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  1. HI, Wondered if anyone could help - I'm posting this for a friend of mine: Female with 3 kids under 18 lives in home previously shared with ex partner, who left 3.5 yrs ago. He has left BG bill in his name for all 3.5 yrs and and said he'd been paying it all along. BG have NEVER written to the female partner. On Saturday ex partner decided to try and take his own life and was sectioned. BG letter arrives on doorstep next day and my friend opens it to find its chasing £1700 bill (all still in ex partners name, not addressed to my friend (the female)) She's called BG and e
  2. Hi, Been many years since i used these forums so I'm after some help please? Alleged that I was caught doing 37 in a 30, but I'm 99% sure this is wrong. I intend to go to court, and I would like to make sure that the TVP have to produce all calibration & training docs to prove the accuracy of the equipment used on the day. There used to be letter templates available on this forum for such things. Can anyone help me or point me int he right direction for a letter template to inform them i intend to go to court and the reasons why? Just for the record, i w
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