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  1. Thanks again for your time Dx, the above post is a scanned copy of the letter
  2. Thanks Dx, that has eased my mind somewhat, but what about this bit (see yellow highlighted bit)
  3. Thanks Andy. What would a court claim mean. Would I have to attend court in person, and what sort of thing could the court do? Sorry to be a pest, its just that this has been hanging over me for more than six months. I just wish it would just go away. Incidentally I never saw any of the money that they are asking for. I left my course 3 weeks after it started and the Uni are looking for the fees for the entire year, that they claim they missed out on because I left. Thanks again Andy
  4. Thanks Andy. What do you think I should do next. What is the worst that can happen? Thanks again
  5. Hi Dx, The link you provided is for England and Wales only? (I am in Scotland) What do you think about my earlier post regarding the letter from Hadfields? Should I be worried or is this just another "fear" tactic? Thanks in advance Lionel
  6. Hi Andy I assume that pre action protocol is some sort of due diligence procedure. Do you think that they have not adhered to this protocol for a particular reason? Just to make my position clear, I have never heard of pre action protocol before. Having said that, I have never gotten a letter from a solicitor before either Lionel
  7. Hello again folks. I have this morning received a letter from Hadfield solicitors informing me that they are acting on behalf of my old university. The letter states that "unless payment of the balance as stated above is made in full within the next 7 days from the date of this letter, court proceedings will be issued in the appropriate jurisdiction without further notice. You will find a range of payment methods overleaf; all of them to STA who are authorised to recover payment on behalf of the University" It goes on to state that " Any claim resulting in proceedings will include a claim for interest from the date the client's invoiced became due. This could include interest and recovery costs under The Late Payment of Commercial Debts Regulations 2013 together with Court fees and legal costs from the date of issue of the proceedings" The letter concludes with " Should you have a payment proposal,or a query relating to this debt, please contact STA international" (then contact phone number and email address) Just wondering what I should do now? Just for clarity, I haven't contacted the Uni, STA or Hadfeild about this matter at all. Since the last time I posted on this thread on the 1st of May, I have had a couple of phone calls and an email, all of which were ignored. Where do I go from here? Thanks in advance for taking the time to read this message and, hopefully some direction.
  8. Hi Dx, Here is a PDF containing 3 communications that i have received. The first is the initial correspondence from the Uni,the other two are from STA International.The last one (with the red header) is my most recent letter STA Int. and Uni Doc1.pdf
  9. So I will just sit tight then. I will let you know of anything develops. Thanks again, you really have been very helpful
  10. Hi Dx Thanks again for your time. I will have to look out my award letter to check for the cut off date that you spoke about, but it does ring a bell. I myself informed SAAS at the SAME time as I informed the Uni (28th sept), I have no idea if the Uni also contacted them, but i would assume they did. What would be the best thing to say in my initial correspondence with the Uni. Thanks again! Ps. Yes it's only tuition fees
  11. Thanks Dx that's how I feel about this.I look forward to hearing what else you have to say. Thanks also to everybody who responded,thank you
  12. My last day of attendance was on the 26th of September and I informed them two days later (28th) by email on that I would not be returning
  13. You would think that eh, a cooling off period so to speak. But apparently not .I have just checked by dates, I started on Monday the 11th of September and finished on the 28th. Ever since just before Christmas I have periodically received letters looking for £1100 , first few of these were from the Uni itself then from STA International. I have no Idea how to proceed with this. I have ignored them up till now because I didn't want to be seen as acknowledging any debt
  14. Hi thanks for responding, It wasn't a loan, I never saw any of that money. I believe there was a clause in the contract that I signed to get into Uni in the fist place . I think it was to reassure them their fees would be paid if I dropped out. Obviously I had no intention of doing that at the time but in the event I found the course unbearable. I was only at the Uni for 2 or 3 weeks and I never took out any loans etc. then I start getting these letter looking for £1100, which I assume would have been the fees for the entire year, which obviously I never completed It would have been free (Funded by SAAS) if I had completed the course.
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