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  1. For the record, in case anyone in future is wondering similarly to me, my form arrived yesterday. So it's around 8 weeks from the date of my claim. Also, the letter was dated the same as my most recent payment date, though I'm not sure whether this is by design or coincidence.
  2. Yes, so the relevant questions are: 1) to those receiving their first ESA50 recently, when did you apply? 2) Has anyone else applying around April for the first time received their ESA50 form yet?
  3. I'm asking for replies to relate directly to my questions, stated towards the end of my original post. I can't see the wording right now, but do recall recent-ness being indicated. Thanks for clarifying.
  4. I am very aware of general tips such as keeping copies, recorded delivery etc. While I appreciate good intentions to help by posting general advice, which may be useful information in the future (if/when the form arrives), please keep in mind that my request was relating to how long you have waited to receive the form, (rather than for tips on its completion or giving a prediction of when I will receive my form,) so keeping to this topic would be most useful for me on this thread at this time, especially as i didn't find this by reading other threads and to minimise the need to filter out info
  5. I applied for ESA for the first time (and not transitioning from other state benefits) dated mid April and am currently receiving assessment phase payments. Should I have received the ESA 50 form yet? I know officially assessment phase is meant to be up to 13 weeks, but not sure to what extent this matches reality. How long have other recent applicants waited i.e. those receiving their first ESA50 recently, when did you apply? Has anyone else applying around April for the first time received their ESA50 form yet? Thanks.
  6. Yes, this has been said before.
  7. I know lots of people have difficult experiences and outright unfairness. You had suggested this in your previous post. Of course a wise decision considers factors other than theoretical information, it's just that this particular piece of information is not easy to find. I wanted to post the information for anyone reading this thread in future. I would be extremely frustrated to think I was about to find out an elusive answer, only for the trail to run cold.
  8. Citizens Advice said that permitted work is available for all on ESA. I didn't note down the exact wording, but referred to something like "all applicants". The information, on both gov.uk and on the Citizens' Advice intranet, didn't specify WRAG and Support Group and therefore assessment stage applicants are not excluded from permitted work.
  9. Thanks for the replies. Going by the gov info about SSP, I wouldn't be eligible if working the 6 hours, so any sick pay would be purely contractual. I don't know if that makes a difference. (Or a bit of unpaid leave could be another way round it, so as not to complicate it with any income while getting everything started with the benefits application.) Anyway, it looks like there is a basis for a conversation pending checking out a couple of other things.
  10. My hope would be to avoid any unemployment I.e. at the end of the redundancy period, if possible, take on a few hours per week essentially doing a small part of my current job (from which I am being made redundant as the work is substantially reduced). I really appreciate your efforts to respond - nobody else has on any other fora - I'm really just needing to know the original question. In the event of being out of work I was told by the benefits worker there are 2 options: JSA and ESA. There was no mention of SSP, so I have a feeling this may not be relevant. If at all possible, the ideal wou
  11. My latest payslip shows some SSP, though I'm getting some contractual sick pay too. I'm in my redundancy notice period (from full time post) and have already checked out ESA versus JSA with a benefits worker, and I'll be applying for ESA. If I can't keep hold of a few hours in this job I will not be actively seeking other work for the time being, because health and life need a good bit of sorting and I believe I would need some support to access a new workplace, which is not available in my current circumstances (in part due to recently joining a very long NHS waiting list). So, in short,
  12. Is it possible to apply for ESA while contracted to do a small number of hours work per week, with a view to doing this as supported permitted work? If so, how would I go about this? I am off sick at the moment. Would I need to remain not at work until...when? After ESA application is submitted? Until a decision is made? Thanks.
  13. So do you think it actually costs £25 to carry this out? I suspect there's a profit margin in there somewhere.
  14. Is it possible to reclaim admin fees from an agency in a similar manner to reclaiming bank charges? I moved out a month ago. I didn't cancel the standing order in time, so made a second payment of a part month's rent. (The first such payment of around £230 was for the days remaining before moving out.) Upon enquiring, the agency said, regardless of whether I received the money back a.s.a.p. or at the same time that I get my deposit back, I would be charged a £25 admin fee - even though I pointed out it takes no more work to write a cheque for one amount or another. I've not yet received e
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