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  1. Sorry for the late reply, I have been out of the country. I have the car back now. The camshaft carrier was stripped and removed valve follow. 3 inlet followers had the head missing. These were replaced along with the shaft. No extra cost to me and the car is driving perfectly now
  2. I didn't think it was recommended to wet test TDI's because of the high compression?
  3. Hi Conniff, all cylinders are within 24 bar reading. On closer examination we can see an issue with one of the camshaft followers. The camshaft followers have been removed and the securing pin on the follower is loose allowing the follower to move out of position. Replacement parts ordered
  4. I guess the adapter only has to screw into the port on the cylinder. If there are any leaks then it would point to low compression which would then point to damage when the belt came off. I will see what they come back with today and depending on the results will decide of it goes to Audi
  5. I have sent an email now asking for an update. And they have replied with we have borrowed two different types of compression testers and neither fitted your engine. We are currently in the process of having an adaptor made to fit our tool and this should be ready by tomorrow. Hopefully I can then complete the compression test and confirm if we are looking at a valve issue. Again I am sorry for the delay and I will contact you at some stage tomorrow with an update. It would have been quicker for them to bloody strip down the engine to check for damage instead of all of this crap!
  6. Maybe would be a good idea. Not sure how I can start getting one together though. It would be nice if they gave me an update once in a while. They have had the car for 1 week and the only thing they have found was a fault code on the boost solenoid which has now been cleared and not returned. The only things I know are what the chief mechanic has told me. They have said they will not investigate the engine for possible damage until they get compression test results.
  7. Don't know if they are telling porkies but the are definitely not telling the whole story
  8. About 2 days after I took the car back after being recovered they called me back to say the car had been fixed, no signs of damage and they had put another new belt on along with a new timing belt cover as the old cover was damaged when the car broke down. I have not shortened anything down, I only have the info that they gave me and that was the tensioner bolt snapped. Now if this was caused by poor workmanship either by incorrect fitting or the bolt failing due to plastic deformation I don't know. I know what you mean when you say it sounds like I am being fobbed off, not sure about the test equipment and if it is compatible between all VAG cars? The only consolation is that I have been given a courtesy car while they are investigating what has gone wrong
  9. Just had an update from the garage they have told me that they have found an error code relating to the boost solenoid. They are trying to clear it to see if it comes back. Other than that they have no answers for me and they have even suggested that they might send the car to Audi for investigation i popped into the garage on the way home. The boost valve solenoid issue was cleared and has stayed clear. There is a miss fire and the engine is imbalanced which has lead them to believe that there probably is some valve damage. (Nicked valves in their words). They are now looking at getting some kit to do the compression test as the equipment they have is only suitable for VW and Skoda. They will not remove the head before doing the compression test so looks like I will have to wait a bit longer before they get to the end of this.
  10. I will no be paying for any subsequent repair due to damage caused by the belt coming off when i paid for a full timing belt kit to be installed
  11. Still no news from the garage. If I dont hear back by tomorrow lunch time then I will give them a call. Worried that something has gone quite wrong on the other hand if it is not related then I guess they would have been back in touch to tell me what needed doing at my expense
  12. They told me that the tensioner bolt had snapped and the belt lost tension and pushed the cover off. They said that a new belt was fitted along with a new tensioner bolt and the cover was replaced as the old one was damaged when the belt came off. The car sounds really rough now and there is heavy vibration at 2000 rpm. If there was no damage to the pistons and valves, would the injectors have suffered damage? They did not tell me what checks had been done, only that they had driven it for 20 miles and all seemed OK
  13. Hi Conniff, It is a 2006 Audi A4 2.0 TDI S Line
  14. Hello thanks for everyones input. I had the car back. I was told the tensioner bolt had snapped and this was replaced along with a new belt, apparently no damage was done. When i originally put the car in, i questioned if the belt was the complete kot of tensioners and water pump, they confirmed it was and i was happy for them to install the lot. So i have had the car back for a couple of days and i am not convinced all is ok. I have been down the m42 today and i had to head back home after a few minutes, the car is vibrating quite bad while under load, it is just not running correctly so i am not sure if there is any damage from when the belt slipped off. Any ideas guys?
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