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  1. Thanks DX. The Card is from 2011/2012 I cant remember exactly what month. But the default is definitely dated 6/11/2012 on experian.
  2. Thanks for the replies guys. No I have not moved address, but I have acknowledged the debt by the tenner payment a few years ago. I've no real knowledge of statute barred debt and whether this applies in my case. From the replies Im assuming I just don't pay anything, then the default will drop off my credit file this nov/dec and thats that? Theres zero chance of a CCJ then or anything else mental getting put against my file?
  3. Thanks Fkofilee. Are there any implications or risks involved there? Ive read people getting done with CCJ's after the 6 years. I also made contact with them today to check settlement price so not sure if that affects matters?
  4. Hello all, Im new to all of this stuff. In November 2012 I was issued with a default warning letter from Capital one (then Cabot) for a balance of £270, which I tried to pay off at the end of the 30 day period on (xmas eve), but they did not answer their phones that afternoon (this is not a lie!!). somewhere in the middle I called up and paid a tenner with the intention of paying it off weekly, but was so annoyed with the default that I just then ignored it. 6 years on (the default is set to 'expire' on 6th November ) and they are now asking for the balance to be settled at £190. 'Robinson Way' now own the debt. What is the best way for me to deal with this. I obviously do not want them to enforce a CCJ for another 6 years. Should I pay the settlement price or the full balance? Is it more sensible to pay the £190 since the default is to drop off my profile anyway? Should I negotiate a lower price. What do I need to be careful of? Appreciate your advice. Many thanks.
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