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  1. Well, there's no law will help here. If you aren't prepared to push it with your boss, and you won't report to the person commissioning the work, there's no other route. Do the work, or don't do the work, or change job. I can't see many other options. I'm not aware of any organisation that will take this on.
  2. mm, the funding is not entirely related to your personal work - it may be 33 hours over a variety of people? managers, volunteers etc. You could go back to the funder and whistle blow if you think it's dodgy, but check your facts first.
  3. are you fully occupied at the moment? will you need to do more hours? ask your boss to explain how much time you'll be spending doing what.
  4. You yourself don't allow or disallow. If the evidence is relevant it should be seen, but the court will decide. Contradictions will work in your favour, no? Should this be merged with your previous thread for continuity? here's a link to schedule of loss info https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/work/problems-at-work/employment-tribunals-from-29-july-2013/employment-tribunals-valuing-a-claim/compensatory-award/calculating-the-compensatory-award/employment-tribunals-preparing-a-schedule-of-loss/employment-tribunals-sample-schedule-of-loss/#targetText=A schedule of loss is,your loss of employment rights.
  5. So previously you were advised to talk to your union. What did they say?
  6. If the new place is Mon - Fri, ask old place if you can extend you end date and do weekends. Either way, they are having the money or the hours off you!
  7. My advice would be to check your contract with the agency mate. Sounds like standard umbrella to me.
  8. are you by any chance on umbrella company arrangements?
  9. https://www.pensionsadvisoryservice.org.uk/about-pensions/pensions-basics/automatic-enrolment/faqs-about-automatic-enrolment I am on a zero hours contract. How will I be treated? You will be automatically enrolled in the same way as other workers if you earn more than, currently, £192 a week, £833 per month or £10,000 a year and meet the other joining conditions.
  10. as long as "is reasonable" ie piece of string
  11. Then why did you sign it? You really need to help yourself here.... however as they have not yet suggested a job re-evaluation you sound just a little paranoid....? Any reason for that other than anxiety on your part?
  12. I would have a look at the Acas guidelines for dealing with misconduct and include in your appeal procedural error that he was not invited with a companion.
  13. Tell us more about the process of his dismissal. Did he get letters and notice? Was he accompanied or given the option? Please give detail.
  14. Your employer sounds reasonable and supportive. Why do you fear a pay cut? What else is going on?
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