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  1. Hi, I visited my dentist last year on a requested appointment as I had tooth pain following a root canal procedure. The dentist didn't actually carry out any treatment on me as I just had inflamed gums from lack of flossing. When I paid for the appointment the receptionist charged me £18.80 for a checkup rather than £32.50 for "Urgent Treatment" which they believe should have been charged. Following this I received numerous letters requesting payment on the outstanding balance which I responded with via numerous phone calls and a letter requesting explanation for the shortfall which no one could actually explain (the above only became clear recently). This has now been passed to a debt collection agency who are hounding me for payment. What action can I take to put an end to this? Firstly, why should I have to pay for the receptionists incompetence to charge me the correct amount in the first place? They have applied an "urgent treatment" charge when no treatment was actually carried out? And finally, I believe root canal procedures come with a 1 year warranty so technically should I have had any charge for this checkup anyway? Help!
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