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  1. OBITER DICTUM would you mind reading my post about Facebook disabling me. i wondered if you had any advice about getting my account back. here's my thread... http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?479374-Facebook-disabled-my-account!&p=5043397#post5043397
  2. on Wednesday morning i found out Facebook had disabled my Facebook page! :o it seems to be because my real name is XXXXXXXXX, but my Facebook page [& everything on the internet] is called XXXXXXXXX. Apparently it's against Facebook's rules to use a name that isn't your real name! i have got my real name on my page's info section & as my nickname [which only my FB friends can see] but that's not good enough i guess. i've used xxxxxxx for my Facebook since i joined in 2009 so i'm shocked & angry i suddenly got disabled now. if Facebook would un-disable my account then i could change my name, but i can't change my name if they wont let me log in! ;( so far all i can do is fill in Facebook's stupid [automated] forms online. no actual human being. so far they're asking for ID with xxxxxxxx on. which i obviously don't have cause it's my nickname, not my real name. Facebook don't understand that some people like to be under a nickname/false name, especially when you have mental health issues & an abusive ex-husband. even the police advise a fake name for certain people. what happened to anonymity? i can't even tell my Facebook friends why i'm missing because my profile has disappeared. :/ if i could actually contact a human being that works for Facebook...rather automated stuff...then i could get this sorted. anyone know if there's a way to get to a human? i know not everyone likes Facebook or social media, but it's my lifeline; so any help would be appreciated.
  3. i just found this... https://samedifference1.com/2016/08/17/esa-tip-new-rules-on-regulation-35/
  4. does anyone know what's happened about this? yesterday [25th Aug] i got another ESA50 form. 1yr 1m 3wk 1 day after my medical & only 9m 4wk 3 days since i appealed & was put into the Support Group of ESA. will i have to go to another medical?
  5. yesterday [25th Aug] i got another ESA50 form. *i've been signed off work since 5-10-07 = 9yr 10m 2wk 6 days. yet they seem to think i'll suddenly get better. *i've been on sickness benefits since 5-12-07 = 9yr 8m 2wk 6 days. *originally i was on the disability rate of Income Support but i've been on ESA since 19-7-12 = 4yr 1m 6 days. *i had my medical on 3-7-15 = 1yr 1m 3wk 1 day ago. i heard people are often re-assessed every year, so i was wondering when i'd have to go through the dreaded form filling/medical again. *i won my most recent appeal & was moved from ESA WRAG into the Support Group of ESA on 27-10-15 = only 9m 4wk 3 days ago! on both the times i had to apply/re-apply for ESA i went through the same long & distressing procedures... fill in ESA50/enclose medication evidence...[i didn't have a medical 1st time but 2nd time i did]...get put in ESA WRAG...appeal decision=more forms/letters...after months of stress i'm put back into the Support Group of ESA. i understand they can't leave me alone forever as they want to check i'm still ill, but it would be nice if they could leave me alone for longer. having to go through this yearly is enough to drive anyone insane, let an someone with mental illnesses. is anyone else facing this repetitive situation? is there anything i can do to make the time between assessments longer?
  6. i truly hope the government don't try to scrap Reg 35...or/& Reg 29. i & many others have used them to be put in the Support Group of ESA. whatever happened to human rights!
