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  1. Just to update for anyone interested now or in the future. It was as suspected that the pension was stopped due to the prove you're alive letter not being returned. Capita and the environment agency conducted a full investigation and supplied details of what they did and even admitted that a letter we sent was not acted upon. All money owed to the time of my mothers death has now been paid into her estate and the matter is now closed. Turned out to be easier than expected if a little long winded Thanks all especially HB
  2. Hi, Thanks, Yes I am the one dealing with this now and should have been the one from the start but I am now the only one dealing with this matter. I have written to the pension fund manager with copy to Capita threatening pension ombudsman if i didn't get a response. Both have responded now saying they are investigating. Not sure what the hell there is to investigate. They didn't pay what they were supposed to and records will show why and when. I did supply death certificate so they have everything they need. Apparently its going to take them at least a further two weeks and maybe more to investigate. I don't know about you but i think there is a very clear and very simple answer to this. Pay what you owe and stop playing around wasting pension fund money on red tape and pointless investigations. My post here was just to get feelings from you guys and maybe point out what if anything i might be doing wrong. I also felt DX100uk would probably tell me to claim compensation but to be honest i would be happy to get back just what was owed and leave trail here for others that might find themselves in the same situation Anything else at this point you think i should do? or just wait and see?
  3. I hope I can explain this so you understand, My mother past away on the 30th of January 2018. Pension was originally paid to my father until his death where a part pension was then paid to my mother. She was until 20 months ago receiving the pension payment that was stopped by Capita because they didn’t receive a response to a letter they sent her. I guess it was a prove your still alive letter but that’s just a guess on my part. County Council social services department contacted Capita to inquire as to the missing payments and they advised that a family member needed to send a change of address to capita which was done on a couple of occasions. No acknowledgement or response at all to these letters. Payments have not been made for 20 months despite no change in bank details. My mother was placed into a nursing home two years ago suffering from dementia and relied on that pension payment to pay her residential care needs and was assessed by social services using her pension payment from them included in that assessment. Not receiving payments resulted in financial hardship up to the day she died. I was not made aware of any of this until my mum passed away. I intend to claim back all money not paid to her until her death. Where it can at least go somewhere to paying some of the funeral costs. Any thoughts on this from my good friends here on CAG. Cheers.
  4. You could also make a formal request to CCS under the privacy act for copies of ALL data they hold on you. EVERYTHING including account information interest added, charges, etc, Also request transcripts of all phone calls made to you or anyone else here in the uk as you are going to make a complaint to the Aus privacy commissioner about cross boarder privacy breaches. They must by law comply and send you this information. Even if it takes a while to do it. Put in complaints to all aus regulators which will stop any further action being taken till its all cleared up. Can take months and by then statue limits will probably have been reached. Not that debt avoidance is what I am recommending
  5. Good news, but they will come back at you so get ready for the next round No more talking on the phone and email only would be my next step. When you get an email reply asking for Credit Corps UK debt collection licence so you can check they have the right to contact a UK resident. We know they don't have that but they will come back with some crap about not needing one. Then you file a complaint with the Aus regulators about their illegal actions in the UK. See what we get from that Lots more we can do yet so relax and try and have some fun with it. Have a read of this thread from start to finish http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?265807-More-AUS-debt-being-chased-in-the-UK
  6. Jonny, They have no right by law to your income and expenditure details and your right about the charges. Interest alone was running at around 18% so all you would end up with a payment arrangement is owing them more each month than you started out with. Also from what I heard of credit corp and payment arrangements is they still contact you every month to request/demand more and more money each month. You will never get these people off your back till you refuse to talk to them. It does take time but they do give up eventually as there is not much they can do apart from harass you and embarrass you by calling your work etc. Not nice people. To make a point here for others in your situation, there are any number of Debt collectors in Australia but the only company we hear of on this forum is Credit Corp
  7. @JonnyC89 I know its hard but you have to try and stop worrying so much. Nothing happens fast with these parasites. Apart from annoying people that is. Stop talking to them except to complain and maybe request ALL information they hold on you which is your right under the privacy act. Only do that if they have your home mail address. You don't have the money and no assets. The worst they will try and do is refer it to Stevens Drake solicitors who wont take court action with a risk that they will be awarded £1 a month. It will take them twenty years to get the court costs back. They wont do it as others have already said. The main thing is to stop them contacting you. If you refuse to answer the security questions every time they will get tired of calling. You just have to stick with it for a while till they move onto some other poor sod.
  8. @DX100UK Please feel free if you think it would help others. It would be a good idea to look for posts by a guy called creditcorptrouble He had the best info and at one time a full website that tracked all creditcorps breeches of guidelines. He went to court a few times in aus to take them on and won. He stopped posting after they went after him big time to close his website. Cant say what happened but MY guess is they paid him off and included a confidentially clause. As I said just my guess but after getting to know him it would be the only thing that would stop him in my opinion. @unclebulgaria That's been going on for 20 years or more. When I was there two banks gave me credit cards with limits of $20,000 each and I was unemployed. Every time I got near the limit they just increased it without my asking. I went years paying one card with the other until I was so deep in debt bankruptcy was the only answer. As a bankrupt I wouldn't have been allowed to leave the country so became a debt exile instead.
  9. Thanks I will help if I can as I have experience with these parasites from Aus. It would help a little to know where the OP was living in Aus at the time of the alleged debt. It can make a small difference for example Statute limits are different in the northern territory. Unless things have changed recently. Also each state has its own licence requirements for debt collectors. It wouldn't hurt for the OP to let them know that we are following this on here on the forum for all to see too. Credit Corp don't like this kind of attention as it helps others they are chasing to know their rights. Don't suppose Stevens Drake solicitors in Crawly like the help given here either In my case I kept CC going for about three years until the account was statute barred.
  10. Threaten CC with a complaint to the Australian privacy commission. That one they will listen too, its a massive no no to involve others and breach your privacy. Plus advise that they are breaking UK law acting as debt collectors without a UK license. I did this and more in one email and never heard from them again. Maybe because i told them they did not have my permission to send electronic mail and was going to put in a complaint to Optus (who they were using at the time and maybe still are) to submit their mail server IP to the anti spam database. Next time they call DO NOT answer any security questions ever. You have a right not to answer those and they cant talk to you if don't answer them. The privacy commissioner in Aus has advised you not to answer questions over the phone. Just so you know what i did was totally ignore Stevens Drake solicitors and never heard from them again either. They were claiming $33,000 on a credit card.
  11. As far as I know only one aus debt collector Credit Corp has tried to take court action in the UK. So it might depend who buys your debts. Credit Corp usually hold on to the debt for quite some time adding interest before actively seeking repayment. Some of the other companies might try and contact you but from my experience don't try too hard if your overseas. Credit corp will use social media to track you if they buy your debts.
  12. Who is the debt collector? Credit corp are the only ones I know of that will chase overseas making a lot of effort. The others seem to call a couple of times and give up. Just based on the people I have spoken too and read of.
  13. Good news and well done on seeing it through. Gives hope to others in the same situation.
  14. Don't know if this will help but judge stated they did not have jurisdiction on a USA claim http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?321375-Received-court-summons-from-US-company-for-Milton-Keynes-CC-Help-**-WON-**/page4
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