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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, I have been following this intermittently since I joined last October 2015. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?452513-Sallie-Mae-UK-loans-statute-barred-or-not-scotland&p=4934734#post4934734 I am sort of the same situation, though I moved from Scotland to England in 2012. I am not sure which year Capquest via Sallie Mae, are referring to, but I received nothing after 2007-2008 when the loan was started until 2015, from the annoying letters they started sending me that year. I also had something from Arrow, but I have answered nothing for either Capquest nor Arrow. I tried to contact Sallie Mae UK in 2009 I believe but got bounced emails and nothing except something from an address in Canada, which was dead upon my response. So, seeing as how I am now in England, it is 2016, and theoretically the loan would have been statue barred in 2012 whilst I was still in Scotland, what would the advice be from the forum?
  2. Hi, I have been a reader for a while, but I am now posting for some reassurance and advice. I signed a contract with a roofing company to erect a roof of 15 degrees on my rear extension. It was agreed via a written contract that the pitch should be 15 degrees and velux windows should be within manufacturer specifications of 15 degrees. The work was scheduled to be completed in 4 days but the roof is still incomplete 29 days later today. The company erected the roof at a pitch of 13 degrees and as a result all three windows have started leaking. Furthermore they have not removed all their waste which was agreed in their contract and they have damaged my windows, flashings and tiles in the process. The owner of the company became involved after his workers did not turn up and we later found out one of his employees had subcontracted some work to people he had met in the pub. This employee had damaged a window of ours and had been very rude and aggressive with us. It was because of this worker that the roof was erected at the incorrect pitch. The owner of the company then apologised and personally guaranteed that he had done rooves at this pitch with velux windows with no problems at all. This employee had agreed extra work to be included but then went back on his word. The owner of the company then arranged for all the extra work to be done within the agreed price and apologised. The next day the roof was leaking heaily and the owner of the company sent a roofer to replace some screws. The next day all three windows were leaking. I tried to contact him but he would not answer. After eventually contacting the elusive owner, he stated that he was going to charge us a call out fee to look at the roof and that I had deliberately tampered with the roof. He came to inspect the roof and said we had sabotaged the roof and that was why it was leaking. The building inspector inspected the roof and confirmed that the pitch was not appropriate. He did say he was willing to issue a certificate if the company guaranteed the work. How a company can guarantee an inherently faulty product I do not know. The owner of the company is basing his entire argument on the building inspectors word. A few days later after email exchanges, when we stated that we were only willing to accept a roof of 15 degrees (as confirmed by the manufacturer to be the bare minimum) the owner said he was only willing to repair the flashings around the window or take off the whole roof and walk away. We told him neither was acceptable, especially as we were not willing to accept a faulty roof (as per manufacturer specifications and contract) or walk away without any sort of compensation. Since then we have received stamped county court papers showing a claim amount plus an administration charge. I have had the roof inspected and my brand new velux windows have dents and scratches. Tiles have been cut in situ resulting in circular saw marks and damage. Hammers have been used on the flashing and whilst the windows have been installed correctly (according to another roofer) there has been no care in their installation. In the roofer's opinion and Velux themselves, the low pitch is the culprit. I have some basic knowledge of the law. I believe this comes under the sale of goods act and contract law. I now have to prepare my defence in the county court and I am a bit worried that I may do something wrong. Do I definitely have a case here? How am i supposed to word the defence? Will it go against me if I do not quote law, or does the judge interpret the law after reading the facts? What happens next after I submit the defence? Will it definitely go to a hearing? Any help is much appreciated as this is my first experience of court and I am very worried about losing money to this horrible company. May I add that this is a very large company with contracts for the council and housing associations. I have attached a copy of the drawing which accompanied the written contract Thank you in advance.
  3. Hello Cags, My fiance purchased a Louis Vuitton bag from their flagship Bond Street store in London. The day after purchasing she noticed an odd scuff mark (not caused by her) on the inside top lining of the bag and on close inspection the paint is revealed to be noticeably peeling off in an area of around 1 cm square. Not knowing her rights she approached me a couple days later with the issue and I took a look and believe that this item was sold to her defective and that she should be entitled to a full refund under consumer law. She was not afforded the opportunity to inspect the item upon purchasing as they gave her a sealed boxed item to take away. She paid using her debit card unfortunately. A week after purchasing she attempted to return the bag to the store only to be told by the store manager that 'the bag is worn and cannot be returned under Louis Vuitton guidelines'. We immediately sent a letter requesting a replacement/refund under UK consumer law. No reply for 2 weeks and we sent a letter before action with legal threat. My fiance had a phone call and Louis Vuitton refused to give refund however they have offered to send the item to their Paris Quality Control team for checking - however no possibility was given for a refund or replacement. We gave them a deadline of Friday 26th November after which time we have threatened legal action. They have 4 days. Do we need to hand the bag over to them for 'quality control checking'?!?!?! What madness is this!? I am guessing it's just a run around. Please advise. 99
  4. Hi Im new to the forum I got 2 leather sofas from Brighthouse a couple of years ago, I discovered that they had no coverings on the underneath on either of them, when you tip them upside down all you can see is bare wood, material and padding, they are not finished off correctly. When I had OSC I reported this issue on many occassions but nothing was done about it and the current store manager, (the sote has had a few managers since it opened), told me there was no note whatsoever regarding this on my file??, which I find a bit strange as I complained enough. he said since I cancelled my OSC there's nothing the company will do to rectify my incomplete expensive sofas. Told Head Office this is poor quality made sofas not a repair, quoted SOGA but were not interested. Any imput and help will be much appreciated. Thank you
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