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  1. I haven't heard from them at all since my last post. Sounds like the letters I got and ignored. Standard tactic, it would appear.
  2. It's gone quiet for me. Maybe to be expected with the current situation (Covid-19). Or a sign they're moving on as I'm not playing their game?
  3. I've received a new letter with a CST Law letterhead. They say they've been passed my account for review. They are now assessing my account for possible legal action in order to recover the alleged debt. If they issue legal proceedings and it results in a CCJ the amount will increase (they itemise court fees and solicitor's fees). If I do not pay the amount or contact they within seven days legal action may commence to recover the balance without further notice to me. looking for comment and advise again please?
  4. Nothing to report since last post. But I'll keep updating, so keep coming back.
  5. Thank you. So it's all bark and no bite until Centrica's legal representation issues a letter before action...ok.
  6. Credit Style Limited on behalf of their client Centrica.
  7. Another letter arrived today advising me that as they've heard nothing from me they're now considering passing the matter into their solicitors for a CCJ review. And if legal action is taken, costs and fees may be added to the amount they claim I owe.
  8. Is the importance of them having my correct address so that I receive any letters regarding court action, if it were to be taken? I've learnt a few of my old colleagues that left just after me have also received letters, but one hasn't as he's moved house twice. He's working on the assumption, 'If they can't find me I'll be alright'.
  9. I received another letter today. Tone slightly more forceful. Claiming they don't want the matter to escalate. I appreciate I may well be going over ground that's been covered before in this forum, so if there are any links to information about what they can and can't do I'm keen to read up. My worry is they keep pushing it, either because they've bought the debt and want to add fees, etc and do what they can to make me pay; or act at the bequest of Centrica and go all the way to court etc. You see TV shows about debts growing ten-fold because people bury their head in
  10. That's the problem; what can they do? Start court proceedings, with all the issues that go with it? Effect my credit file? And making it worse by not acting on it? It's stress and worry. Interesting reading about it when it's someone else; just a little different when it's you. But coming here to discuss it is helping.
  11. Someone is chasing me for money and worried ignoring them will just make it worse in the end.
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