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Found 11 results

  1. Hello, I wonder if you can assist, this evening I parked in a "PPS" pay and display car park, I paid for my ticket and put it on the dashboard, however it was particularly windy. Upon my return I have a parking ticket and look through to see the ticket facedown on the dashboard, I filled in an initial appeals form attaching a picture of my ticket showing I paid to park there, however after reviewing their website it says the following: Appeals will NOT be considered for the following reasons: Your ticket fell down/was blown off the dashboard/on the seat etc. Your ticket was not displayed clearly, face up, on the dashboard of your vehicle You forgot to display your ticket You went to get some change You did not know it was a Pay & Display car park You were only a few minutes overdue You only stopped for a few minutes This seems backwards to me as they're making a claim for loss, but there's no loss? I paid to park there, the ticket was just incorrectly displayed. Is there anyway I can fight this? Any advice on how to proceed would be much appreciated!
  2. I recently found a PCN attached to my windscreen from UKPC even though I was displaying a permit. The PCN stated that I was not displaying a valid permit, although the out of focus pictures taken by them, and displayed on their site, show the permit on my dashboard. I have appealed the PCN and asked that they stop harassing me, as this is the second time I have had a ticket whilst displaying a permit. What I find frustrating is that rather than cancel the first PCN, they simply waited 2 months for it to expire, and my guess is this one will probably go the same way. As this means I have to not only waste my time appealing these PCN's but also have to wait 2 months for a resolution, is there any way I can force them to issue a cancellation in a timely manner and to stop this happening repeatedly? As it stands,this series of events could go on infinitely and I have far better things to do with my time.
  3. On my credit file I have a couple of credit cards and bank account listing details going back 6 years i.e. including 2012. I have a default which is coming up for SB this month, but the record doesn't show 2012, it only goes back through 2013. Am I right in thinking this is deliberate to make it difficult to calculate an SB date.
  4. Hi All, Just got a quick question, my company is looking at introducing one of those staff boards that publicly shows your photo and your name. Im not very keen on this as i do not like my picture taken, but also i dont want my details shown on multiple sites i cover. Obviously I had had my picture taken previously for staff ID etc, but that was for internal things only and not fully public facing. Can they try to force me into this?
  5. Hi everyone, I'm new to the forums. On Sunday 30th July I attended my baby nephews baptism and celebration, which was in the town centre. There is nowhere for disabled drivers to park near the venue so I parked on a single yellow line, which I believed I was allowed to do for 3 hours. I left the car at 12.56pm by the clock in the car and set the timer for the blue badge at literally just before 1.00pm. One of my family went to move the car for me at 3.45pm and found a PCN stuck on the window screen. The contravention on the ticket says, "Parked or loading/unloading in a restricted street where waiting and loading/unloading restrictions are in force." The thing that annoyed me most is that the Traffic Enforcement Officer must have seen me leave the car as the ticket was issued within seconds - apparently observed between 12.54pm and 12.55pm. I have viewed the images....the blue badge can be clearly seen on the dashboard but looking at the image showing the timer it is difficult to see that the arrow is set to just before 1.00 because of the angle it has been taken from. What annoys me is that the TEO has taken a close-up of the badge but not the timer....that has been left out of the picture. I had three other people in the car with me who can all verify the time we left the car. Any advice on how to deal with this would be much appreciated. Thank you
  6. You've helped me once before (post4830039) with a 'parking charge notice'. I don't think I actually need help this time, but wanted to post on this site for general awareness in case there's a pattern in how this firm operates. I parked in a car park where controls are effective 08:00-18:30. The PCN shows I entered the car park at 18:08:25. I purchased a ticket (which I still have) at 18:12, paying £2 for 20 minutes as I didn't have anything smaller. The ticket I purchased shows the expiry time as 18:32 (ie, 2 minutes after parking controls ceased to be effective). Today I received a PCN from CEL citing 'Payment not made in accordance with the terms displayed on the signage'. I've gone back and checked the sign and I can't see any term that I failed to comply with: - I paid the fee - the ticket was purchased within 10 minutes of entering the car park - I didn't exceed the maximum stay Although I said I don't think I need help on this, any offered would be appreciated especially if you spot something I've missed. Otherwise I will email CEL advising the above facts and that if they don't withdraw the charge they must stipulate exactly which term or terms they believe I contravened, with the effective date of the charge being the date they reply. Incidentally, I only received notification of the supposed offence 3 weeks later and it's pure luck that I still have the ticket. What does anyone do in the situation where no parking notice was issued at the time and the ticket has been discarded? It seems pretty outrageous to me that these parking cowboys have the law on their side in cases like this...
