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  1. Here is information on what constitutes whistle blowing What you describe sounds like civil, not criminal, lawbreaking so likely would not count. But a lawyer who knew the detail could advise more fully. https://www.gov.uk/whistleblowing
  2. Hello, I have read the thread on the other board and, sorry to say, agree with the answers. However, I only know HR, and not specialist commercial law. I would see it as a breach of our agreement and seek to make you stop/ repay any funds we had given in settlement. I have certainly done that before, and been successful. The general "we will not speak ill of each other" type of clause needs to go both ways. You would not be keen if they posted on message boards saying you were uncooperative/ awkward etc, even though in their eyes this would be true. I thin
  3. I’m confused about what you’re trying to achieve. You want your holidays, but you also don’t want them if the dates don’t suit? There only a few weeks to go so I wouldn’t be too picky! Or are you at “money or nothing”? what is your aim?
  4. they can certainly force you to have time off, yes.
  5. In writing, ask when you can take your holiday, asking them to confirm, in writing, if that will not be possible.
  6. Sounds like redundancy to me and your manager has given you a heads up before he should have, maybe as a favour before the plans are finalised. Head down, keep looking, keep taking the pay. Don't ask for clarification; it will come in time. Stay under the radar as long as you can. Check the notice period in your contract as well.
  7. I didn't actually understand your last post, and we'd need to know what the "glib" replies actually were. But I see andyorch has posted the legal position.
  8. theft/ GBH/ inciting hate / selling coke to minors - probably out. parking offences, less problematic. but there are no absolutes.
  9. You are writing one letter. It takes five minutes. "I would like to take my eave on xx, I ammunwilling to move my end date of employment having given notice correctly. Please advise how you plan to resolve this matter,"
  10. We agree completely on the points of law Go us!
  11. They can dictate when you take your leave by refusing a leave request. However if you have given proper notice, they cannot extend your leave date without your consent. I would put that point to them in writing and ask what they propose to do to resolve the matter of your holidays. The answer may be that they will pay you for it instead. HB - they will end up paying more pay though Not sure it helps them!
  12. Indeed, but pick your battles; or rather, time them well! Make sure he actually gets his qualification first; that's most important for his future.
  13. Hello, if he is at the end of the apprenticeship and the coursework complete, then personally I'd sit tight until he has his qualification. I think around 20th August as a big day for results in England; check with the college what the qualification is and when he will get his results and certificate. It may be that he has misunderstood "end of the course" and "being qualified" and the employer is rightly waiting to see if he passed. You also need to check the apprenticeship agreement to see if it mentions anything about repaying fees. If fees have come from the apprent
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