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Found 8 results

  1. I took out a mortgage with the Money Store in 1999 and it was transferred by them to Platform Funding Limited later in 1999. Although I wasnt self employed then the Mortgage ppi was just added to the loan £1,825.80, I was never asked if I wanted it and it was an upfront payment. As a few months later I paid the mortgage off and subsequently the mortgage ppi. Is it too late to request the ppi back. I have the mortgage account number and I understand Platform is now owned by the coop? Who would you contact?
  2. I received a letter in 2016 from Platform homeloans explaining they had found I was charged excessive late fees etc on a mortgage I had with them, I had a total of £427 returned to my mortgage account including interest payment. I recently wrote to them asking for full breakdown of the refund as I wanted to check the correct interest was returned to me, I also asked that any charges added to the mortgage would be addressed. I was sent a statement of account together with a letter telling me they were happy with the fees returned to me, but no breakdown of the fee's as requested. I went through the list and used the compound interest calculator on this group. The compound interest calculator shows a sum totalling £1124.00. I have also received a letter stating they have overcharged the interest on a misaligned date in my mortgage offer. They haven't given any dates but have offered a small amount together with interest at 8% Should I write back requesting the total of £1124 less the £427 already paid? Many thanks
  3. took out a mortgage with platform in july 2005 to purchase my property.all payments paid to date until oct 14. I was given notice by my employer that due to decline in work i had lost my job. Seeked advice from money advice service they told me to apply for a mortgage holiday. Platform looked at our circumstances decided to allow us to reduce our mortgage by £200 per month for 3 months .we accepted this. Halfway through this 3 month period we began to be bombarded by phone calls messages letters with regard to the arrears on our account. we replied to these letters after the 3 month period we contacted them as they had not taken our mortgage for the month. We attempted to resolve this situation with platform . We sent them an offer of a extra £53 per month to clear the arrears on top of our full monthly mortgage payment. they wrote back refusing our offer . But stated that amount would be added to the monthly payment. nothing changed letters calls ect arriving visits to our property at £75 plus vat per visit .reference to solicitors costs also court costs . Everything they threaten us with involves futher costs and debt. I have complained about platforms tatics but found they had acted the right way dismissed our complaint. Never planned to loose my job it happened regret ever asking for platforms help .i have a job with the same co earning around £12k per yr. Sorry for the caps but i do feel here im getting treated rather badly by platform. can anyone please help me utter desperation
  4. Hi guys, Just had a letter today from Amigo loans about "my £500 loan application" that had been passed onto them by "Loan Platform". I have not applied for any sort of loan for a good 6 months now and have no idea who "Loan Platform" are. I have rang Amigo up and they have said they have had other calls about the same broker but the guy on the phone said he knows nothing of them. Has anyone else had this type of letter? Could it simply be Amigo send my letters to tempt me? Thanks
  5. Sorry about the length of this thread but I wanted to get everything in. I am a buy to let landlord, I have recently got into a couple of problems with tenants paying late and have run up small amounts of arrears £100-£150, I have taken steps to reduce the arrears over a 3 month period. I have been making payments to Platform by cheque each month, I have more than one account and make one cheque payment to cover all the mortgages, I enclose the mortgage account numbers in a letter and on the back of the cheque with my request. Two months ago the cheque was cashed and added to only ONE account, the others were marked as UNPAID, I wrote to Platform expressing a little anger and was told it was their mistake and that it wouldn't happen again. I was told to make the payments as agreed and it would be sorted at their end. At the end of May I again sent a cheque for the total amount with the letter and cheque, I then received a visit from my tenant telling me of a visit by "Move with us" telling the tenant I have defaulted on my mortgage, when I took this up with Platform they explained that they received & cashed my cheque on the 4th June but it wasn't spread to my accounts until the 24th June. I would like to know what steps I should now take?
