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  1. Pension usually starts once you are past 3 months to save pension companies the admin for what is a high turnover of leavers in the early days, in most jobs. Lots of one month refunds to do, etc...
  2. It's enforceable. Source: have enforced similar. Choice is irrelevant; you're still leaving.
  3. Well, if your employer knows furlough rules, they can't do that and legally claim the week under CJRS.
  4. you can't be furloughed while on notice. A change in the scheme means employer's can't reclaim notice pay. Also your notice pay should be at 100% of wages.
  5. "It depends." what examples of GMC are in the conduct policy? it's a judgement call on whether what was withheld was material, it may or may not be misconduct. Also depends on the full investigation details. He might not have been asked in the first place. it depends who is in the group and what exactly was said. I'd need a lot more detail to offer anything useful. Maybe discuss in full with your union rep if you don't want to post here.
  6. they take a PASS card which will cost £10 to get.
  7. The appeal had to be lodged by last Friday, 9th. I think the advice ship has sailed. Happy to support appeal process/ outcome if there is one; I suspect more opinions are not helpful at this stage tho.
  8. I would write back and ask what they want to update you about. No more than that. Then you can understand if it is about your grievances, your welfare, or something else.
  9. this is going to be really simplistic, but have they started by talking to senior management now the bad apple has gone?
  10. Hi, yes they can request part time working, part furlough under flexi furlough changes introduced in (I think, but it's changed a lot!) November. Seems fairer than having just one of you return. Wages should be 80% on furlough. Pension, tax and NI continue to be deducted, yes. Holidays should be paid at 100%. An email to explain furlough is fine. You would need to have formally disagreed at the time of issue, so a little late now. HMRC have confirmed no formal acceptance letter is required. (It's thousands of people for some companies, tracking
  11. Did you tell them you wanted to be accompanied, or did you proceed as if you were happy to be unaccompanied? If you made no comment, the company is in the clear. If you did protest, proceed as post 4.
  12. I'll leave your six year old to reply. Good luck!
  13. Hi, I am afraid I still do not know what your question is. Em
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