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  1. Good afternoon As I said yesterday , I was going to go and ask the Agency about the car park and sadly they confirmed it as being public road , but they said there is a car park at the back of the flats and that would be ok to park a sorn there , obviously that's always full so yeah I was just lucky I suppose . Sorry everyone I could've ask the Agency first. But even so I would still ask more people before giving up. Greatly appreciate everybody input Thank you
  2. Thank you Raykay . I am off tomorrow so I will go and see Able Estates down the road and ask for confirmation. Still think they do but till they confirm it . Logically that bay cannot be a public bay even though no permit is needed . Also Insurance companies accepts it as driveway. But as you say I need this in writing.
  3. Will that be something that the Council will tell me or the Agency I am renting from?
  4. In which case I should find out from Bexley Council if the road is repairable at public expense and if it isn't then the Sorn is valid
  5. that space with the white van belongs to the house across the street and the one that belongs to the block of flats I live in has the parking spaces facing the block and not parallel with the block .
  6. If you type in halifield drive parking bay and select images it will be the 4th one on the bottom right that has a black renault and a mercedes parked in the bay
  7. https://www.primelocation.com/for-sale/details/43054337 this is much better view
  8. In the parking bay that belongs to the block of flats I live in . I always considered it to be like a driveway
  9. Thank you So much to learn , very expensive though . If that's the case then I guess I was lucky , stupidly assumed that it is a residential car park Thank you very much for all your inputs , learned from them. Hope work colleague will help with the money , humiliating but if its the law and I was in the wrong then it is what it is. Regards Adrian
  10. Thank you dx! I see so that is just outside my flat and not allowed to park there while SORN I get that but giving the circumstances and the fact that I honestly didn't know and not had similar fines before in my life , will I stand a chance in Court? They're asking for another 400 pounds like I knew the vehicle is not licensed but drove it anyway and ignored the law where clearly isn't the case , it was just a mistake. Will I stand a chance over a phone conversation with probably one of the manageres at Dvla , explaining what happened and ask for a reduction say 200 po
  11. apologies I am at work on night shift it is the one in the right bottom corner facing the white van that's where it also terminates dead end road
  12. Yes DA17 5RS HALIFIELD DRIVE , Belvedere flats 64 onwards
  13. Thank you very much ! Will do that or try to contact the council tomorrow and ask them if that road is repairable expense and then come back here and continue . Its so great people like yourselfs are so helpful I do same on any field I can help and won't hesitate on this website either Many thanks again Have good evening
  14. Thank you all so very much for all answers , This car as well as other cars I had were never ever driven outside law of any sorts. It wasn't Dvla who clamped the car but the Council . This was driven to and from the nearby Mot station and that was it. I have never ever thought for 1second that I would get in trouble for parking it where I normaly park . It was parked there before while sorn and other vehicles too. Thats because I did not know . That cul de sac looks very much a private road to me . I am sure many people don't know about this. There are no
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