  7. sorry to be a pain in the arse :oops:but can someone please change the title of this thread to... Atos medical on Saturday 29th November - please help! thanks **Margaret**. i know my wish for a home visit might not be granted, but it's worth a try. the thought of a home visit scares me, but it's slightly less scary than the thoguht of going to a medical centre. here's my update... on Saturday 8th i phoned ATOS [0800 2888777] to ask for a home visit & was put on hold...the usual waiting in a que to speak to someone. after about 12 min's of waiting i decided to phone the same number from my mobile to see if i got through to anyone, but i got the machine saying they're closed. i then realised they close at 5pm on Saturdays...not at 8pm like they do on weekdays. so i decided to phone 0115 9758339...the number Park Medical Centre had given me on 5th June to ask for a home visit...i knew it was another ATOS number that might close at 5pm, but it was worth a try. however i was suprised to just get a "number not in service" message! i tried a 2nd time, just to make sure i'd typed the right number, but still the same message. that's strange. i'm sure i wrote down the number i was given correctly...or did i. so then i thought i might as well try phoning 0115 9758347 [ATOS Nottingham] because that's my nearest ATOS number, but i just got a tone; which i think was a busy tone. i tried a few times, but got the same thing. then i phoned 020 7830 4931...another ATOS number i found online...but that also said number not recognised! as a last resort i phoned 020 7830 4444...another ATOS number that's on thier website. i got straight through to a man, but it turns out that number is just a switchboard. he could only put me through to someone if i gave him a name. the only name i had was Natalie, but i had no surname & i already knew the number i had must be wrong, so i gave up called ATOS for the day. so i decided to phone 01733 297631...which is Park Medical Centre where i would have the ATOS medical. i only phoned to see if i'd wrote down the 0115 9758339 [Natalie - ATOS home visit] wrong or if they had a number they could give me. i just got a busy tone...i didn't bother to keep trying. so... on Tuesday 11th i phoned ATOS [0800 2888777] to ask for a home visit. the man i spoke to said i needed a letter [or fax] from my dr to say i needed a home visit. so he said my appointment would be re-scheduled, so i'd have time to see my GP. i'd get the a letter to tell me my new appointment in a few days. if Atos decided i couldn't have a home visit, i'd need to get a letter [or fax] from my dr to say i needed to get a taxi to the appointment...that's the only way i'd be able to get the taxi fare refunded. he also said when i've got the ATOS "home visit or not decision" i would then have to contact ATOS to ask for it to be audio recorded. he said my GP could send his letter to the Nottingham address on my ATOS appointment letter or to the fax number he gave me...0115 9758386. then i phoned the medical centre [01733 297631] & told them what would have been todays appointment was cancelled because i've asked for a home visit. i just phoned to make sure the message got to them, so i wouldn't be put down as a no show. the lady i spoke to took my name & NI number to update thier system. on the 13th of November i got the ATOS letter [dated 11th] to say my medical was now at 2pm on Friday 5th December. then on the 14th i got another ATOS letter [dated 12th] to say "your appointment at 2pm on Friday 5th December has been rescheduled to: 1pm on Saturday 29th November". so 1 day later ATOS changed thier mind & brought my medical forward by 6 days...for unknown reasons. i wonder if i should bother asking why the appointment was changed? so i have some queries... i need to get my GP to send a letter/fax saying i need a home visit...is there a template letter somewhere for that? if ATOS decide they wont give me a home visit & i do have to go to the Medical Centre, then i'll have to take a taxi. ATOS say i need to get my GP to send them a letter/fax stating i can't travel on public transport [therefore need a taxi], so ATOS can refund my taxi fare. which makes me wonder, should i get my GP to mention the taxi & home visit stuff in the same letter/fax? or would it be better to get him to send the home visit letter 1st...the what they say...& if they say i can't have a home visit...then get him to send them a letter about a taxi. what do you think? if you think i should tell my GP to write 1 letter with the home visit & taxi stuff in it, is there a template letter for that somewhere? i also wondered what happens when ATOS gets the letter/fax from my GP. when they've decided do ATOS just send you a letter about it? does it take long for them to make a decision? i wondered because i obviously was hoping for a decision before my 29th November app', so i know if i'll have to go to that app' or if they'll make a new letter app'. if you read all my ramblings i do appreciate it.
