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  1. Hi, the law generally is geared towards keeping people in employment. What could happen is a) the boss sells the business as assets only, not as a going concern, and makes you redundant; or b) you TUPE to the new company and if there is a job, you do the job; if not, they make you redundant. For a 2 person company, consultation will be limited! I think, though it's reasonable to talk to your boss about what you think you know, and how you know it - and just ask what the plans are. He/she may be as inexperienced in this as you are. Consultation information is here Redundancy: your rights: Consultation - GOV.UK WWW.GOV.UK Being made redundant - rights, statutory payments you're entitled to, notice periods and consultation, finding a job.
  2. So... we are getting half the story again, but you do have legal counsel. As they will be getting the full story from you, I suggest you take their guidance, only.
  3. I am glad you have access to therapy. I suggest that neither you nor your manager are the right people to give a definitive opinion on how your condition impacts you at work, and an occupational health referral to a specialist doctor would be what I would suggest/ agree to, if I were you. I appreciate you may have done this before but it seems if there are unanswered questions, that is the way to get them answered without bias from either party creeping in.
  4. You are expecting accommodations due to your health condition; you have previously stated it affects your behaviour and ability to participate in internal processes. Of course it is completely reasonable for them to ask about it. How else can they make the adaptations you have said you need, or understand the context and reasons for your behaviour? "Behaviour" is only a loaded word if you think your behaviour has been malicious. Otherwise - it's only a word that describes things that have been done. What help are you getting with your stress/ anxiety? My observation is that you are seeing people against you at every turn. That must be exhausting. Time for your support network to kick in?
  5. At the prelim hearing the judge will decide whether part or all of your claim can go ahead. This may include a ruling on whether it was submitted within time.
  6. If it turns into a matter under the conduct, safeguarding or performance policies, at that point, there is a right to be accompanied; but not for an initial fact find. Might be a load of something and nothing that just needs a chat to clear up. Also I have 20 years HR experience and am minded not to post again, so thanks for your views!
  7. So, don't worry about the fit note until they reply; and do ask for a copy of the grievance policy so you are prepared. I assume it's an investigation meeting, so it would be normal not to know the topic in advance, and there is no right to be accompanied.
  8. Hello, the school can require additional documentation but there would usually be a fee for this from the doctor. Have you asked if it is available for a fee? I am assuming they do not wish to pay discretionary sick pay if you do not have the documentation? E
  9. Writing the tribunal claim (ET1) - Working Families WORKINGFAMILIES.ORG.UK Information on drafting the ET1 form for an employment tribunal. The examples here are not an exact match for your case but will give you an idea of the format/ layout. You will see it is important to be clear about what happened when, an the sequence of events.
  10. Then my advice is to wait for your legal support who you can tell the whole story to. I can't in good faith give advice on incomplete data.
  11. Missing bits again... You have jumped from raising a grievance to ACAS - what happened internally with your grievances? What is the Complaint you are preparing an ET1 for? What do you hope it will achieve? Is your disciplinary still on hold? Are you still suspended? Are you still signed off work?
  12. It's up to the trustees whether they think his response is acceptable. If they don't they can appoint someone else; but at this point the decision and the risk sits with them. If you are looking for a different legal recourse, you are not going to find one, I am afraid. The main concern seems to be safeguarding - you could report to your local authority. I would expect them to simply require retrospective permission for the photographs.
  13. Yes, that is what I mean. "This is a report under XXX policy." Otherwise it just reads a retaliatory for the investigation against you. Which - would you have raised the concerns if you were not under investigation yourself? Sounds like not.
  14. Hello, if you want protection from a whistleblowing activity you generally need to invoke the whistle blowing procedure or legislation at the time. Otherwise, you are complaining about your boss - which generally does not end well. They are, after all, the boss. The board will not be keen to replace them unless it's essential. Did you do this?
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