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  1. Hello everyone, I am presently working for an Offshore company, which is based in Denmark, but I am working in Holland (LOA and Contract is Danish) The company has just recently made around 200-300 Offshore redundancies and about 170 Onshore, to balance the books, and due to Rigs being stacked and contracts not being renewed. We (our Rig) is fine just now due to a lot of ongoing work with the Dutch Client, so nothing will happen with us until at least the start if 2021 if anything. Our work schedule has our Rig fully manned till that time, but...nev
  2. Hi guys, Story goes, Back in December 2016 I called up the body which were dealing with the transaction move from CSA to the the 'Child Maintenance Service' questions, what they told me then led me to call the CSA From 21 Oct 2015 I was officially out of the UK and not contributing to the Tax system as I was now working in Denmark. I was still paying the same assessed money as I was told to until I called up about the above proceeding move between the 2 companies. The agent from the CSA told me because I was now working out of the UK and getting paid from Guernsey there would
  3. Hello all, wonder if someone could answer my query below I'm now currently working in Denmark but still reside in Scotland, my payroll is in Guernsey and now as I work in DK, I no longer pay U.K Tax (I pay Danish tax and Social Security) Will my circumstances change with payments with the UK Child Support or will they stay the same?
  4. Yes will be employing an accountant next month to fill in my self assessment I've already done the calculation on the .gov website and they are due me around £3115 Every time I call them I'm speaking to a monkey, I have however managed to speak to the back office twice now The last guy I spoke to Gareth from the back office said that he would make the calculation and send the cheque out and all I needed to do was write on the self assessment that I 'had received the refund' Lo and behold I've called back earlier today and the first monkey I spoke to said there is absolu
  5. Hi guys Just on to ask a small question regarding a shopacheck account which I had I opened this up in May 2009 and continued to make payments til July 2009 and the collections lady didn't come back and to behonest I completely forgot about that account as I had other things on my mind. So from July 2009 to November 2010 I heard and my report shows 6 payments late a good few times, then the collections lady gets in contact with me and states that I have to start making token payments if I can't make the whole amount, which I couldn't at the time because I was on slow paid job.
  6. Hi Guys, Been having a bit of a nightmare at them moment regarding claiming my Tax back which I have overpaid. I was working in the UK up until 20 October 2015 last year and we then had to move across to Denmark (but I still live in UK) Anyway, a few of the guys have all filled in their P85 form and some have received a cheque already with their over payment within a few weeks. I'm having a lot of trouble and they state because of the information I have provided I need to do a self assessment in April. I then managed to get a copy of my friends whom I work with and I copied it exac
  7. EX2103 - Do you have proof of all your payments towards her from the start? That would hold up high in a court of law because that would also prove she is a liar
  8. Indeed it is and should drop off my account completely after June this year Send Optima the SB letter or Cabot?
  9. Hi guys, letter attached for ref I was keeping my head low but I've just received a letter through the door from Optima Legal chasing for an outstanding Vanquis Credit Card debt from just under 5 years ago. I have looked at my Equifax report and Cabot has disappeared but it's still available on Noddle, I checked when the account was defaulted and it states 31/07/2009 but Noddle states the amounts start from July 2010 which is weird, maybe just when it was updated with Noddle I suppose! Account type - Credit Card
  10. All those you see in that attachments is all that I have And that's including Equifax bar a virgin mobile debt which is falling off next year for £116
  11. I see what your saying mate and I think your idea is pretty good Wait till the target of 2016 and that's when the last one should have fallen off, that way the file 'should' be clear! .. That sounds like a fantastic plan actually buddy
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