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  1. Hi all and thanks for the replies. No DCA involved It is just the DWP
  2. I feel bad coming here for help but please bare with me About 20 years ago I was taken into my local DSS office where I admitted claiming benefits while I started a new business. I was given the option of paying back the amount I owed or go to court. I agreed, of course that I should pay this back and as I did, I also received a summons and was sentenced to prison time. At this point It felt unfair as we had agreed to pay and not face court. However, I had taken the benefits. I stopped paying the money because of this. I felt the prison time served was enough. why should I be punished twice? However even though I have not been on benefits since I am now starting to get demands for the £2000 with court action threatened. I am not on benefits but am self employed,on a low low income and so am worried. I know I can make an offer to pay weekly, I was wondering if I can make a request to see the original paperwork to see if the court or pay option was recorded. Also, is there a statute of limitations on such a debt after so long also. Thanks
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