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  1. It's normal if they missed stuff out or the investigating officer's competence is in question... but you said this was a disciplinary, not an investigation?
  2. She could add the correct and missing data to the minutes and send it back tot hem as a more accurate record. Don't sign though until they are happy their side also.
  3. get hold of your social media policy if you have one and see what it says at the end of the day if you have posted offensive stuff it's no different to saying it - prep on that basis. Sexist/ racist stuff may be viewed as gross misconduct.
  4. Seems cut and dried to me. You don't do call outs and you don't do shifts. No allowance due.
  5. I'm going to say it depends on your definition of "reasonable notice" and in the absence of a contract it's worth a punt at that being a week.. see here... https://www.rocketlawyer.co.uk/article/notice-periods.rl So I'd add it to a letter before action and see what happened.... they can only say no, and it's low risk as it is not a malicious claim.
  6. I am unable to help you because I don't have proper information with which to do so. You keep lobbing in extras and changing your story. Suggest you find a non-internet lawyer to whom you can tell the whole story in confidence.
  7. Wait. That's an entirely different matter to the one you first raised. If you want ACTUAL help, you need to tell the full, honest story of what happened. No opinions and no ommissions. Because you can't help an eel, it's too slippery to hold it while it tells you the truth.
  8. That's something at least. But the person who should agree if it goes in as evidence or not is her, not you. Having your spouse write notes for you is like your mum writing a note to get you out of gym class. It makes you look weak. She can equally make the points in the letter herself, at the meeting.
  9. But, you do not have a copy of the relevant contract, we have established that So you can theorise all you like but you've nothing that will stand up to legal scrutiny All this debate on formal and informal meetings is academic without evidence. My thoughts now would be - do I want to keep working there? - if yes, do I really want to keep stuffing up the relationship with my employer? - if no, what's my plan and therefore what is the best way for me to leave?
  10. Did your wife see the letter before you sent it? Did she ask you to send it?
  11. So that's a pretty reliable source (on their web site. phone line is a different matter.) Be careful not to confuse informal with investigation though. There is also no right to be accompanie to an investigation interview.
  12. I never comment before I know the source. Context is everything.
  13. "things to be honest with people about at the beginning."
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