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  1. ahh ok. Glad you have it sorted. but do ask if you have any problems.
  2. Hello, I thought you were asking if the company have to pay it? Which will be detailed in their handbook or policies. HMRC are to do with if you will get taxed on it, which is a different question. What are you trying to find out please?
  3. Please have a look on the company intranet/ company handbook/ ask HR for your company specific expenses and travel policy. The answers will be in there. If anything is confusing, do come back and post up the content so we can help.
  4. Hi, are you an HMRC employee? If not, you really do need your own company policy. My company for example never pay a lunch allowance, and we have a really strong union so I think if it was the law, they would be paying! I think you may be looking for a thing which does not exist. The 40% time at another office is to do with when the travel expenses you get become taxable as you are deeemed to have changed location. I think not the same thing.
  5. I think you need to check the company policy on subsistance - can you get hold of it?
  6. I think as opposed to asking for set days she should ask her employer to confirm when she can take them - she’s at the legal minimum so she is allowed all of them! However I suspect you may run into the problem of how willing she is to rock the boat? You can’t force her to do what you would do....
  7. Whether the "days lost" is legal deends on her total entitlement and if it is over statutory requirements However, booking a LOT of leave with 4 weeks to go in the holiday year, seems like it's not going to be all that helpful. How much has she asked for and when did she ask? What is her leave entitlement, is she full time or part time, and how much has she taken? (including bank holidays) I'd be inclined to get her all booked in as soon as the calender is published...
  8. This reads like you are asking for no targets and no deliverables - is that right?
  9. You might be straw clutching there - the judges view of what the documents mean may be very different to yours. Bird in the hand and all that... make a counter offer and see ?
  10. If paying out costs less than the solicitors going to court, they'll make an offer. Often it's nothing to do with the merits of the case, so don't assume it is. It's just about cash.
  11. Yeah.. cool story bro. Link or it didn't happen.
  12. They can hold it without you if you refuse to go... How much notice did you get?
  13. Has your manager spoken to the police? They have a specific team for working with travellers.
  14. First things first. You need to see your doctor or specialist. I think you are aware your thinking is a little confused, and you need help with that as a priority.
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