  8. i'm so sorry to hear you're in this difficult situation. Anorexia [or any eating disorder] is difficult to explain to someone. he needs to understand it's a mental illness that your daughter has no control over. i'm guessing your daughter hasn't been able to make him understand her disorder? is it possible for him to go with you & your daughter when she sees any medical proffessional about her disorder? i just wondered if you could get them to talk to him. i also wonder if you could get someone from an Eating disorder charity [like b-eat.co.uk] to talk to him. i'm not sure if you can, but it's worth asking a charity how they can help you. other than that, i think giving him leaflets/books & website information is a good idea. i used to internet to learn about my boyfriends mental illness, my own disorders & to try to help my parents understand my disorders. my heart goes out to you & your daughter
  9. could someone change the title of this thread to... Atos medical on Tuesday 11th November - please help! i'm so sorry i haven't updated what's been happening. i hope everyone is understanding. so here's my update... on Wednesday 4th June i phoned Atos to ask for a home visit. they said it was too late because the audio equipment was already booked for my app' the next day. on Thursday 5th June i waited 26 min's for my taxi...they kept saying it was on it's way to me. i decided i had no choice but to phone the medical centre & tell them i was running late. i got through to a nice lady who said they'd been trying to phone me for days to say my app' was cancelled because the audio recorder was broken. obviously i was relieved, but shocked. especially because when i phoned Atos the day before nothng was said about that. i was also confused how the lady had the correct landline number for me, but i'd not got thier calls! i know my landline was working as normal. i mentioned to the lady i had wanted a home visit & she said i should phone Natalie on 0115 9758339 to arrange that. has anyone else been given that number? after that i expected to get a letter from Atos telling me my new appointment within days or weeks, but i heard nothing until i got a letter [dated 21st] from Atos on the 23rd of October...my 33rd birthday! i waited 19 weeks 5 days to hear something & i get the dreaded letter on my birthday...typical. that was a great present, but i suppose i'm lucky my app' was delayed so long. so 1st i need to ask for a home visit...if possible. it would be nice if a word from my GP meant i didn't need a medical at all, but i'm not that lucky. then i need to ask for it to be audio recorded...that's assuming they don't already know that. i know both of these could delay my app', but i'm fine with that. i noticed in the WCA AL1C 04/14 About Your Face-To-Face Assessment leaflet [that came with the letter] it says... "please contact Medical Services if you can only travel by taxi. you may be able to claim taxi fares if you have a letter from a medical proffessional who is treating you explaining why your medical condition means that you can not travel by public transport. send the letter to Medical Services & they will contact you to tell you if they can pay your taxi fares. please do not travel by taxi without agreement." from that i'm guessing they'll pay for both the to & from taxi fare? so if i can't get a home visit i've got to get a letter from my GP about taking a taxi...why do Atos make everything so complex! i'm guessing you just ask the taxi driver for a receipt on the day? the taxi home wont be pre-booked because i don't know when the medical will end. obviously the fare will be the same on the way back, so i'm guessing that's enough for Atos? i'm also guessing if they wont pay for my taxi i could still take a taxi, but just not get it paid for? i hope someone on here has answers & advice to share. all comments about this stuff are gratefully received.
  10. i'm having my medical Thursday. does this mean after that medical i wont get asked for anymore medicals? i'm guessing i'll still get the ESA50 form? yearly?
  11. i found a fax number on the ATOS Healthcare website...020 7830 4445. that was with thier London address & phone numbers 020 7830 4444 & 020 7830 4931. i don't know if that's the fax number they're want a GP to use? nope. it's only got thier 0800 2888777 phone number & Nottingham address. i meant my own GP. i see the same one everytime i have an appointment. he knows all my problems...without looking at my notes. he's the one that wrote a letter that got me out of WRAG & into SG. which one of those phone numbers would cover Peterborough? i suppose a home visit would be easier for me. :/ i wouldn't have to worry about travelling to/from or all the strangers/crowds or how my med's effect me or who to take with me. i had been abit worried a home visit might hinder my case because my home is a maisonette. below me is a normal 2 storey house. i'm the 2 storey house on top of that. there's a shared [with 1 other maisonette] door & 3 flights of stairs...then you get to my front door. inside my maisonette it's like a normal 2 storey house with 1 flight of stairs...although it's actually half a flight, a small "landings", then the other half flight of stairs. most of my claim is mental health stuff, but some of it is due physical pain due old back & ankle injuries. how much they hurt & affect me, varies alot; the same as all my problems. the old injuries rarely mean i can't use my stairs, but there are many times the stairs are painful for me. which just means i go slower. due to my mental illnesses i outside if i have to, so most of the time i only have to use my 1 flight of stairs. although if i only had my physical problems i'd be in WRAG, it's the mental things that got me in SG. maybe i'm worried about a home visit going against me when it wont. what do you guys think? of course i'm make it clear i got the house years before my physical problems started & i obviously can't move because i own the house & would never get a mortgage on benefits.
