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  1. I have not received a form like this myself . Am I right in thinking if they havent contacted the court to proceed before 28 days is up I can get a stay ?
  2. Hi everyone, I filed a defence claim against the court case Parking Eye are going after me for. I was sent an acknowledgement letter from the court. Now I have received a Directions questionnaire that has come hand written already filled in by Parking Eye. The 28 days are up on 6th August. They don't appear to have ticked any box for mediation etc.. They have completed the rest of the form. I don't know what I'm supposed to do from here now ? I haven't received one of these forms for me to fill in? Why have parking eye sent it to me and not the court ? Any advice is appreciated.
  3. Their reply was for us to take the car to the Manheim Auctions at Manchester, which we did, have the receipt from the auctions .
  4. Hi, yes, letter sent in, they then sent a letter and a form for us to fill in relating to the condition of the car and send it back, which we did. As I said earlier, we have complied with all the conditions of the ts and cs and have sent and complied with everything they have asked for relating to this.
  5. We read through the ts ancs and if we had paid so much after so many months you could return the car without paying anything more as long as the car was in good condition. It was in excellent condition, with full 12 months mot and 12 months tax. The point is they are not asking for any kind of extra payment for the return, they are asking for the monthly payments when we no longer have the car and they are now registered owners with the DVLA. And obviously as we no longer are responsible for or have the car we have not made the payments.
  6. It was a voluntary return, nothing to do with debt.. given company car and finance car no longer needed.
  7. Hi Guys, need a little help. I had a default on my file from Lowell placed 30/04/13. Not paid anything from it, its an old Vanquis credit card debt, that was only about £450. It was frozen at £3191 at point of default. Heard nothing from them in years and now all of a sudden, I'm getting calls every day and as I'm not answering they are leaving messages, I have left them recorded on my phone, to show if needed how much contact they are applying to me. Then this morning, I have received a letter offering the usual 60% discount, which again I am not replying to our paying. Were do I stand with this please, just ignore and hope they go back in their shell until the 6 years default is up next year and then do statue barred or could they still take me to court and would they stand a chance of winning after so much passed time with no contact and such a inflated interest added on to the account ? Vanquis sold the debt on in 2012, I never spoke to Lowell when it was passed on either. And surprise surprise, never received the letter informing me of this or of the default. Any help would be great, thank you.
  8. We returned the car as per the contracts stated, and have proof it was returned to the Auction that told us to take it to on 03/04/18. We also sent off the V5 with Barclays now named as new owners. They are now chasing us for payments. The account was up to date with no missed payments in 3 years when we returned it. They have now passed us to a debt agency and marked our credit file as non payment. What do we do next please ? so frustrating, we have followed every step to the letter as instructed by them.
  9. Will let you know what happens
  10. Had an email from John Lloyd at WDA, to ask how I knew about FOS looking at 6 year and above claims and why I had not brought it to their attention sooner. Told them that online, FOS has advised that if the loans are continuous loans, as in carried on numerous times across the 6 year period and over, with the same company, they will look into it. Also told them, only knew when I looked into it after the letter from Moriarty Law. Have told them I want loans 1/7 looking at again and the last loan written off. If not I will take the offer they made as a partial payment and will go the FOS with the complaint. As they have already acknowledged they were in the wrong with the first settlement figure offered and the letter with it, will just have to see what they say I guess. dx100uk what does the 1L mean that you mentioned above ? Thanks,
  11. Just read online that FOS will look at loans over 6 years if they have been continued on which in this case they have. So sending WDA a letter stating that in the morning .
  12. Yes I did and I sent them proof as well. Still got ongoing complaint with Wonga for the same time.
  13. Do I just ignore MMF and Moriarty Law then ? What do I do if they threaten court action, which they probably will. Thanks for your help.
  14. So do I accept the £382 ? And do I need to send a letter or anything yo MMF or Morairty Law ?
  15. Some of it is. The original letter from Moriarty that said they were working on behalf of MMF, and said total owing was £988 from a WDA payday loan taken out in Sept 12, which was originally £565 !!. When WDA sent me a reply and also its final response over irresponsible lending, in the letter it said, in all I had taken out 12 loans with them, over 3 year period, as loans 1/87 were over 6 years they would not look at them, but for loans 8/10 they have refunded £182 and £55, then stated that as loan 12 (the one *bought* by MMF) was being upheld, whatever that means, they waived all the interest and charges so that only the principle balance of £565 was now payable. They then stated that they will use this to redress amount to reduce the balance further ?? They state that now the total amount payable to me would be £382 and that I need to either accept this or go to FOS. Then on the same day I got the letter from Moriarty law working n behalf of MMF, stating that after careful consideration of all the information available to them, they have now reduced the balance from £988 to £382 that must be paid within 30 days. At no point do they mention WDA at all, but it is obviously the same loan. So my question is, is this even legal ? do I take it to the FOS or do I get the money owed to me back and then get continually chased for it.
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