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  1. Hi, I believe I've been incorrectly claiming Tax Credits for the past several years. I'm in the process of 'officially' moving in with my partner (we're getting married in a few weeks), changing my electoral role, bank details etc from my parents house. I looked at how I notify HMRC of my change in status (I'm self employed) and actually for the first time read the definition of 'living together as married' - which was a bit of a shock. Through total ignorance I should have been making a joint claim, not a single claim. I have stayed at my partners property varying amounts/increasingly over the last 2 or 3 years depending on our work, from not at all to just weekends to full weeks. She owns the property outright and I pay her no rent, but I have helped with over the last 2 years, bills, food etc. After reading the definition and other information I'm sure my claim is incorrect - I actually even have my single claim registered to her address (it's the only thing I have registered there funnily enough) so I'm amazed they haven't picked up on it after reading other posts on this forum - I was totally clueless I was in the wrong. HMRC have not contacted me about this, and have no idea my claim is incorrect, but I'd like to resolve the issue and pay back any overpayments which I shouldn't have received, I imagine it will be about 7-8k max. off the top of my head depending on what they would class as crossing over from single to joint, I don't really have a definitive date of when it should have been a joint claim as their definition is a bit vague. What should my first course of action be? Thanks
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