  7. i have received a penalty charge notice for not displaying a ticket in my windscreen, bought the ticket put it on my windscreen and it was a very cold wet damp day, the ticket must of fell off the screen down the front of the screen, when i got back to the car i seen the traffic warden , i pulled out the parking ticket that had fallen off the screen and showed it to him, he said sorry but i already written the ticket out for it, but write into them and tell them whats happened and they will cancell it. i did this and they have rejected my presentation of a dispute to them, i have 14 days to pay . is there anything i can do ???. thanks in advance.
  8. Hi folks, New user; just signed up to see if anyone has any input on this scenario! Hopefully someone can enlighten me a little. I just purchased, off my father, his old car. He's a GP and his car has a valid (until the end of July) residential parking season ticket displayed in the windscreen that relates to the car registration. This car registration is actually his own personalised plate, which he is in the process of getting transferred to his new vehicle. My street has residential parking restrictions on it. It is my intention to apply for a residential permit once the registrations are switched (he should've done this before selling it to me tbh, but that's another story) and I actually know what my new registration will be (which is needed to get a permit) which has not yet occurred; we are still waiting for a response from the DVLA, but in the meantime I was rather under the impression I could continue to use his permit. I had the pleasure of having today off work and noticed this evening that I had a parking ticket on my vehicle, on my street, directly outside my house. The alleged contravention is "30 Parked for longer than permitted". I find this somewhat perplexing, since I have a valid residential parking permit in the windscreen, am parked outside the address to which the vehicle is registered and was not (until now, at least) aware that there were any time restrictions on such a permit. I've searched high and low on the council's (Harrogate) website to find some mention of a restriction of this sort on such a permit, but can find nothing. I intend to appeal the PCN. So, my question - do I have a leg to stand on?
  9. I was recently issued with a "PCN" by a 3rd party parking firm responsible for managing the car park at my local train station for not correctly displaying a ticket. The penalty is £50 if paid within 14 days, increasing to £100 thereafter. In my view, this is clearly an intimidatory tactic designed to panic recipients into paying up without question. Despite being able to produce a valid ticket, the firm's appeal process takes no account of this and therefore discriminates against well-intentioned users of the car park who, unlike deliberate avoiders of the parking ticket fee, have paid the required fee and are still hit with an extortionate penalty. Having asked the parking firm to justify the level of the penalty in relation to any loss incurred (ie. none), the response was the standard "breach of byelaw 14". My other point of contention relates to the fact that I purchased the ticket from a rail ticket machine (rather than a dedicated car parking ticket machine) by the station ticket office prior to entering the car park. There are no signs by this machine explaining the terms and conditions of car park use, therefore the ticket / contract was purchased without a clear explanation of the t&c's. The t&c's are only displayed by the ticket machine in the car park itself but the information board is not lit and therefore not clearly visible at the time of purchase (0625). As for the threat of "debt collection agency", presumably any disputed 'debt' cannot be established unless determined via the courts. I would be interested to know if these would be considered as valid arguments in this matter
  10. Does anyone else find this really annoying? Amazon adverts do not say on the main ad page where the goods are coming from and some advertisers even lie on their business info page where they are. LG Supply for example. Looks like a UK company with a UK address but goods come from China. You don't find out till the goods don't arrive promptly and you check the feedback and find someone else's goods came from China hence the long delay. I did complain about this to Amazon as this had happened before and they said 'check the business page for small print'. The despatch country should be clearly displayed on the original ad, not hidden away somewhere, and those sellers deliberately misleading buyers like the one above should be take to task. If ebay can do it why not Amazon, and what''s wrong with having a search option of 'UK ONLY'? Do you think that if enough of us demand at least despatch country on the main ad they will take any notice? I'm not that optimistic.
  11. 1st time post and looking for advice. I parked in the council car park last sunday, purchased a parking ticked and placed on the dashboard of my car. I returned a couple of hours later to see a penalty charge notice issued by the council (it appears to be completed correctly). On checking my parking ticket I realised that it must have flipped over when I placed it on the dash or whilst closing the door. So the ticket has been issued correctly but as I had a valid ticket to park do I have grounds to appeal? many thanks
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