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Found 2 results

  1. My beloved trooper died in smoke on the the motorway before christmas. The rac towed it to our little local garage. However they said they did not have the right diagnostics equipment and were worried it was going to be bad news and thought we should be prepared we may have to write it off. We decided to get it shipped to an isuzu approved garage to get the complete diagnostics done before we made the decision on its fate. The isuzu garage told us that £700 would restore the car to a working state, as good as it was before it died, but they would need £2K to fix everything. I had a long discussion with them getting their PROFESSIONAL OPINION as an ISUZU APPROVED GARAGE about whether it should be written off, the value of the car now and fixed as I intended to trade in the car immediately. They told me it was worth £2K+ and in good condition overall and the £700 should get me at least 6 months and probably more. So I went with that option with the plan of getting rid. They then rang to say that during the works they had found another fault that needed to be fixed immediately but would not charge me labour as they felt bad for changing their quote. Seemed like they were being fair although it took the bill to £1K but as they had already done most of the work I swallowed the increase. We collected the car on the friday just as the bad snows hit here and were really thrilled to have the big beastie back for the bad weather. The saturday we drove it no problem on the way out, then on the way home it died within 5 secs of pulling away- we sat for a minute then it started and drove home. The sunday it died twice on the road at full operating temperature and would not start each time for a few mins but made it home. The monday it would not start at all. I rang the garage they said to bring it in and they would look at it- but how when it would not start? They also said it was possibly the glow plugs and that was why it wouldn't start in the cold weather and they thought it would be fine when the weather improved. When it was warmer we managed to start it but the engine sounds rough and the check engine light is on. The garage still say bring it in and they will look at it but HOW?! They say get the rac to tow it (I'm not even sure they will like this?) but they have no spare space and only want it on the days they have capacity which doesn't suit my working hours as I will have to hang around for rac. If I get the car to them they then have us over a barrel in that we can't get the car home if we won't pay them more to fix it. But I am loath to write it off (I doubt we would even get the £1K back) when it might just be that they did something stupid and it can be easily fixed. Their position seems to be that it is an old car and most likely something else has broken that they could not predict so that is our problem but then why did I pay for their professional diagnostics? They told us there were other issues but nothing else critical. I feel I should have had better service from an approved garage and a more accurate diagnosis of the problems- £1K should have kept my car functional for more than 2 days!!! Thank you if you made it to the end! Anyone know my rights in this situation? I would like them to look at the car but I think it should be their responsibility to move the car?
  2. Hi there, Just looking for some advise really. I took my Peugeot 1007 into the garage as the Air bag light was on. The garage ran a diagnostic on the car and told me that there was a fault with the actual Air bag and it needed to be replaced which apparently is a big job. They told me the diagnostic said 'Permanent fault left side modules and left side curtain airbag' When they looked at the wiring under the passenger seat they found a fault which they have fixed. They then replaced the airbag but the module is apparently still registering a fault. 'left side module'. They have now told me that I need a new module panel as they they can't reset it . The most recent diagnostic says 'permanent fault. left side module triggers and left side curtain airbag in production. open circuit.' It just sound like the same problem we had the beginning and i can't help thinking that maybe the module was the problem all along and the airbag didn't need replacing. I don't want to make assumptions though because i really don't understand it enough. Can anyone advise me? I have attached the garage paperwork which they emailed me if this helps!
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