  6. For a number of years we have had a mortgage with platform, we have never paid late or missed a payment, in 2008 the property became unsuitable for our needs due to other commitments, there was no chance of selling it as the mortgage was way too high and values had gone through the floor, so we asked if we could let the property. Platform agreed to this. They charged a annual £35 "Tenancy Review Fee - As part of us agreeing to let your residential property we have the right to conduct a review. If we choose to do so we will tell you at the time of the review in writing. The non-refundable fee is to cover the administration cost" According to the current Tariff they also charge a £72 Letting Application fee, I cant remember how much I paid. When pressed recently what this "administration" is they write to tell us its due and receive my letter and the insurance which I send them, they then scan them to my file, I do more admin than they do. For the first year they wanted this fee every 6 months, which was ridiculous, they then agreed to do it every year. This year on the 24th April I received a letter telling me the tenancy is due for renewal and they need to see a tenancy agreement (same tenants for past 4 yr) and payment of £35 or they will class the tenancy as unauthorised and increase the interest rate by 1% This had to wait until pay day came around, in the meantime in the 2nd week of May I received the same letter again but this time asking for £55 over 50% increase, when I rang to question I was told that the rate went up on the 1st of May, when I questioned exactly what kind of administration could possibly cost £55 all she could say was writing a few letters and scanning them, when asked how they could justify such an increase there was no response, nor was there a response to the fact I had only just over a week before the end of May had a request for £35. She did say its all covered in new tariff of charges that I received, but when I said just because you have sent me a list of amounts that does not make them fair or right, I could write anything and send it, that doesnt make it right, lawfully or morally. They have also been causing me headaches over my buildings insurance, they demand to see a copy of the policy schedule each year which I have no problem with if it wasnt for the way they go about it. I have a landlords insurance policy and have had from day 1, this year on renewal I received a letter asking for a copy of the schedule, I faxed this to them for some reason I also had the hindsight to note the date and time I sent the fax, 2 week later I received a further letter from Platform stating that as they had not received any insurance detailts from me they had gone ahead and arranged their own policy which I cannot claim on nor would I see any documents, this would be charged to me at a cost of £21.20 a month and a £10 administration fee had been debited to my mortgage account and will accrue interest at the same rate as my mortgage (for the next 23 years!) I called giving the exact date and time I sent the fax (without this they would never have found it, as they didnt even bother to process is) she looked through the fax system and found the fax, looked over the policy and said everything is fine the charges will be removed straight away, she could offer no explanation as to why despite me doing my part, they had failed to carry out the simplest of tasks. You would think that would be the end of it ... not a chance, when they wrote telling me the fee was now £55 they also demanded confirmation that the buildings insurance covers residential letting and confirmation of the sum insured, both of which were on the policy schedule, which they checked when they previously told me everything was fine. Then last week I received a call saying there was no date on the policy schedule which is ridiculous, I pointed out exactly where the date is to be told that she couldn't actually see the documents I had sent as they weren't on her screen anyway and she was just going off what the system said, why was she calling me without confirming the facts first? I reminded her that the policy was checked while I was on the phone after they claimed they didn't have it but all she said was maybe the pages didn't come through clear ARGH So yet again I faxed the policy schedule off to them. Can companies lawfully use "administration fees" to profiteer, which is clearly the case, if not I want to be an admin worker for them as they must be earning an awful lot of money, what they do they cant do right. Do we really have to keep being shafted like this. Incidentally the rent doesn't even cover the mortgage, insurances & upkeep so its not as if we are doing it to make money. I hate this company, the Mortgage point told us that these will be the only people we could use at the time I had 1 default on my credit file which should never have been on my credit file (and has been removed now) my wife had nothing on hers, Mortgage Point also made us take up a specific life insurance or pay a massive amount of money on top i believe around £1000
  7. Hi - my parents have an interest only platform mortgage and are not in arrears, my Dad is 69 and they have informed him they are cancelling the mortgage when he hits his 70th birthday next year, he has recently had heart trouble and has lived in the property all their married life - can anything be done? can they do this? I have thought about taking over the mortgage - only problem is i separated from my partner last year and have late payments on credit cards until my house is sold in a couple of months - plus i am self employed which doesn't help :/ I want to help them whats the best way to do this please ? kind regards Amanda
  8. Hi I have sent a request to Platform Home Loans and a £10 postal order, but they replied to me saying that the claim is too old and they have no information and returned my postal order. Is that it for me now? Will I just have to leave this?
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