  12. here's my update... i phoned ATOS at 10.15am on Monday 19th May...4 hours 20min's before my medical. i got through to a surprising understanding/nice man...not what i expected but i guess they're using to people calling them in a panicked state. in my anxious state at 1st i said could i delay/cancel my appointment...he didn't ask why. he asked me when i wanted to book my app' for...suddenly i remembered to ask for my app' to be audio recorded. i was briefly put on hold while he asked someone about getting it audio recorded. when he came back he said yes they can audio record, but that means i can't book an appointment now. he said there was a delay in audio recorded appointments, so ATOS will send me an appointment letter [with an date/time] when they can book me in. he also asked me is i prefer a certain time of day...i said afternoons...he said he'll note that down so ATOS book an afternoon appointment. Yay! that's what i wanted. just to delay until i could see my GP & the added bonus of an afternoon appointment. so i was thinking the appointment would be at least a few weeks away, by what he said probably more. however on the 22nd of May...only 3 days after i phoned...i got an ATOS appointment letter. my app' had been booked at 11.40am on Thursday 5th June. only 14 days notice [2 days extra notice than my 1st app' letter] & not an afternoon appointment! i know it's late morning...almost lunchtime/afternoon...but not what i requested. gutted. should i contact them about the fact it's not an afternoon appointment? the more critical worry is that i can't get an appointment with my GP until at least the 10th of June! now i'm freaking out because i wont be able to see him before my medical. i really wanted to talk to him about the ATOS stuff & get "evidence" or/& get my GP to contact ATOS to say my inpending medical is bringing my mental health down [aka putting me at risk] in the hope ATOS will agree i don't need to have a medical. i know that may be a long shot, but even if i still have to have a medical at least i'd be able to get "evidence" from my GP before the medical. last time i got my GP to write a letter [for DWP to move me from WRAG to SG] i had to wait until he'd done the letter, pick it up from the Surgery & post it myself. if he does it that way again i don't know how long after my GP app' i should book the ATOS medical. at least 1-2 weeks i suppose. someone mentioned my GP could fax ATOS the letter...i guess they could email it to them instead. that would be quicker than snail mail, but i still don't know how fast my GP [or whoever he gets to type it] will take to do it. so i guess i'd still have to leave my ATOS medical until at least 1 week after my GP app'. anyone know the ATOS fax or/& email addy my GP could send it to? should i ask ATOS if they will re-schedule my app' for after i have my GP app' & after my GP contacts ATOS? i read in the WCA AL1C [07/13] Face-to-Face Assessment leaflet [that came with the app' letter] in the "when & how to contact ATOS Healthcare" section... "you can rearrange your appointment, but please note that this can only be done once to comply with the DWP process." last time it was re-booked because i wanted an audio recording...this time it's so i can see my GP before i see them...& hopefully to change it to an afternoon appointment while i'm at it. so will ATOS let me delay/re-book my medical again? it would be easier for me if i could contact ATOS to re-book my medical [if they still insist i must have it] when i've seen my GP & my GP has contacted ATOS & got my "evidence". i'm guessing if it is ok to re-book my medical ATOS wont be that understanding & flexible? i didn't mean this to be a long post, but as usual it turns out that way. if you've read my whole post i'm very grateful. any answers/advice via this thead or via Private Message are always appreciated.
  13. thanks so much for your ofter. it means alot that you care. my GP has said i'd got symptoms of Agoraphobia. i'm guessing that means i'm mild or not bad enough to get the official diagnosis it's not always the going outside that scares me, but being away from my "safe place" [aka my house] & going somewhere i don't know. i suppose it's partly due to my Social Anxiety aswell, because i'd be better at going out if i knew there were no people out there. of course panic attacks, eating disorder & depression add more reasons to hide indoors. i see you're in Kent, I'm Peterborough. thankyou THNX4THT for you helpful & understanding advice.
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