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  1. Ok thanks, but there is no agreement evident (in the form of a CCA) ?
  2. Hi I had a default filed against me about 3 years ago. Then they started threatening Court action. So I requested a CCA. They never could produce one, then they decided to file a court claim. I defended it and that was the end of it.... Haven't heard from them in about 2 years The default is dropping off the credit file in 2020, I was wondering if I had a good chance of getting it removed? Thank you edit forgot to say this was a DCA
  3. Thanks andy : Ok, my debt is very similar to this thread (even the particular of claim is the same) And I have copied the defence from this thread. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?441152-Cabot-mortimer-Claimform-old-JDW-Marisota-cat-debt/ My situation was similar to Johns thread posted above. I tried to keep up the demanded payments, but they would not accept smaller payments... So they passed it on. Thanks
  4. Hi, Can someone please confirm I have the correct date to file a defence against a claim. I dont want to get this wrong! Claim Form issue date: 27th Feb 2015 Defence Deadline: 31st March Also, I have read to file it at midnight (MCOL), is this midnight on the 30th or 31st? Thank you
  5. Hi all Thank you very much for all the help and advice. Some good news, the council have taken the debt back from the bailiffs and no recovery action is going to take place! My friend can now not worry about those heartless bailiffs. Thanks again
  6. No not business rates, residential council tax. Yes the company is still trading. Ok thanks, I will get the info tomorrow. Can't be vehicles as they are on HPA. I'm guessing TV, sofa, games console etc She rang them again today, but they said they can't/won't stop the bailiff seizing the goods. I thought of something today that might argue the case... At the time when she signed this document 2 years ago (walking possession agreement?), her child was suspected to autistic, but about 6 months ago he's been confirmed autistic, and is now registered disabled... Would this be a valid argument against the siezure of goods? I think they are being very unreasonable over 10 days late payment, she hasn't missed a payment since the agreement was in place. Thank you
  7. Many thanks for the help! I have got more info from my friend... Yes, they were allowed to come in. And yes, they did levied items. Paying the bailiffs My friend is not sure, but she does remember signing something with the bailiff. Ok thanks, this is what we need to do next then! Thank you for the help
  8. Hi, thanks for the help. I have more info. The payment plan is with the Bailiff. Its a limited company with certified bailifs, thanks Its Andrew James Enforcement Ltd
  9. I'll get confirmation on this, but I believe the council sold the debt to a debt collector. There was no warning! He just showed up demanding full payment or he said he will come back and seize goods. Thanks
  10. Hi, Posting on a behalf of a friend, thought this might be the best place to ask. My friend owes £1000 tax arrears, it was £3000 a few years ago, but she has managed to pay back £2000.... They agreed for her to pay £100 per month. Anyways, this month she was 10 days late making this £100 payment. After the late payment was made, a few days later a bailiff turned up and demanded the full payment (£1000) and said he would seize goods to clear the debt. My friend rang these people, I don't know if they are the council bailiffs or a 3rd party bailiff and they said, because she broke the re-payment agreement there is nothing they can do to stop the bailiffs. This to me sounds a bit unreasonable. Are they trying to scare her into the repaying the full amount towards their xmas party or Do they have really have the power the sieze goods over 10 days late payment? Thank you for any help, any advice on what to do next would be most appreciated
  11. Cheers both, will do !
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