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  1. Received a letter from DWP today. I'm still in the WRAG. Does this mean I wont have to attend a face to face medical? A bit disappointed because I believe I qualify for the Support group. I included medical evidence this time and took care filling in the ESA50 with as much information on how my conditions affect my day to day life. Should I appeal this decision or just be glad that I got in the WRAG.
  2. I have now been informed by phone that my file has been traced and my benefit shouldn't be interrupted. Housing benefit has been stopped and housing association on the case already. I know it will all work itself out when I get assessed - just hope they are quick!
  3. Sent my ESA50 back recently. I received a txt message saying that my ESA claim had ended today so I phoned them up. They tell me they haven't received my completed questionnaire so my claim has ended. Fortunately I sent it recorded delivery and they admitted to having received it but cannot trace it. All my medical history is in that file. I feel sick at the thought of all my most intimate details kicking about somewhere. Meanwhile they want me to fill in the form again and resubmit it. It cost me a fortune to get all the evidence together. A stressful month trying to get it done in time... I'm at my wits end.. DWP going to call me tomorrow and let me know if they have found it yet. Then I get a phone call asking me to do a survey on how my claim was handled because it has ended. I just hung up I felt like crying. What do I do now?
  4. I went to my tribunal yesterday. I was in the room about 5 minutes... the doctor only asked me two questions, then I was sent back to the waiting room. Five minutes later the clerk came along and told me they had reached a decision. I was awarded 15 points. I felt so relieved. It was like the elation you feel when you pass your driving test. I would just like to say thank you to all who have posted on the forums. If I had not come across this site, and read that other people were going through the same as me, I probably would not have gone to my tribunal. And taking a copy of my notes with me on the day was a good idea I read on one one post. They hadn't received the documents that I had sent in. I went from 0 points to 15 points. Since my assessment in April, I have spent endless sleepless nights, worrying about everything. Its the wee small hours in the morning now and I'm still not sleeping but I'm not as depressed and negative as I felt 24 hours ago. I hope this post encourages others not to give up on appeals and tribunals. Thank you all.
  5. Three days until my tribunal. I eventually sent everything off to the tribunal...2 days late because the doctors secretary took so long to copy my medical records. I'm so nervous. I feel like I'm wasting my time going, because I'll probably fail anyway. My daughter is going with me for support so she'll make sure I do go.
  6. I have my tribunal for esa in 4 weeks time. I told my doctor and he said they would contact him direct. On looking at the reports sent to me by the dwp I have noticed a few discrepancies aswell as being called by a completely different surname by one person. I was referred to physio by my doctor and through the physios notes from my doctor, realized that my doctor thinks I have carpal tunnel syndrome. I have had an operation for cubital tunnel syndrome which is different nerve for a start. What chances do I have of winning a tribunal when there is so much conflicting evidence on my notes...please help
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