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  1. Dear Consumer Action Group Champions I don't know, if you are still online? As I need to go back to the creditor, I will email them saying I have received the docs and will go through them and revert to them. The court has my Defence since last year. I don't know whether the creditor has corresponded with the court since obtaining the docs. I keep wondering whether I should just accept payment arrangements. Look forward to hearing from you. Thank you very much indeed
  2. Thank you for coming back. I've heard that creditors read these messages, hence the reason why I refrained from naming the company. The situation is they issued a claim for over £3,150. I contacted them requesting a response to a CCA request. They said they don't have the docs but will obtain them. I believe they have purchased the debt, as it originates from a bank credit card. I also stated in the Defence that theClaimant had failed to attach any proof or info to the claim and I needed further details to respond properly. They also confirmed
  3. It is originally a bank credit card, that appears to have been sold to a debt collecting firm. What else can i tell you?
  4. Dear All Would be very grateful for advice regarding whether following purchase of a debt, whether Default and Termination Notices have any relevance at all? Also, what relevance have ss 136 & 196 of the Law of Property Act 1925 or s. 82 (a) of cca 1974 in challenging these companies? Are they obliged to provide copies of proof of purchase of the debt? Thank you so much
  5. Dear All First of all, thank God for Forums like this and people who care enought to devote precious time to assist others in debt. A Debt collection firm, issued a claim, the progress of which was halted by a CCA request. It has finally come back, after a year following request, with what appears to be a copy of a signed agreement and t&cs and statement of account. Amount seeking is over £3,150. Can't claim time barred, owing to previous payments. They say they can proceed to seeking judgment unless payment arrangement is set up. They trade u
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