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Found 5 results

  1. My son's VW Golf needs a Drive Belt replaced, is it covered by the manufacturer's warranty. It's a 15 plate done just over 20,000 miles.
  2. Hello, Yesterday I had my timing belt changed at Trust group. Today I was driving to work with about 3 miles to go when the car lost all power. I managed to get the car into a lay-by and waited for recovery. When the roadside assistance arrived I told him what happened and he thought my alternator had gone (I thought this at the time too), when he tried to start the car he said it does not sound good, it sounds like the timing belt. He moved the engine cover and we both could see that the timing belt cover was not installed correctly. The belt was not even attached anymore. I called the garage to tell them what happened and that I was bringing the back. When I got back to the garage and they were more than apologetic. They gave me a courtesy car while they investigate what has happened. I have not been told how long they will have the car for, I am guessing that they will do an investigation and check for any damage to the engine which they have said they will fix. If the engine is damaged, will they rebuild it or will they put a replacement engine in? Also should I push for compensation, as you know it is not cheap to maintain and service a car, I took it to a VAG group expecting work to be carried out to the highest standard and I have been left very disappointed.
  3. Please can anyone advice me as I am in a right mess. A month ago I bought myself a Golf 1.6 16v on a 2001 plate, the car was sound but due to my job working for Domino's as a delivery driver I decided to have a new cambelt kit fitted by a mobile mechanic. Two weeks later when on my way home from a hospital appointment 10 miles from home, a bolt in the engine sheared off wrecking all 16 valves, I called out the mechanic who stratched his head and help to push the car onto a side street where is stayed for a week, every day he said he was going to recover, it finally came back to my drive on Tues its now Saturday. He's taken the engine out and taken it to his house, he's also now saying that it isnt his fault the timing belt had failed and "not to worry as it is under guarantee". A few days later he told me that the parts company (not the manufacturer) was going to supply all the parts to fix it? Within the conversation he mentioned the parts company name, so I called them. They knew of this incident but had not agreed anything as it will need a full investigation, which could take months however this mechanic had ordered parts (don't know what though) they arrived on Thursday and my car was promised back yesterday, then I got my ex-partner to call him today and he then said it will be done today. I have lost £300 in wages and my little girls follow up appointment in Manchester is Monday, I am a single parent and running out of money fast as I can no longer work been without my car for 2 weeks now? And the mechanic isn't answering his phone now!
  4. First sorry if this is in the wrong place but do not know what to do. I was driving my firms van on Friday and was in a tight street and had to reverse round a corner, noe my understanding is you are allowed to remove your seat belt while doing this? Well just as I had un-clipped the belt when a motorcycle policeman turned up and said I was breaking the law. I told him why I had do what I had but he was having none of it and said it was a £100 fine and I would be hearing from the police in due course, now this copper did not give his name/number or contact DVLA which I thought was the norm, he he gave me was blue paper with nothing about a fine, his name ect. I have tried to find out about the fine but is seems it is £60 but can be as much as £500? If anyone has any idea on how I stand re this I will be very grateful
  5. Hi, I bought a Vauxhall Vectra 1.9 cdti a few weeks ago from a private seller. Drove it over 130 miles home with no problems. On Monday the car started making a squeeky noise in low revs so i took it to my local Vauxhall Garage where they recommended i have the timing belt changed... I agreed and booked it in for today. At 3pm they called me to advise that the car has been repaired, So i turn up, pay £382.26 (ncludes investigating leak) and drive away. No squeeky noise. A couple of hours ago i was driving my son back from the park (30/40mph - 4th gear) when there was a horrible bang, black smoke from the back and a loud clapping/clanking noise from the engine, i pulled over and called the AA who will be attending tomorrow morning to authorize transportation to the garage. This where i currently am at the moment and was wondering where i stand with Vauxhall.... Are they liable for the repair? I fear they will try to wriggle out of it and maybe not even take my keys when i turn up tomorrow morning?? Any advice will very much appreciated. Thank you for reading
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