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  1. Thanks Nystagmite. Do you think I have right of appeal, do you know? If I have to make a new claim I will though.
  2. I really could do with some advice. Here's the situation: I was on support group, moved over from incapacity benefit, due to mental health issues. Two months after getting moved over (which had involved being assessed) I get an ESA50 form. As it was so soon after being assessed, I wrote back to both ATOS & DWP asking why I needed to fill in the form when I'd recently been put on support group. I hear nothing for a while. Then ATOS replies saying its not them, but the DWP. Fair enough, I'll wait for the DWP reply I thought. Never received one. Wrote back to ATOS asking for them to hold their horses until DWP gets back with a decision about if I need to it. Fast forward to Friday, and I don't get paid. Phone up - told no payment is due as I didn't fill out the form, and it had been to a decision maker who decided to terminate my claim. First of all - I have received nothing from the DWP in writing. Secondly - I know now I should have just filled the form in and sent it back, but I did not know that then. I didn't want to go through another assessment so soon and still believe its completely wrong. Anyway - I was told I will not get any appeal rate. What do I do now for money? I have a toddler, and another child on the way. In this situation, how can they just kick me off when they didn't respond to me, when I have to have money to buy food to eat, let alone for my son... I'm at a total loss. Is this a sanction? Or is it a complete end for my claim? Can I re-claim? What normally happens when you fail to comply with the regulations, as the rude man at the DWP put it?
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