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  1. Thank for letting me know about British Gas Trust. Can you give me any idea about how best to apply, do I do it on my own, or do I need someone like the CAB to make it for me?
  2. Hi all Thanks for helping to put me in the right places for the older threads, I really appreciate the help. Currently with EDF, I owe approx £6k and this is being managed using Fuel Direct and I am dealing directly with the Executive's office with a guy there which is being extremely supportive. I applied three times to the EDF Energy Trust, the last time was with the support of Plymouth CAB, who are EDF's preferred agency to assist with these applications.* I was turned down again and basically the CAB said they would not help with another application because the trust thought we were not making payments.* EDF Energy completely disagree with this and have advised I make an application through EON Energy Trust and British Gas Trust. So this is where I am at the moment.* Hoping against hope that one might help me, but really don't believe they will.* Hence asking about the possibility of getting these written off by DRO, *but don't know what that would mean for my wife's liability.* Just wondered if anyone has any experience of these trusts or what else I can do. I recon at the current rate, I have about SIXTY year of payments to make, and being nearly fifty, liklihood that the debt will survive me if the stress does not kill me first. I have also applied to both Southern and South east water for assistance.* Thank a lot David
  3. Yes they are. I have bwen suffering from some mental health problems ( anxiety and depression ) which my GP has formally recognised with a Money and Mental Health Form. I am trying to sort out all the mess now that I am getting some treatment. If, In previous post I upset anyone or wrote anything inappropriate, I can only apologise, it was not my normal behaviour. As it stands, I have been out if work since December 2016. Currently, we have the following arrangements in place. EDF and water companies - Fuel Direct and direct deductions from Benefits. Council Tax arrears being deducted from Housing Benefit. I have tried to make some strides forward, but as it stands, I am facing many, many years to clear them and I wondered if anyone can give me some guidance now. Many thanks David
  4. Dear all I am in a real mess and would like to seek some honest advice / feedback. Currently we live in a shared ownership home (100% in my wife's name. Currently just paying rent to the housing company). Over the past years, due to some mental health problems ( anxiety and depression ) and this has have a marked effect on the family and my ability to work, there are now some £20,000 of debts (Gas, Electric, Water and Council tax). All of these are in my name ONLY and I am considering a debt reduction order or alike, but I have been led to believe that even if I do this, the debts will still 'exist' in my wife's liability? I do not really understand this as I thought if I 'owned' the debt, it would go after I have it written off? I am in a real mess and would be grateful for any advice that can be given. Thank you all in advance David
  5. I have spoken to NDL, but they have told me that there is nothing they can advise me any further. This is why I am on here to try and seek some guidance / advice David
  6. Hi dx100uk Thanks for getting back to me, this is for old debts going back over some 4-5 years, and the result of very serious debt issues and 'burying head in sand'. I have been speaking the the Exec team and they have told me that they are only prepared to stop this action on receipt of either 1) full payment of the account, or 2) granting of funds from EDF Energy Trust. I have applied to them, but been told due to backlog of applications, will not hear for at least 6-12 weeks. We are a vulnerable family, we have a 14 yr old son, my mother-in-law, who is 70 and not in best of health and also, due to the stresses of this and my local authority council tax, I am currently off work with anxiety and depression, not knowing how to cope with this all. We are being guided by National Debtline and have a income/expenses sheet drawn up showing our position. Currently, if this goes ahead at the end of this month, my wife has told me that she will throw me out as well as she too can't stand all this mess we have found ourselves in. EDF have stated that as a responsible company they cannot allow our account to be frozen any longer and will apply to the court after 31st August has passed.. I am really desperate now and don't know what the hell to do anymore We are also in court on Friday to have a hearing in front of District Judge to try and get our Attachment of Earnings deductions quashed or reduced as this is causing us serious financial hardship and contributing to the EDF position. Any ideas you might have would be really appreciated Many thanks David
  7. I have been looking online and have read about the use of a promissory note to effectively 'stall' this and get some more time for a resolution, has anyone else any knowledge about this?
  8. We are being threatened with EDF getting a Warrant to disconnect us and wonder what the timeframe is for this, do they go to court, can we appear and appeal this decision as we are in a vulnerable position? ..serious financial issues over past few years, arrears in region of £5k! Emailed and been in contact with Exec complaints, they are hearing none of our problems and only want to execute the warrant. Have applied to EDF Energy Trust, but told to expect 6-12 weeks for processing, EDF not budging on the deadline of 31st August 2014, say they are being responsible in not letting our account grow any more. , it was mentioned about there needing to be a CCJ in place for arrears BEFORE a warrant can be applied for, does anyone know if this is true either? Many thanks for any help / guidance / advice anyone can offer, we are in the position of EDF giving us only until 31st August 2014 before kicking everything off David
  9. Hi All Just to let you know I have a hearing date for Friday regarding 'Quashing AOE's for Council Tax' Have been told how to prepare by the court and will see what the District Judge has to say regarding my pleas of hardship. Will let you all know after the hearing David
  10. Thank ploddertom, I am doing all of this, but your colleague ell-enn mentioned that you had go AoE's for council tax suspended before due to extreme hardship....any ideas how I go about this, I understand that I can't go back to court as this is a liability order and not a CCJ Many thanks David
  11. Thanks for this, I think there are three orders against us, I have tried out local councillor, but as the chief exec has already said there is nothing to be done from them, he does not think he can do anything. We are desperate now, I have completed the budget sheet, what would be the next step to try and get this suspended? Many thanks David
  12. Thanks for this, I think there are three orders against us, I have tried out local councillor, but as the chief exec has already said there is nothing to be done from them, he does not think he can do anything. We are desperate now, I have completed the budget sheet, what would be the next step to try and get this suspended? Many thanks David
  13. If this is the case, would you be able to advice me in some detail about trying to get the AOE removed?
  14. thank you very much, can you tell me the procedure for going about this?
  15. Thanks for this, we are in serious hardship and the fact is we cannot afford to pay the council tax AOE, or gas, electricty, water etc. We have £700 to live on for a month, and from this needs to go rent and utilities even before we try and eat If you have any other ideas they would be welcome! Thanks a lot David
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