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  1. Is the importance of them having my correct address so that I receive any letters regarding court action, if it were to be taken? I've learnt a few of my old colleagues that left just after me have also received letters, but one hasn't as he's moved house twice. He's working on the assumption, 'If they can't find me I'll be alright'.
  2. I received another letter today. Tone slightly more forceful. Claiming they don't want the matter to escalate. I appreciate I may well be going over ground that's been covered before in this forum, so if there are any links to information about what they can and can't do I'm keen to read up. My worry is they keep pushing it, either because they've bought the debt and want to add fees, etc and do what they can to make me pay; or act at the bequest of Centrica and go all the way to court etc. You see TV shows about debts growing ten-fold because people bury their head in the sand and ignore letters they shouldn't.
  3. That's the problem; what can they do? Start court proceedings, with all the issues that go with it? Effect my credit file? And making it worse by not acting on it? It's stress and worry. Interesting reading about it when it's someone else; just a little different when it's you. But coming here to discuss it is helping.
  4. Someone is chasing me for money and worried ignoring them will just make it worse in the end.
  5. Thanks for all the advice. It is worrying me though.
  6. They have my correct address and telephone number.
  7. The reasons I said it 'suggest that..' was that that pearl of wisdom was written on another website offering help on debt matters. Theletter starts with 'Our Client: Centrica PLC' and the main body of the letter begins, 'We have been asked to contact you by Centrica PLC...' I was working on the assumption Centrica have added some interest over the last two years and now Credit Style have possibly added their fees too. Are either of those scenarios permissable? I guess the only way to find out would be to contact them and ask for proof the debt is mine, with a breakdown.
  8. The requested payments details are the account number and sort code for Credit Style, not Centrica. This suggests they have bought the debt, does it not? Does that mean they have the power to take it further and take me to court? If so, ignoring won't then be an option will it?
  9. Hi everyone. I joined British Gas (Centrica) in 2015, but left in 2017. There was a three year, sliding scale, training bond linked to my employment (they paid me an apprenticeship salary whilst under training, which there was no direct itemized charge for). If I left in first year after qualifying they would ask for £9000, 2nd year £6000 and 3rd year £3000. I was in the 3rd year. My final wage was reduced to zero as they collected the training bond. I assumed we were all clear as I heard nothing further from BG. Fast forward to yesterday and I've received a letter from Credit Style Ltd claiming I have an "outstanding balance from previous employment' of just over £2700, with Centrica. I've also received a text message. I'm looking for advice on how best to proceed. I have no money. I'm in debt and have nothing spare. They have included no detail in the letter. Just that I owe the above. I don't recall signing any finance agreements when I joined, or anything else for that matter. There's nothing in my credit file, that I can see, relating to this 'debt'. Should I respond by letter or call?
  10. I've been unable to find anything specifically relating to partner's income and tax credits. Does anyone know if I can legitimately declare 50% of tax credits as it's in joint names and therefore half my wife's and I don't have to declare her income? Although I think it would be hard to argue as I'd have to send a copy of the benefit award statement and it'll show 100% and they'd probably just work off that. This is probably academic, as I'll more than likely still be well under the 2018/2019 threshold -I just want to do it by the book.
  11. It's the 25 years I'm approaching and online tails of people getting close to these dates and being leant on for payment are freaking me out. I take it this part is irrelevant and original SLC forms are still being successfully used?
  12. Hello everyone. I'm getting anxious about my currently deferred student loan and seeking some advice/guidance/reassurance, please. I have four mortgage style student loans from the early 90s and as I’ve beenbelow the threshold I have been deferring them; every year since I graduated. It’s all been pretty straight forward and deferment granted promptly. Last year’s deferment letter from Honours Student Loans(and maybe several before that) said, if memory serves, I was in breach of theloan T&Cs as I no longer have a direct debit in place. It must have ‘timedout’, as I’m sure there used to be one. As I’m now within a few years of my loan being written off I’m keen not to do anything that could be used against me by placing me in breach of the T&Cs and put me in arrears during my final few years. I’m winding myself up by reading the entire internet on whether the T&Cs actually state I must have an active direct debit inplace, even if I’m currently in deferment. So my questions is, when I receive my next deferment letter should I give them my bank account details, or even call them to provide them now, or shouldn’t I? On the subject of the deferment paperwork – have HSL changed it this year (2018)? Will my paperwork be different in 2019? If so, should I approach it differently? The next issue is difficult for me, as I think I may have been filling the deferment form out incorrectly. I haven’t been including Child Tax Credits as income as the advice I received at the time was that it didn’t count as taxable income and therefore didn’t need to be included on the form. But now I’m reading that I should have been declaring it? If so, then would your advice be to start putting it on the form from next year? The tax credits would place me close to, but I think still under, the threshold. As I haven’t been declaring child tax credits and probably should have been, would this be grounds for me to be regarded as in breach of the T&Cs and effect future deferment/write-off? If I should declare it, do I need to declare 100% or canI declare 50% as it’s in joint names with my wife and her income doesn’t count? Many thanks for your help.
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