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  1. OBITER DICTUM would you mind reading my post about Facebook disabling me. i wondered if you had any advice about getting my account back. here's my thread... http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?479374-Facebook-disabled-my-account!&p=5043397#post5043397
  2. on Wednesday morning i found out Facebook had disabled my Facebook page! :o it seems to be because my real name is XXXXXXXXX, but my Facebook page [& everything on the internet] is called XXXXXXXXX. Apparently it's against Facebook's rules to use a name that isn't your real name! i have got my real name on my page's info section & as my nickname [which only my FB friends can see] but that's not good enough i guess. i've used xxxxxxx for my Facebook since i joined in 2009 so i'm shocked & angry i suddenly got disabled now. if Facebook would un-disable my account then
  3. i just found this... https://samedifference1.com/2016/08/17/esa-tip-new-rules-on-regulation-35/
  4. does anyone know what's happened about this? yesterday [25th Aug] i got another ESA50 form. 1yr 1m 3wk 1 day after my medical & only 9m 4wk 3 days since i appealed & was put into the Support Group of ESA. will i have to go to another medical?
  5. yesterday [25th Aug] i got another ESA50 form. *i've been signed off work since 5-10-07 = 9yr 10m 2wk 6 days. yet they seem to think i'll suddenly get better. *i've been on sickness benefits since 5-12-07 = 9yr 8m 2wk 6 days. *originally i was on the disability rate of Income Support but i've been on ESA since 19-7-12 = 4yr 1m 6 days. *i had my medical on 3-7-15 = 1yr 1m 3wk 1 day ago. i heard people are often re-assessed every year, so i was wondering when i'd have to go through the dreaded form filling/medical again. *i won my most recent appeal & was moved from ESA WRAG int
  6. i truly hope the government don't try to scrap Reg 35...or/& Reg 29. i & many others have used them to be put in the Support Group of ESA. whatever happened to human rights!
  7. sorry to be a pain in the arse :oops:but can someone please change the title of this thread to... Atos medical on Saturday 29th November - please help! thanks **Margaret**. i know my wish for a home visit might not be granted, but it's worth a try. the thought of a home visit scares me, but it's slightly less scary than the thoguht of going to a medical centre. here's my update... on Saturday 8th i phoned ATOS [0800 2888777] to ask for a home visit & was put on hold...the usual waiting in a que to speak to someone. after about 12 min's of waiting i decided to phone t
  8. i'm so sorry to hear you're in this difficult situation. Anorexia [or any eating disorder] is difficult to explain to someone. he needs to understand it's a mental illness that your daughter has no control over. i'm guessing your daughter hasn't been able to make him understand her disorder? is it possible for him to go with you & your daughter when she sees any medical proffessional about her disorder? i just wondered if you could get them to talk to him. i also wonder if you could get someone from an Eating disorder charity [like b-eat.co.uk] to talk to him. i'm not sure if you
  9. could someone change the title of this thread to... Atos medical on Tuesday 11th November - please help! i'm so sorry i haven't updated what's been happening. i hope everyone is understanding. so here's my update... on Wednesday 4th June i phoned Atos to ask for a home visit. they said it was too late because the audio equipment was already booked for my app' the next day. on Thursday 5th June i waited 26 min's for my taxi...they kept saying it was on it's way to me. i decided i had no choice but to phone the medical centre & tell them i was running late. i got th
  10. i'm having my medical Thursday. does this mean after that medical i wont get asked for anymore medicals? i'm guessing i'll still get the ESA50 form? yearly?
  11. i found a fax number on the ATOS Healthcare website...020 7830 4445. that was with thier London address & phone numbers 020 7830 4444 & 020 7830 4931. i don't know if that's the fax number they're want a GP to use? nope. it's only got thier 0800 2888777 phone number & Nottingham address. i meant my own GP. i see the same one everytime i have an appointment. he knows all my problems...without looking at my notes. he's the one that wrote a letter that got me out of WRAG & into SG. which one of those phone numbers would cover Peterborough?
  12. here's my update... i phoned ATOS at 10.15am on Monday 19th May...4 hours 20min's before my medical. i got through to a surprising understanding/nice man...not what i expected but i guess they're using to people calling them in a panicked state. in my anxious state at 1st i said could i delay/cancel my appointment...he didn't ask why. he asked me when i wanted to book my app' for...suddenly i remembered to ask for my app' to be audio recorded. i was briefly put on hold while he asked someone about getting it audio recorded. when he came back he said yes they can audio record, but
  13. thanks so much for your ofter. it means alot that you care. my GP has said i'd got symptoms of Agoraphobia. i'm guessing that means i'm mild or not bad enough to get the official diagnosis it's not always the going outside that scares me, but being away from my "safe place" [aka my house] & going somewhere i don't know. i suppose it's partly due to my Social Anxiety aswell, because i'd be better at going out if i knew there were no people out there. of course panic attacks, eating disorder & depression add more reasons to hide indoors. i see you're in Kent, I'm Peterborough.
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