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  1. Thanks for the help, sorry for the late reply. No, she has not paid anything since the dispute started. The Judge was kind of on her side I think and just rejected the order, not sure exactly why (she doesn't know either) but apparently the solicitor acting for them was quite rude and arrogant, so I guess that didn't help him. Thanks
  2. Hi all, this is still ongoing ! Update: They applied to the County Court for a Repossession Order. My sister attended the hearing (Via telephone) voicing her arguments, the Judge denied the repo order and suggested her to get a solicitor. They are still trying to force her to sign a document to Voluntary Surrender the agreement. We said we won't sign it and will only accept to Voluntary terminate... Same story 'You have lost the right to Voluntary Terminate' Either sign the Surrender document or take it to another hearing.....
  3. Thank you for the help I checked MCOL and its now saying: Notification that the claim against you was discontinued was received on 28/05/2020 at 13:22:12 Can this debt be re-sold to another DCA? (who are unaware of this debt reaching the county court) thus they issue a fresh claim? Or is it likely I won't hear anything again about it ever again? Cheers for all the help
  4. Thanks dx Shame I did miss that out, I must of used an older template, oh well ! Thanks will get it done this week, will post the outcome of this claim
  5. Ok thank you all, here is all the information: Claimant: Lowell Solicitors Date of Issue: 03/02/2020 POC 1. The Defendant entered into an agreement with EE Limited under account reference *******123 ('the agreement'). 2. The Defendant failed to maintain the required payments and the service was terminated. 3. The agreement was later assigned to the Claimant on 06/05/2018 and notice given to the Defendant. 4. Despite repeated requests for payment, the sum on £412.67 remains due and outstanding. Defence The
  6. Ok thanks, looks like I will have to say yes to mediation from reading your post here: Thanks for the advice
  7. Thanks for the advice both I just been googling if I don't submit a DQ, my original defence could get struck out, would they then get judgement by default? Yes I will file the DQ by the deadline thanks, as I am fully defending the claim should I not agree to any mediation service? Thank you
  8. Hi guys, could do with some advice with this one... Basically I received a Claim form from a DCA, it relates to an old mobile phone debt. I defended the claim on the grounds they could not produce any documentation or evidence that I owed the money. Then I received these documents from the DCA: 1. Letter from them stating they are no longer pursuing the claim and they have filed a 'Notice of Discontinuance' to the Court. 2. Copy of Notice of Continuance sent to the Court. Then I noticed on MCOL the DCA filed the DQ and I received a offi
  9. Nothing much to say about this, we haven't heard nothing from them after the first Letter Before Action. We'll send another LBA and see how it goes. The car is not mine and I merely helping someone, but it looks like she will have to issue a court claim and let the judge decide. If anyone wants to help us build a case (if we have one) we can pay for their expertise.
  10. Well its over now, I offered a F+F and they accepted it. Basically I agreed to pay the repo fee plus the documentation release fee and they wrote off the rest (Interest fees, late charges etc).
  11. Ok thanks that makes sense, I should have mentioned I still got the goods, sorry for the confusion. So are they wrong to charge the repo fee given the fact no repossession took place. And the other fact they had no legal right to repossess anyways.
  12. I mentioned it earlier "Agreement contined its course". Why would I make a further 3 payments if they did take the goods.... Obviously i would not. I thought it was obvious they didn't collect the goods....
  13. Thanks dx It's a trailer not a car, but I guess same agreement. They did try to repo the goods, I wasn't there at the time so they just left, but if they had access they probably would of taken it. I am happy to keep the goods, I just want them to remove the charges and give me the ownership/paperwork. How did you get £1,525.81? According to my calcs, I am only getting £1408.90... 25/10/2016 Cheque - NO FEE 226.50 25/11/2016 Direct Debit (UK) 258.95 25/01/2017 Direct Debit (UK) 83.95 31/01/2017 Direct Debit (UK) 83.9
  14. Sorry for the confusion, the first list I omitted the charges added on for clarity, the second list is the exact payment made. This is the complete data, thanks acc.pdf
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