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  1. Just looking for some advice. I have a disciplinary this week which I don’t feel is fair, and havearranged for someone from my union (joined after having previous issues withthis company!) to accompany me. Basically, I had issues last year surrounding sickness. My boss took asudden dislike to my sickness and tried withholding pay etc, even though theyhad never followed a return to work progress or warned me in advance. Longstory short, I raised a Grievance, and was told I was in the wrong. I appealedthe decision and it went in my favour. Boss got a bit of a telling off for notfollowing
  2. Good news is.... "Sort it" meant - taking wheel off, finding the wheel cylinder had failed & was leaking brake fluid on the shoes. Brake shoes replaced both sides, wheel cylinder replaced both sides, car retested.... all free of charge as a 'goodwill gesture' Result
  3. Hi all, Had my car (oldish worth It failed on front brake imbalance, and corroded/worn discs on the front. Garages quote was extortionate (when isnt it ) so I got somewhere else to do the work at a 1/3 of the price. Car was in today for another MOT as it exceeded the retest deadline, and it has failed. I turned up at the garage, they said the rear brakes were shot and needed replacing, I asked why this wasnt picked up on 1st test & they tried fobbing me off that: 1st answer - I had broke it driving it to/from the garage 2nd answer - It had broke on my dr
  4. Thanks for replies so far. I spoke to ACAS and also my home insurance legal advice helpline. Both have said I have a case for unlawful deduction of wages, and next step was to give "notice of further action" giving my employers notice of 7/14 days before I take things further to a tribunal or anything else ACAS may suggest (guessing there arbitration service). The 7 days notice I gave them is due to pass tomorrow, and I still have not had the deducted pay refunded despite showing in black and white that I am correct, I have had the reasons for withholding sick pay changed again for t
  5. I also forgot to mention, in my recent review - I was told nobody within my team (multi site) liked me and nobody on the site I work at liked me. I was the only person doing my job at the time on this site. In the past 4 weeks a new person has been recruited, and I know that this new person has been asked to report back anything I have not done correctly, or anything I have done that could be done better. I am expected to be training this person, while he is reporting back on my weaknesses. I dont belong to a union - my policy states the company do not recognise a union! Im f
  6. I am currently in the middle of an issue with my current employer. My contract/policy states I am entitled to full company sick pay for upto 4 weeks, unless I am off sick 3 or more times in 3 months for 1 or 2 days at a time; or off sick more than 5 times in a year. The sickness year refreshes in February. I am also entitled to 8 days bank holiday as per contract. On Bank Holiday Monday 6th May, I sustained an injury requiring me to visit A&E. I had damaged my foot, and was advised by the doctor not to drive or walk too much on it for 2-3 days, and to self certificate until I wa
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