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  1. I would send this link, advise you have had a chat with acas, and ask them to look again. https://www.acas.org.uk/checking-holiday-entitlement/calculating-holiday-pay follow up in writing if no reply after a week. keep it friendly for now. You may need to go formal later. if you are a union member, they can help.
  2. It can be true in certain circumstances. Usually your new job would have a probationary period, which is sounds like you have not passed. In which case, they can revert the pay and grade.
  3. Hello, it sounds like they are looking to take action for misconduct (lying) rather than attendance policy. Ad have reasonable belief that there is a case to be answered. They do not need absolute proof, simply reasonable belief. - are you in a union? - have you got any warnings on file already for anything at all? - how is your sick leave usually? much time off this year? - if you were ill on Friday, did you look ill, did anyone comment on it or notice it? - I am assuming you didn't see a doctor, but if you did (or a pharamacist) please correct me. - get hold of a copy of the conduct/ disciplinary policy. Does it list what they consider gross misconduct versus regular misconduct? What does it say about lying (which the are suggesting you did.)
  4. nope, you are employed by the agency and you get what they say. I mean - you can ask. But there's no legal right.
  5. up to 19 redundancies - no rules on how they must consult https://www.gov.uk/redundancy-your-rights/consultation I assume they are paying her notice in lieu of her working it? Or are they saying she is refusing suitable alternative employment (potentially true if hours/wages are similar) and has therefore effectively resigned?
  6. 1. no, but it doesn't sounds like that is what is happening. 2. depends how many staff are affected whether that's needed. Union? 3. it's a potentially legal criteria, yes
  7. they can't refuse your resignation but they can keep you to your notice period. I'd turn up and see what happens.
  8. where did you buy the necklace? Might you have a bank statement or credit card bill showing it? (almost no one uses cash now!)
  9. "discretionary bonus" - nope. ask new employer if they want you early enough to compensate you? A golden hello, if you will.
  10. have you submitted a grievance about the lies? I think you're chasing the wrong problem.
  11. What outcome is she looking for? She could raise a grievance, but it'll be of dubious worth now she has left.
  12. It's not a demotion; so no route there. As you will recall, the aim of the law is to keep people in jobs. Does he have any good reasons for not doing driving other than "don;t want to?" Like, change in work pattern incompatible with childcare? Two warehouse managers and he doesn't understand why the other one has been picked to manage the warehouse, etc? He is of course free to quit and find a new job... no one is making him continue to get paid...
  13. that's a bit thin on info. Change of location or pay or shifts? can he drive? does he want the change? is the warehouse job being done by anyone else?
  14. has he asked for the selection criteria? does his selection seem reasonable given the criteria? Mind you it's only helpful if someone being laid off wants to stay instead.
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