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  1. If he has a British passport (“the home office stating that he has a British passport”) his leave will not have run out as he would have citizenship/be naturalised. If he does not have a British passport, and his leave is about to expire he would of course need to apply for the appropriate visa. If he is estranged from your cousin, he could not apply under that basis as it would – based on being estranged from her– be untrue. It is not really possible to answer (2) or absent knowing his status now or his immigration history. In answer to (3), this is a judgment call. He would ne
  2. Is this what you're looking for? THE A3, A23, A202 GLA ROADS (KENNINGTON PARK ROAD, KENNINGTON ROAD AND CAMBERWELL NEW ROAD, LONDON BOROUGH OF LAMBETH) BANNED TURN TRAFFIC ORDER 2015 https://www.thegazette.co.uk/notice/2301345
  3. The Immigration Rules say: 3.6.1 Where the applicant’s partner is in receipt of any of the following benefits or allowances in the UK, the applicant will be able to meet the financial requirement at that application stage by providing evidence of “adequate maintenance” rather than meeting an income threshold: (DLA...) 3.6.4 The applicant will not need to meet the minimum income threshold. Instead, the applicant is required to demonstrate that they will be adequately maintained without recourse to public funds. Although it is clear that there is an exemption to the income threshold, wh
  4. There is an exemption as you're on DLA; however, you'd still need to show adequate funds to maintain and accommodate the two of you.
  5. There is the question as to what sort of debt it was. If it was for an overdraft, S6 probably applies and the date of accrual would be the date on which the demand was made, i.e.the February date.
  6. The place to start (without having the expense of counsel) would be https://www.gov.uk/check-uk-visa/y which will tell you what sort of visa she needs, how to apply for it and the cost.
  7. Is it the task bar that is showing as a couple of inches as it sounds from what you've said. If so, right click on task bar, then see whether it says lock the task bar, if it does, untick it. then hover the mouse over the top of the task bar, until the cursor changes to an arrow, then just drag it to the right place.
  8. sorry, long day... "retained rights of residence" is what I should have written
  9. If you look at the ever helpful gov website under EU and derivitiave rights. The eligibility period is 3 years (total relationship) so that should be straightforward enough. https://www.gov.uk/derivative-right-residence/eligibility
  10. I am inclined to think it does mean longer than normal. The published service standards for something straightforward is often six months (though in reality less than that). https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/uk-visas-and-immigration/about/about-our-services
  11. This is a bit miseleading. The case itself, BĂRBULESCU v. ROMANIA JUDGMENT, is relatively short at only 31 pages and focussed on a yahoo email account that was set up for responding to customer complaints. The ECtHR may have handed down their opinion in favour of the employer in the case, but surely, courts are bound only to “take into account” Strasbourg case law, under s2 of the Human Rights Act 1998, which means in some cases, the UK seems to have completely ignored ECtHR opinions..
  12. 8% as per S69 would add quite a bit to the judgment debt. I know such interest is discretionary and therefore up to the judge whether to award or not, but I seem to think the rule (under S69) is not applicable to simple debt claims; it is certainly not applicable where interest runs under the contract. This, I think, would exclude agreements covered by the Consumer Credit Acts. I will have to confirm this on Monday, but I think the DCA is seeking that which he is not permitted.
  13. I shan’t be signing it for two reasons: i I think the proposition is ludicrous, and analogous to saying there is no warning of a camera to catch me committing an offence I should be allowed to commit it ii I am not convinced petitioning the Honourable Luke Donnellan MP, Minister for Roads and Road Safety (an Australian member of the Australian Parliament) would have any effect on the laws of England and Wales.
  14. I am not sure whether that would make them a vexatious litigant. There is an example of what does amount to being a vexatious litigant on the BBC website at http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-34962469
  15. Thank you for the replies. I have managed to get the CCTV evidence. The next stage is a polite letter to her asking whether she is aware and for her proposals to deal with it.
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