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  1. I'm surprised the process was so quick considering people are having to wait months.
  2. Just a quick update, I was successful with my claim, low rate mobility and enhanced care. Make sure you send in lots of reports etc to back up your answers to the questions, you will be more successful.
  3. Do you have a rough estimate on how long it takes to get a decision?
  4. Are there any letter templates or should I just write down what happened because this past week or so has made me so much worse with worry and panic, I have been having anxiety attacks as well.
  5. That is terrible, something needs to be done about this so called 'Benefit'
  6. So, an update, my assessment was due at 12:45 today and no one turned up so one hour later I phoned Capita up and they told me that they cancelled my face to face assessment and that they tried to 'call me' to tell me and that it would be paper based only and that the papers have been sent to the DWP for a decision. Is this good or bad?
  7. I have tried to get my CPN but she's still of work ill, I don't have any one else who spends as much time with me as she does. Would it be a good idea to print out all of my answers for when the assessor comes? is my new response to question 4 ok?
  8. I had an ATOS assessment once for ESA, they never called me back in after, hopefully Capita are not as bad as people are telling me. Please let me know how it goes for you.
  9. Would this new reply be sufficient? I originally said this was not applicable but I misread the guidance notes. I need to be reminded and prompted to eat which is done by my CPN. I usually live off cereals as I am unable to cook safely. Most of the time I do under eat but there are times when I can over eat if that helps at all?
  10. I need people to remind me, my CPN usually does, but I hardly eat at all, just cereal.
  11. Hello everyone, on the 16th March I have my assessment for PIP at my home. I have written down the answers to the questionnaire and I was wondering if someone could look through them and see if I am hitting the descriptors and if not, how I can re-word them. My mental health problems began when I was a child and were caused by the effects of childhood sexual abuse, mental abuse and physical abuse by my step dad. It’s a long read and graphic at times on the additional information part. Q1 – About professionals I see 1. Main health care professional, , Community Psychiat
  12. Please ignore my stupidity. I will now go through the paperwork and type up a better response.
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