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  1. That’s a good point actually. I might have , but I’m sure I’m covered with my union. Thank you!
  2. I don’t think they want to get involved. They scanned his chip , put me down as the owner on his records and told me to contact the chip registry. When I changed the chip details today the registry say that I am now the registered owner and the previous owners will be contacted and if they object they will have to take legal advice. I really just want to be sure that now I have purchased him, and have a receipt signed by the previous owner, I am now the owner. If this is the case, as unfortunate as the situation is, I am willing to stick with it and keep him.
  3. Thank you so much for your all your advice. I am going to stick with it as I feel that to go as far as advertising a dog for sale you really need to be absolutely 100% certain that you can part with him beforehand. You can’t give several excuses as to why you can’t keep him and then all of a sudden those reasons don’t apply. He is already a much loved pet in my family and we will make sure he i very well looked after.
  4. I purchased a 2 and a half year old dog on Sunday from a seller who advertised it for sale because they felt he did not receive the time and attention he deserved and that they did not want to continue paying for dog walking costs. We visited them and the dog and finally agreed that they would deliver him to my house on Sunday. They were sad to leave him but said it would be best for him. I have always had a dog in my life, my previous dog dying of old age (16) last year. I paid the full asking price and got the seller to sign a receipt saying that the dog had been sold to me and was I good heath. I gave them a copy of this. Yesterday I took him to vets for a check up and innoculations ( although the ad said theses were up to date the seller then said he had his puppy injections only) and to have the microchip scanned to register as the new owner. All was going very well until 9.30pm yesterday when I received a call from the seller saying that they had changed their mind and want the dog back for a full refund. I love the dog and am very happy with him. Do they have any rights over him now please?
  5. Thank you for the info. I will contact them again tomorrow. The council tax demand is now in all three names.
  6. Hi there. I contacted the council as advised and had my name added to the council tax bill. Today I received an amended bill informing me that I now have to pay the full amount for the year plus pay back the refund issued at year end, (luckily I put this money aside just in case). There was no explanation and now my parents seem to have lost their right to a reduction. What seems rather ridiculous is that if I were to remove my name from the deeds and just live here we would pay no council tax at all as my parents are eligible for an exemption. I am quite happy to pay, but do not want to pay more to the council which they may not have a right to. Any suggestions please?
  7. Thank you for the info, which makes perfect sense. I will try again with the local council - and tell them what should happen!
  8. I own a property jointly with my parents which we all live in together. My name does not show on the council tax bill (but is registered on the deeds) and despite two calls to the council they still are not clear what to do. I work, and up until now we have been paying the council tax in full. Recently my parents have been awarded guaranteed pension credit and subsequently do not have to pay any council tax. I spoke to the council to explain the situation who told me that I would now be liable for half the council tax which seemed feasible. The bill has just arrived and it says we don’t have to pay anything which does not seem right. I made a second to the call the council and they are completely flummoxed as what to advise me. Any ideas please?
  9. Thanks for this info but the more I read it the more both categories apply; any other comments welcome please.
  10. Could you please clarify the following. We are a sports club run by a management committee of volunteers from the membership. One of the committee members is paid a small amount (honorarium) in recognition of the amount of work he needs to do. He can do the work when he wants, which varies in amount, but he always gets paid the same amount regardless. He has a regular full time job which has nothing to do with, and has no relevance to, the work he does on the committee. Does this make him self employed or an employee of the club please? Thank you very much for your advice.
  11. Jobs that are not on the list are given under this clause and then added to the jd at the point of appraisal. The list grows every year!
  12. I have an admin job in a school and the last point on my job description states 'and any other job that the headteacher deems appropriate'. Although I am fairly capable and take on most tasks that are given, surely there must be some kind of cut-off point for the pay scale that I am on. Any advice welcome. Thank you.
  13. After several phone calls, e mails and letters to Customer Service, VW have now agreed to pay 75% towards parts and labour to rectify this problem as I have a partial service history with VW, the rest with an independent garage. This will not be the replacement of the whole module as first quoted, but for an apparently newly released 'repair kit' now on the market which is much cheaper as it will just replace the faulty part of the module. It will come with a 2 year warranty and means I will have to pay only £100 not £1400 as first thought. This is much more acceptable. This outcome has been achieved thanks to the excellent help and advice received from CAG, especially Heliosuk. Thank you.
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