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  1. No it’s not related. I did get a good outcome by appealing the Newham fine but only in regards to the removal of the vehicle to the pound. This was because the court didn’t hear back from Newham when notified of my appeal for this case. The court ordered the repayment for the equivalents mount the removal and impounding.
  2. I woke up this morning to find that an enforcement officer has clamped my car that’s parked on the street leaving a voicemail and text to that effect. I had hoped that the Lockdown would have given me extra time to resolve the dispute I have and get my TE9/10 forms signed once this lockdown has been lifted. isn’t it unlawful to take this sort of action during a lockdown? What advice would you give me now? The bailiff is sat outside waiting for my return call Thanking you in advance
  3. The car is registered in my name but it’s for my father to use and he has the car insured in his name. I am not a named driver. I have fully comprehensive insurance on another car that gives me Third a Party cover on other cars. This is the situation I explained to the staff at the pound. They insisted verbally that I needed to have my father come and drive it out or I need insurance on this car that covers driving within a car pound. I thought by virtue of the broker stating that they still Specialise in these circumstances I didn’t question it anymore. They certainly didn’t suggest driving
  4. Thanks for the advice but I did have fully comp on my car that allows me to drive any car. I have no proof of the assertion but the broker I told him what they said and he told me that its true and that they did specialised insurance to drive the car out of the pound boundary which seems ridiculous given that it was a few yards. The bay was the usual white road markings designating the area of road for shared use. Its not an off-road bay. It just seems that the 'authorisation' for code 12 criteria of it still being present 30mins after issuing a PCN seems harsh when there was just
  5. I parked my car in a residents and shared use parking bay which permitted residence as well as those who pay a fee. I hadn’t noticed the time started at 8 o’clock and paid online at 9:44 for an hour and at 10:56 for 2 hours costing £5.60. there was an observation of five minutes from 08:17 and at 08 22 at which time the PCN was issued and attached to the car. despite it being in an appropriate bay and not causing any obstruction or displacing any residences as there were many vacant places when I parked I went to collect the car, the vehicle was also authorised for
  6. Is this falling outside the Skills base Of this forum?
  7. Apologies For not being clearer in my attempt at being concise. The ABS Fault code wasn’t declared at the auction, indeed the pictorial evidence of the dashboard didn’t reveal this alert. On collection, we were told the car had to be recovered as they wouldn’t allow an inspection to assess roadworthyness as there was evidence of a collision again undisclosed. Once inspected the fault code identified a problem of the ABS Hydraulic pump and suggested that this and the ECU be replaced at my cost. It was only when the unit was sent for the replacement of the hydraulic pum
  8. I bought a car from an auction in Jan 2019 and the car engine fault light indicated there was a problem with the ABS. It went to an Audi Dealership for a diagnostic scan to identifying exactly the problems with this car. One of them was a faulty ABS system which had the component, namely the ABS hydraulic pump identified as being faulty. Since then, this has been independently addressed by a non-Audi dealership but now a new fault code was recorded that hadn’t been formerly discussed. The code 01130 ‘Operation: Implausible signal’ declared itself and is relat
  9. Unfortunately I had a nervous breakdown and signed off work. Placed on heavy medication and had to deal with a repossession order and other debts therefore this wasn’t a priority at the time and there’s only so much you can expect others to do on your behalf. I am not quite sure how to proceed other than point out the points we’ve discussed with the creditor and if they refuse to cooperate instruct a solicitor though I gave to keep that cost to the minimum. I appreciate your assistance.
  10. I became unwell to the point of not being able to work for two years. I could only cope with this issue now.
  11. I would understand if I didn’t offer to negotiate repayment but they refused to enter any form of arbitration and refused to acknowledge the fact they had served it upon the wrong entity. I didn’t have the money for legal representation to know how to contest the CCJ and that a prompt action was required. As a Limited Company at the time, the debt should be associated with it and not me. How is it that can’t be corrected? Isn’t the purpose of it to protect one from this sort of action?
  12. I did state that they were enforcing this debt on the wrong entity but the order for questioning still proceeded. The enforcement in the form of the notice of intention to remove my personal belongings didn’t materialise and their actions stopped there. Unfortunately, the system doesn’t operate on a cash payment basis as the bill comes from the doctor who is then reimbursed by the insurer or the patient. I’m trying to buy a property from where I can operate and the CCJ is preventing me from getting a mortgage. There lies my more serious problem. (As these orders / notices are against
  13. So despite offering to settle the debt they can refuse to accept thus keeping the CCJ active which is in place to penalise you for failing to pay your debt. It seems as though they are being vindictive
  14. In 2015, I was practising Medicine privately and opened an account with a Laboratory for the provision of investigations conducted on patients. Initially, the account opened was in my name but latterly, I had created a limited company and notified the accounts department of this change. Two years in, my account fell into arrears as a result of peculiar circumstances with a private medical insurance company that held back my payments. The amount claimed that was outstanding was approximately £5600 though I had disputed this to be £3700. Nevertheless, I tried to n
  15. I have an ongoing case whereby the London Borough of Hackney has rejected my appeal for contesting the fact that denied me from the single persons discount and as it was deemed therefore that I wasn't entitled to the benefits reduction associated with being on ESA at the time. The matter has been referred to my MP who effectively made Hackney look at my case as I had already appealed but they have now suggested that I go the Valuation Tribunal to make a further judgment. Details: I was a single person at the time at my primary residence, produced evidence that it met the legal cri
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