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  1. Yes please that be great I not filled them in yet sorry took so long not well.
  2. I.m trying to help a friend with her county court claim I.m already on here getting advise just it's confusing me need things explained really basic for me to understand then I.m ok I know most but they have now started to offer mediation which is a new thing I gather , but when people say do this do that in lawyer talks it goes over my head. I.ve aspergers so confused me on times.
  3. Hi when these companies buy payday loan debts does anyone know what they pay for them roughly? How can they buy these debts for peanuts but you have to pay the full debt that isn't even theirs? Should this be legal? Can you fight court orders on the grounds you don't owe them the debt as the deal wasn't with them in the first place? Just curious about all this so thought I.d see what the answers are. Thanks
  4. I tied I don't understand it computers downloading or uploading I honestly habent hot a clue about I just about use my phone awful sorry but just get so confused by this kind of stuff.
  5. Don't know how to do that I only got my phone see.
  6. Received letter from solicitor with some info about the pay day loan but not all of it for starters it has wrong address on it , it states they do checks lol. But they didn't do any not even credit checks they gave first loan and 3 other top up after that without even having one payment being made first loan was £150 then £250 then £350 how irresponsible if lending all that without one repayment being made. . The letter also says they would prefer if settlement can be done through them or mediation. All interest has been taken off also. So only what was lent is owed. Not sure what
  7. Ok thanks will read up on things and if unsure of anything if it's ok I.ll ask you
  8. Right court papers arrived today saying it comes under small claims and if you want to do mediation to try and sort it also questionnaire to fill out. What should we do please
  9. Ok thanks I.ll wait on questionnaire and get back to you thanks again
  10. Cfo never done a default on her credit file that much you can see but mmf did and month later marked it as closed which I find really weird .
  11. No nothing yet when she gets that come back for advise is it , what I do know is they put it on her credit file as a default pretty recently then they closed it so looks paid i don't understand that . Thanks for the help by the way
  12. I was ill she panicked, was told they was good to help, then they stopped helping her ,now they going ahead with the court case. No clue what to do now. Didn't know there was one sorry 30th June I think it was give or take a day
  13. 1. The Defendant denies that he is indebted to the Claimant whether as alleged at all. 2. The Defendant contends that the Claimant is in breach of Rule 16.4(a) of the Civil Procedure Rules 1998 in that the Particulars of Claim do not set out a clear and concise statement of facts upon which they rely. 3. The Claimant has failed to identify or plead a date the cause of action allegedly accrued. 4. There are no details as to when the alleged default occurred, the degree of default, the Defendant contends that the pleadings are wholly inadequate and that the Claimant should be requ
  14. Hi sorry for late response not been well put in defence as no paper work also was irresponsible selling no credit checks where done or employer checks letter came today saying client is proceeding with claim . m Got defence of bailiffs debts and bills site she did . What do she do now it's lantern Drs limited now so do I take it she needs to go to court she's not well has really bad morning sickness 24/7 H Has aspergers so hates confrontation of any kind she's panicking now.
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