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  1. If you have details of the other side you could ask them if you can help in any way.
  2. What on earth makes you think he's going to be doing anything legal after the way you describe him? Best to recognise a fool's errand early, and stick to helping the other side in the case if you can.
  3. I think he will have shredded your file, if he ever even had one. I would simply write a short statement to the court refuting the claims.
  4. My advice is still to get a copy of your file. You have nothing saying what the allowance is for, in writing You don't know if they do Without that info you're going to be a bad bluffer at the poker table; and there's no point at all paying for a solicitor until you have some facts for them to work with.
  5. Hello, he may be out of time for a claim on his apprenticeship, depending on when he moved from apprentice to labourer. I think it might be a breach of contract from the employer's side. How long ago was that please? If your son gave more notice than he had to, then the company can counter with a shorter notice period; so he may not be as many days out of pocket as you first think. Although I doubt they documented it properly from what you say! Ultimeately I think this may come down to "does your son want the hassle?" It's a relatively cheap lesson learned on the way to his proper career.
  6. Does your son have a copy of an apprenticeship agreement signed by his employer and the college? If so, what does it say?
  7. Have you asked for a copy of the documentation about your allowance? What did they say? I'm just telling you how I would do it. You do it any way you think will work better!
  8. you could pop in a SAR and see if they have a personnel file with details of the allowance? Long shot...
  9. Sadly that is not going to help you much. It would be much easier if it was something like a night shift allowance. If you don't have detailed documentation of it, I am afraid that is going to be difficult to defend.
  10. what was the allowance *for*, and are you still doing the thing it is for?
  11. ahh ok. Glad you have it sorted. but do ask if you have any problems.
  12. Hello, I thought you were asking if the company have to pay it? Which will be detailed in their handbook or policies. HMRC are to do with if you will get taxed on it, which is a different question. What are you trying to find out please?
  13. Please have a look on the company intranet/ company handbook/ ask HR for your company specific expenses and travel policy. The answers will be in there. If anything is confusing, do come back and post up the content so we can help.
  14. Hi, are you an HMRC employee? If not, you really do need your own company policy. My company for example never pay a lunch allowance, and we have a really strong union so I think if it was the law, they would be paying! I think you may be looking for a thing which does not exist. The 40% time at another office is to do with when the travel expenses you get become taxable as you are deeemed to have changed location. I think not the same thing.
  15. I think you need to check the company policy on subsistance - can you get hold of it?
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