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  1. The estate is probably in the region of about 2 million, 1 transaction 2 days after FIL's passing was for £30,000, funny how he acquired camper van not long after. I'm pretty sure there's some dodgy stuff going on and I'm sure he'll get caught out eventually.
  2. Thank you honeybee, I was under the impression probate is basically an application to authenticate the will and for permission to gather together everything the estate has. Until probate has been granted to the executors you have no right to do anything, certainly not take money from the deceased bank account. From the information my son has managed to get from his father it seems he (his father, no other beneficiaries) want to use the wishes set out in the unsigned will, as that was the most recent, needless to say that one says keep the business as a going concern, not sell and divide
  3. I'm pretty sure the wording in the will says without tax, so guessing it needs to be paid before division.
  4. Thank you Bazza and King, yes the will was signed and witnessed by a solicitor and receptionist. There is another will held in another country, ex and sister get equal shares of the property overseas as well as the main home, plus equal shares of whatever is left over (this is good news for divorce settlement) This means they are getting the biggest share which goes completely against both parents wishes for over 20 years that I know of! When this first came to light last week, there was mention of another more remote but equally as dodgy as ex family member being executor. There is n
  5. All beneficiaries, except the ex want everything sold and money divided as per the will, they don't want to keep the business going to have an income from it, as he does, he'll just syphon it off over time. Grandchildren need to buy their own homes, all have jobs so don't want the income the business could generate, ex wants that so he doesn't have to work, he's got his home with the girlfriend, he'll have his chunk from the sale of FIL main residence, so he'd be happy to have his chunk in the bank and play 'boss' to them all. But can they insist on everything being sold, that's not clear i
  6. It doesn't mention the business, but I'm sure you've gathered the company assets are the properties, so without them there is no business. I think there's more than 10 properties but family members live in them. The will is actually pretty basic. The sister has been to get some legal advice today. From what I've read Inheritance tax should be paid within 6 months of the death, or at least some held on account, I rather think the money that could have been used for that has gone in the ex's account Sister says it'll be about £800,000 to be paid.
  7. My son has been sent a copy of the will by his aunt (joint executor) I'm astonished, but ex is named as an executor with his sister. They get equal shares in the main residence, worth about £250,000 and I believe a property abroad, worth about £100,00 (that's in a seperate will) FIL told my son. Everything else gets divided equally between, ex, sister and grandchildren So ex gets equal shares in two properties, plus whatever amount 10 other properties are worth when sold divided by 8 (4 grandchildren, ex and sister) What do you all make of that??
  8. Thanks Bazza, some bits sort of make sence, from the sounds of things all parties just want rid of everything to avoid having to have any kind of business dealings with the ex, he's proved to them all he can't be trusted to do the best for all, just himself. Would have been a nice little earner for him, having a regular wage for doing nothing and when he needed a little extra just invoice the company for some phoney work! Apparently the sister knows things haven't been done right but the ex has bullied her into transferring money to him, so guessing she is the one who had access to the b
  9. Wow Bazza! That's like a different language to me The deceased holds 52 ordinary shares, and the crook and his sister hold 24 ordinary shares each What does that mean, and who does the 52 shares belong to now?
  10. Well apparently it's kicked off tonight, he knows everyone is on to him and is playing the I want to keep the business (only 25% is his) and have an income card, not sell everything and give everyone their lump sum. All parties involved had to remind him it's not what he wants that matters! What a piece of work he is! Iam so glad I'm not the one in his house tonight trying to stop him throwing things around in temper and being blamed for his shortcomings, 20 years was enough! I'm guessing because of his reluctance to apply for probate, the valid will is the one he's not in, whic
  11. Thank you for the links Stu, I had already read that and many other articles, but until we know exactly what is going on its hard to know how to proceed. It seems that one of the other beneficiaries has already consulted a solicitor having become suspicious long before we did. All beneficiaries want the deceased's friend to be executor and all assets sold, then they need never have any contact with the crooked family member again. Given the business side of things, if the assets are not sold he will be very much a part of their interests, given he is a director. I have a suspici
  12. Nah, he wouldn't go to the trouble of trying to make it realistic, he's a big one for burying his head in the sand and hoping it turns out okay. I have googled the solicitors name, it might be that he's retired or I've got the name wrong, I wish I had paid more attention to the subject when FIL was talking to me about it. Ex is a master manipulator, but also very hated by his dad's friend so I'm hoping with him there at the 'impromptu' meeting he won't be able to manipulate his sister, son, nephew and niece, and be exposed for the cheating ****** he is! Grateful for all your though
  13. The friend doesn't have a copy of the will. I know the name of the solicitor who FIL used, but not the name of the actual firm.
  14. The last will wasn't signed. I have known him to forge his fathers signature, and that was for court documents (long story, but plodder tom helped us at the time, although obviously not the fact that the signature was forged) I don't believe he is executor on the signed or unsigned will, otherwise, why not apply for probate?
  15. Thank you Mr P, I can well imagine it would be a costly issue but knowing my ex as I do I don't think it will come to that, he's no criminal mastermind and in all honesty this is where my involvement ends, not being part of the family anymore. I'm just glad it's come to light and my son will hopefully get what his grandad wanted him to have.
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