address for four years and it is a secure postbox.
  2. Hi Jamberson, I Did follow your advice and contacted Maidstone who do have my right address and claim they did send me letters, which i genuinely never received, otherwise i would have called them to say i had paid and worked out the error then. As for the ombudsman, their case is about Medway councils system but got the bailiffs stopped during the investigation. Maidstones system is actually very good and you cannot pay without a correct reference number like all of the other coucils i tried, ie greenwich, lewisham, camden, wesminster etc. The only two gripes i have is 1) Medway councils online donation system 2) No correspondence from Maidstone council informing me of non payment I Hope that this clears up any confusion. And dont worry i wont be taking legal advice (as i cannot afford it!) and was going to swallow it and pay up until my MP got back to me and gave me a glimmer of hope!
  3. Hi everybody, the afternoon before the bailiffs were due back i received an email from my MP stating they would be liaising with the council. i phoned the bailiff to see if he can put me off until i had heard back from my MP and he agreed to make me the last stop on his round. The next afternoon i was contacted by the MP saying that they had suspended the bailiffs for seven days whilst i was to seek legal advice. I Was a little happier but then realised that this would mean i have to prove that Maidstone did not send me notices etc, which is impossible and i was going to get stuffed again! then i received a call from the local councils ombudsman, he started with they dont really deal with parking tickets but mine relates to the computer system he has spoken to the councils and put off the bailiffs indefinitely until he gets to the bottom of it. Whilst i was on the phone to him i received a call from a chap in complaints department of maidstone council saying he had heard from my local MP and the ombudsman and was very apologetic and was going to see what he can do. I told him my gripe is not really with maidstone but medway, apart from not receiving any correspondence from them which would of enabled to deal with this earlier. He then sent me an email for point of contact and would be conversing with medway to see if they can resolve the matter. And that is where i am at today, hopefully a bit of common sense will prevail and i can put an end to this sorry mess! Thanks to all who gave advice and we may of just got one back for the little man!
  4. I can't actually remember, I thought from the ticket but I could be mistaken. I am not useless on a computer either I pay nearly all of my bills and purchase insurance etc so wonder how I made the mistake? I just went on to maidstone councils website to see if I can pay by error on there but it would not take payment without a correct PCN! If only it was the other way round. Spoke to the bailiff yesterday and he will be back on Thursday, 1 week after first attending, probably at my cost!
  5. I Genuinely have not received any letters from Maidstone council, that's a really good point as things go. I Will definitely be on the blower Monday and will post the outcome.
  6. Thank you Jamberson i will do that first thing Monday. The only letter was from marsden group in October and i have never received one from Maidstone council and Medway still have my £50! You couldn't make it up!
  7. The council said they sent out a letter but i never received anything otherwise i would have nipped it in the bud then.
  8. My address has not changed in 4 years and the car has been for 2 years since i bought it. After i paid the ticket i never received any correspondence from anyone until October when i got a letter from the bailiff, which i phoned and sent my bank bill showing the payment and then never heard anything until the bailiff turned up and clamped my car!
  9. But i somehow paid the wrong council. So they are saying it is my error, where as i see it as they should never have taken the money if it wasnt due to them. I entered all of the details requested and they still took the money leaving me thinking i have paid it!
  10. I have put my car in a garage but know unless i can resolve the debt will keep increasing. I have contacted my local MP and hope that she can give me a voice of some kind as the councils are just doing "the computer says no" bit.
  11. I Feel that there has been a miscarriage of justice against me by Medway and Maidstone council. Last January i came down to your lovely part of kent for a job interview and parked in a car park in Maidstone. I went to pay the machine would not take my cash i had to risk leaving it. I got a parking ticket which i contested was rejected i paid, using the online method as we are all urged to do now on my bank card. in October i got a letter from a debt collectors trying to get money from me for the ticket i rang them straight away to resolve the matter was told to email proof of payment. I sent a copy of my bank statement showing payment thought the matter was dealt with again. on Thursday a bailiff turned up to take my car away, i told him what has happened so far and he went and made some calls. Apparently i had paid Medway council and not Maidstone council, I then questioned how they could have taken my money as i had entered parking ticket numbers and car registration etc when paying online. I have since spoken to both councils to resolve the matter but have had a "Tough luck" response from both. I paid in good faith even though i thought it unjust in the first place and am amazed that Medway council can just take money from people willy-nilly, i wonder how much they have got of other peoples as they have never tried to give my money back that was taken incorrectly and is now going to cost me my car and possibly my job. I donated another £1 today to Medway council via their online payment sysem, daylight robbery. I appreciate that this seems quite trivial but i feel i did everything i am expected to do and i am just having two fingers stuck up at me from two major councils. :evil:
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