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Found 7 results

  1. Hi I started a Ppi claim with Lloyds a few weeks ago there were 9 old loan account from 1992 to 2000 with Ppi. I should have my response in Aug. But this week I have received 2 letters in the same envelope to old address even though Lloyds have new my address due to claim. One is from Lloyds saying they have sold my debt to asset link the other from asset link. I know there's a Lloyds charge on my old house from 2006 (ex wife and kids live there but my sole mortgage) as its on land registry. Any one know why I've been sent letter? I assumed they would offset against any debt anyway. Any advice on what to do I will upload letter off asset link. PDF Photos 16-07-2016.pdf
  2. Hi All, I've recently been contacted by a DCA for a debt which was left behind (not proud) in 2006. The last contact I had was in 2008. Taking into account the powers that DCAs do/don't have, and all the guidance on this forum, are there any legal practices in the UK who might offer some advice on liability? Thanks, in advance. Grape
  3. Sergeant Matt Tonroe has been killed in action in the Middle East READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/fatalities/sergeant-matt-tonroe-has-been-killed-in-action-in-the-middle-east My Condolences to go out to the Family, Friends and Regiment. RIP
  4. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/business/what-the-middle-class-doesnt-understand-about-rich-people-a7158851.html Well now you know, the Wealthy/Rich people are misunderstood ! However, there are some interesting points in the article - not least of which - being wealthy gives you freedom.
  5. Not that long ago, when there were uprisings in many countries such as Egypt Libya and Syria, some politicians were getting carried away, saying it was a Middle East spring, with people wanting democracy and westernised freedoms. I can remember Cameron and Sarkozy making speeches in Tripoli, talking about how UK and France had helped the lion spirit of Libyans prevail over Gaddafi. If the current state of affairs is part of this spring uprising, it worked out well didn't it ! This all starts with good intentions, but when you don't know who you are helping with regime change, it is a bit risky. Cameron asked parliament to sanction UK helping anti Assad forces and if this had gone ahead, we may have accidentally helped ISIS. Obamas policy has been to use drones wherever possible and to not put US armed forces in harms way. This is down to the number of casualties incurred in Afghanistan and Iraq. I don't blame him for this, as i don't see why the US has to act as worlds Policeman. But the number of drone strikes may not be sensible, as it may just lead to terrorists spreading their bases, rather than be concentrated. Personally i think Corbyn talks good sense in saying that military actions have not worked and the only way forward is to talk to the people willing to take part in peaceful settlements. The UN, Arab league and African nations must be the ones to be leading on this. The current position in Iraq, Libya, Syria and elsewhere in the Middle East and North Africa cannot continue for too much longer.
  6. Hi, I'm a little confused about the "disability premium" which I asked the council about. I've seen it mentioned before and they seem to keep fobbing it off. The local Housing Allowance in the area is £450 per month (£103 / week), and they're paying £110 towards my rent. They seem to think that it's worked in with my Housing Benefits, but looking at the breakdown I don't see any mention of it. In the HB breakdown, the worked it out as: £90.08 used as my income (after DLA being disregarded and a bit of my Tax Credits disregarded too). They said in their letter (Entitlements Letter) that, the law says that I need to live on "£165.35" per week and as they word it: Income used in this calculation: 90.08 Less how much the law says you need to live on: £165.35 Where exactly do I find the "exact" value out, as they don't seem to be able to point me in the direction to where I can find it. Scouting around on the web, I notice that pretty much most councils have Disability Premium listed on their pages, but not mine... Any idea as to how I should approach this? Cheers, A
  7. As usual the worlds two most selfish countries have refused to help in this time of crisis. I'm sorry to say this, but I will feel no sorrow should it break out in either of both of those countries. Mind you, as per norm, it's only UK and USA throwing in assistance, there's not a lot from anywhere else. Islamist problems are only miniscule compared with the problems Russia and China bring on the world. Isil will be gone one day, but Russia and China will still be here bleeding the rest of the world and taking what 'they' want and not giving a damn for anyone else.
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